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In addition to posting short stories on GiantessWorld, flash fiction on my blog, short stories for sale, artwork on DeviantArt, and even audiobooks, I’m also supportive of other size-fetish writers. I like to focus on them and write reviews of their work on GiantessWorld and DeviantArt, I’ll mention them to other people who are looking for recommended reading, and I’ve organized events to increase their visibility online.


For a few weeks I asked people about their favorite authors and stories, and I collected their responses in a weekly digest (no pun intended). This went pretty well, as people were forthcoming about their beloved reading, the stories that sparked their imagination and inflamed their passions. These digests also helped new users find classic material to enhance their interests. (“As of May 16, 2018 Storify is no longer available.“)

Size Riot

In December ’16 I attracted as many writers on Twitter as I could reach, challenging them all to write a cruelty-themed flash fiction piece incorporating a giant/ess. Thus was born CruelJan17, then GentleApril17 for my own reading interest, then ButtyJuly17 named by my good friend Undersquid, and finally UnawareOct17, voted on by the readers. These quarterly contests will continue, attracting new writers as well as featuring mainstays who test themselves with unusual topics.


After a couple rounds of Size Riot contests, Undersquid said, “How about a music contest?” I composed a song about a passionate woman who shrinks and kidnaps a man for her pleasure, and I recruited a couple talented and open-minded friends to perform and record it (lyrics here). People have been very encouraging and supportive of it, and other people have gotten the idea to write their own growth/shrink-themed songs. Which would be freakin’ awesome.

Audiobook: The Quaint and Curious Victorian Village

[Story: Part One, Part Two, Part Three]

Part One
Part Two
Part Three