Outsiders: Start Here

If you’re reading this, odds are I’ve directed you here, because odds are you asked about what kind of writing I do, what’s this craft I’ve been pouring myself into for one-quarter of a century.

And I stammered, and I gave up a couple loaded statements like “adult fiction” or “speculative fiction” or “very niche fetish writing,” depending on how well we know each other. Responses that didn’t really transmit a useful impression. Rather, it probably made you nervous and unwilling to ask further. I’m still self-conscious about it and I never know how to easily describe it.

I write about gigantic women, giantesses, who exist in our world and what that would be like. More commonly, however, I write about tiny people who coexist in our world and what that means for interpersonal relationships and world-building. My earliest work, from college, was torrid, raw erotica; over the years I’ve been more interested in telling complex, complete stories with sympathetic characters and more than a little social commentary, but still within the Size Fantasy context.

So. For the outsider coming in to this genre completely unfamiliar and unsuspecting, I’ve selected some of my stories that I think you’ll find easy to take in. Wading into it, after a fashion. I thank you for your open mind and invite your feedback, especially since this is new to you.

Hobbies and Passions − A young woman working at a bookstore has a crush on a regular customer, an older man who’s only a few inches tall.

The Rebound − A man recounts dating a woman who’s still hung up on her former relationship with, it’s learned, a highly unusual man.

The Looks of Love-Making − A medieval fantasy in which a young man is given bad advice on how to seduce a giantess.

Bottlewealth − Ogres and giants engage in a collectible trading game, using tradespeople and artists in place of cards and tokens.

Commander MacBluster and the Dark Giantess − A long and winding tale by a retired officer as he relives encountering the stealthiest giantess he’s ever heard of, or hasn’t.

Petia the Witch, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 – A teacher seeks to escape her oppressive, impoverished town. Assistance comes in the form of a tiny man who’s been subsisting on her scraps.

Perhaps it’s natural to wonder how or why I got into this genre. That’s a question I’ve asked myself dozens of times. The answer to that has to do with movies and shows I watched as a kid, as well as how I’m naturally hardwired. “How Did I Get Into GTS” (GTS = giantess) is one of my many attempts to riddle this out for myself. “Cryptoetymology” explains how I chose my pen name and touches on my influences. I describe a childhood size-themed experience at a traveling carnival in “A Tiny Heart of Tremendous Passion,” and I recount an early size-themed dream in “Hunted!” Beyond that, I’m not sure how to explain it.

If all this hasn’t chased you off, you’re invited to poke through my other work (tagged “Gentle”). Very sincerely I thank you for your interest and bravery.