Thai GiantessI’ve been writing short stories for about as long as I’ve been interested in gigantic women (nearly all my life), but it only occurred to me to write short stories about gigantic women in the last dozen years. I have won no awards and never been published in a respectable magazine or journal, but I have sold around 20 copies of two e-pub stories. So that’s something.

Way back in the day I ran a website called Tall Girls Rock, on Geocities. There I collected my short stories and curated a disorganized gallery of favorite images. Somehow I attracted a small following, and one fan in particular pretended to be me as he logged into Giantess World and uploaded his personal archive of my work. While flattered, of course, I talked to the admin of that site and took over the account, in order to upload fresh, new titles (which I seem to do every three or four years).

My wife is very supportive of my work and doesn’t think I’m a weirdo at all. In fact, she’s been instrumental in brainstorming some very complex story concepts that deal with the relational dynamic of gigantic women and tiny men. I’m quite aware how lucky I am.

I am a staunch advocate of freedom of speech and creative expression (if you are too, consider supporting me on Patreon). I admire self-publishing for its potential for unfettered creativity. I’m into MMOs, biking, photography and reading whatever I can get my hands on.