The Fandom That Transcends

Now I know I can write just over 2,000 words in just under 90 minutes. Tonight I have started another short series, “The Fandom That Transcends,” written in and posted directly to Giantess World.

I didn’t write anything for all of September, after making noises about some kind of triumphant return, but October is going to be different. I will complete my new story in maybe three installments, and I will continue to post shorter, experimental pieces to my blog. I’m very excited about getting back into writing and I don’t want to lose my momentum.

UPDATE: Chapter Two of this short series is now up at Giantess World. I knocked out over 8,000 words for this one—maybe I should’ve broken it up into two parts? Well, it’s all there now, and it’s not done yet, either.

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