“Do You Do Commissions?”

People request commissions for two reasons, or a blend of both with varying weights: They really like a certain artist/writer’s style and want to see more, or they’re into something very specific and haven’t seen it freely available on the usual channels

It’s in poor taste to just hit up anyone who expresses a creative bent to make something for you, so research your artist first, see if they’ve ever done anything like you’re into. If not, and you still want to know if they’ll produce for you, make sure they’re accepting commissions and then ask very politely. The artist–patron relationship is an ancient one, and it works best when both people are thoughtful, mature adults.

What Do I Write

I’ve covered all sorts of topics and subject matter, sometimes to challenge myself and see what I’m capable of. As it is, I’m pretty clear on where my boundaries are, and I’m very comfortable in my domain.

  • I write about tiny men most of the time; sometimes I write about giantesses.
  • I like loving, playful relationships, though I’ve been known to be cruel.
  • Many of my series feature graphic sex between differently sized partners.

I don’t usually stray too far out of this area, though I’ve been known to when I have a rapport with the patron. That means we’ve talked about it, they know my tastes, I’m flexible on some points, and I’m happy to work on something that’s going to please them.

What I Will Not Write

  • Incest, including characters who are clearly standing in for blood relations (like step-family)
  • Underage characters/loli, including the “ancient dragon” trope
  • Violence, gore, and sadism for its own sake
  • Bigotry, like racial stereotypes, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, ageism

There are some topics I’m not into like a fetishist would be (e.g., feet, farts), but if an idea is intriguing enough and can be described as a good story, then we can talk. Some topics, I’m not qualified to represent (e.g., Furries, trans, non-white ethnic groups). I will always try to treat these respectfully, but you’re better off looking for someone in those communities for an authentic, informed story.

My rate is US$80 for 5,000 words. Within 30 days, I will have a draft for you to review, and you can recommend changes/edits for one round of revisions, to get things the way you want them. If this interests you, then let’s talk about your idea.

Graphic Art

I’m teaching myself Daz Studio, and I have a modest array of assets like settings, wardrobe, props, etc. If you can describe a scene to me, odds are I can compose it. I can do muscular men and voluptuous women, and I can do a wide range of size differences, though I don’t have very detailed surfaces (taste buds, fingertips, nipples). I’m a beginner at this, so let’s say…

My rate is US$50 for a 2D scene with two people. Additional or complex features will raise this in increments of $10, but everything is negotiable. Turnaround time on this is 48 hours (barring personal circumstance), plus one round of revisions. I reserve the right to turn down an objectionable premise.