The Muse


As Weldon wakes up to start his day, he is greeted by the sight of Anaïs’s giant face peering into his window. He can see her smiling down at him, her long hair cascading down around her shoulders. Despite her intimidating size, he finds her playful and charming.

He gets out of bed and begins his morning routine, trying his best to ignore the looming presence of the giantess outside his window. He brushes his teeth, takes a shower, and makes himself a cup of coffee. As he sits down at his small table to work on his writing, he can hear Anaïs’s giggles and playful footsteps outside.

At first, Weldon finds it difficult to concentrate on his writing with the distraction of the giantess looming outside. But over time, he has learned to embrace her presence and even finds it inspiring. He imagines what it would be like to write a story with a character as larger than life as Anaïs.

Throughout the day, Weldon works on his writing, taking breaks to stretch his legs and grab a bite to eat. Whenever he looks up, he can see Anaïs outside, sometimes bending down to peer closer at him through the window.

As the day draws to a close, Weldon begins to wind down and prepare for bed. He can see Anaïs’s massive form outside as he settles in, watching her playfully dance around the streets of Paris. He drifts off to sleep, comforted by her reassuring presence outside his window. Despite the challenges of writing, he feels grateful to have such a unique and inspiring muse by his side.

Weldon wakes up Monday morning. His bed is only a rumpled mattress on the floor, no frame. He stumbles into the kitchen and washes his face, then looks out the window. No muse yet. Shrugging, he goes back to start some coffee and takes a shower.

He walks out of the shower, toweling his hair, when he hears a cheery, “Cou-cou, mon petit écrivain !”

Weldon yelps and covers his nudity with the towel. “Anaïs! You surprised me.”

She laughs musically and reaches into the apartment, playfully tugging his towel. “How much writing have you done today, écrivain?”

Weldon chuckles nervously and adjusts his towel. “Not much yet, Anaïs. It’s still early.”

Anaïs leans in closer to the window, her enormous face taking up most of the view. “Well, you better get started. I want to see what you can come up with today!”

Weldon nods and heads over to his small writing desk. He spends the next few hours typing away on his laptop, trying to come up with something that will impress Anaïs. He feels a bit self-conscious knowing that she can see everything he’s doing.

As the day wears on, Weldon takes a break to make himself some lunch. He can hear Anaïs’s playful laughter echoing through the streets outside as he cooks. He can’t help but smile at the thought of her outside, towering over the city.

After lunch, Weldon settles back in to work on his writing. He’s still struggling to find inspiration, but the thought of impressing Anaïs keeps him going. He takes breaks every now and then to stretch his legs or get a drink of water, but he always comes back to his writing.

As the sun begins to set, Weldon realizes he’s made some real progress on his manuscript. He feels proud of what he’s accomplished and can’t wait to show it to Anaïs. He heads over to the window and looks out.

“Anaïs, check it out,” he calls out to her.

Anaïs bends down and peers in, her face filling up the entire window. “Wow, écrivain, that’s fantastic! I knew you had it in you.”

Weldon grins and feels a sense of satisfaction knowing that he’s made his muse proud. He spends the rest of the evening basking in the glow of his small victory, knowing that he’ll have to keep up the momentum tomorrow.

Lundi Soir

Weldon lies awake on his bed, still in his day clothes, smoking a clove and thinking.

It’s nice to have a muse, but sometimes Anaïs is too playful. She’s always laughing and joking, even when he feels depressed or frustrated. It’s like she doesn’t take his concerns seriously. Then again, at her size, everyone’s concerns are too tiny to be perceived.

He looks out the window at the starry Parisian sky. It’s beautiful here. He loves the city, he loves the food. He hasn’t made any friends yet, but perhaps that will come.

He thinks about Anaïs, his muse, thinks about her a lot. She’s very beautiful, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. She gives him a lot of attention when he writes, but other than that, she doesn’t seem to care about him as a person. He would love to learn more about her, but she’s not very open with her thoughts and emotions. All she does is encourage him, but maybe that’s all a muse can do.

Weldon puts out the cigarette and rolls to his side, thinking about the beautiful giantess outside his window, until he falls asleep.

Written in collaboration with ChatGPT

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