In addition to posting short stories on GiantessWorld, flash fiction on my blog, short stories for sale, and dabbling with artwork on DeviantArt, I’m also supportive of other size-fetish writers. I like to focus on them and write reviews of their work on GiantessWorld and DeviantArt, I’ll mention them to other people who are looking for recommended reading, and I’ve organized events to increase their visibility online.


For a few weeks I asked people about their favorite authors and stories, and I collected their responses in a weekly digest. This went well for a while but turned out to be too demanding for the same several people who contributed each week. If I could’ve attracted a larger pool of respondents, that would’ve been more sustainable.


In December ’16 I attracted as many writers on Twitter as I could reach, challenging them all to write a cruelty-themed flash fiction piece incorporating a giant/ess. All of January ’17 was dedicated to thirteen writers producing fresh and original work, which was comparatively evaluated in the first two weeks of February ’17. Much fun was had and much exposure for writers was gained.