Special Arrangements

Special Arrangements: cover features a nervous worker looking back at his solicitous manager.

Thin on top and thick on the bottom, William Sowder is now also out of work. Prospects look grim for this mid-40s code-monkey contractor, until the cute receptionist lets slip an enticing secret. It seems that some women in his office can perform a mysterious service for certain men, upon request, and William knows just who he’s going to ask: his long-time crush, Juana Findlay, the tyrannical head of the Sales Dept, with a temper as hot as her curves. William abruptly finds himself in over his head and fighting for his life, as he learns how big a favor this is to ask and how crushing this crush can be.

[F/m, shrink, humiliation, assplay, crush]

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Fundamental Allure

Fundamental Allure: cover shows a tiny naked man presenting himself to an enormous, shocked woman.

Sex-hungry Caleb is great with women and always seeking a new thrill. When he obtains a pill that will shrink him down, the only woman he wants for his giantess lover is Verna, the ex-girlfriend he cheated on… several times. Verna despises Caleb but misses their intimacy and decides to use him for one more night of magic. All he has to do is treat her right, agree to her conditions and keep his word. If Caleb is unable to do this, in the pursuit of his thrills, he may find himself at the mercy of a very large and vengeful scorned lover.

[F/m, shrink, assplay, mouthplay, insertion, body exploration]

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Holiday Bonus

Holiday Bonus: cover shows a tiny, frightened man in a woman's martini glass.

Helen dreads her company’s annual holiday party, with its drunken antics and office politics. Hoping to ride it out in a drunken haze, she instead finds a kindred spirit in intern Jerry, who makes her feel attractive again. Topping it off with the gift of a magical cocktail from a mysterious bartender—shrinking Jerry down to the size of a doll—and Helen indulges in an end-of-year bonus like she couldn’t have dreamed of.

[F/m, shrinking, gentle, domination, insertion]

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Heroic Programming

Heroic Programming: a woman in a sundress looks warily over her shoulder at two leering male coworkers.

Claire’s programming skills would be an asset to any company, but her current agency can only exploit her. Management demands unpaid overtime, HR ignores her sexual harassment complaints, and now someone’s thwarting her work! Claire reaches deep within herself to bring her problems—and her tormentors—down to size.

[F/mf, shrinking, crush, violent, domination]

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We Come from Somewhere This Was Real

Book cover showing a tiny man sitting beside a spilled shot glass.

Five original short stories by Aborigen, all dealing with the shrink fetish in various styles, from comical to violent. “Gilbert the Goblin Goes to Town”—a naive goblin finds misadventure in the annual county festival. “The Disconnect”—a man discovers his world is a computer program with broken code and falls into the mercy of a coworker. “No Good Deed”—a nebbishy young man helps a large, dull woman with her computer, and she rewards him by turning him into a diminutive sex slave.

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