This is where you can learn about where I try out weird ideas for short stories, where I self-publish my work, and even a little about me.

Why self-publishing?

  • I think my writing is too weird for conventional publishers.
  • And how would I even find a publisher who’s willing to deal with giantess sex?
  • I work with a pretty good editor and can produce a polished final product.
  • I like greater control over where and how my work’s distributed.
  • I’m comfortable managing my own social media and promotion.

Lastly, I love that absolutely anyone can cough up a bunch of words and ideas, format them into a document, and throw it up online for sale. When I first joined Smashwords, the first title I saw listed was a monster erotica book called Werewolf Fuckers. In that instant, I knew self-publishing was the way of the future.