Politics and Taboo

There are many tricky things to consider when getting into giantess erotica. The power dynamic is spun awry in wild new directions, control and surrender are swapped and redefined constantly. The weak become strong and vice versa, even in this context that’s entirely based upon the exploitation of power—because who really has it?

In my stories, I challenge myself to maintain a feminist perspective: real, actual feminism, not the distortion of uninformed and immature male chauvinists. Maybe this ideal sounds impossible, in adventures where women have outrageous curves and take on unrealistic proportions, or tiny men creep around, undetected, exploring unaware women like an alluring landscape. I don’t think it’s impossible to remove women from a context of objectification, however. All you have to do is develop them as people (imagine that!), write them with complex motivation and goals that may conflict with what the tiny people think they’re pursuing. This makes for better storytelling with more compelling interaction, I think, and it’s my conviction that readers of giantess erotica are ready for this.

Though I do try to challenge myself to believably write about topics I might be uncomfortable with, I absolutely will not write stories that involve incest or pedophilia. I know some manga artists toe that line (or transgress it entirely) but I find this wholly objectionable, offensive, and injurious. I don’t consume it and I won’t contribute to it in my work.