I have twenty years’ worth of rough drafts and detailed notes in journals for sculpting the worlds of titanesses and doll-sized men: all that remains is to knock them out and polish them up to completion. These titles are on deck for publication.

Laura-title cover Laura: Darling of Change

Russ has everything—a powerful job, a nice house, his health—yet struggles for meaning in his life. That search ends abruptly when a troubled young woman kidnaps him, diminishes him to a few inches tall, and works out her own woes on him.

The Short Pull The Short Pull

Punkish Stormy and shy Ameline are at their wits’ end: their boss and his slimy buddy have been harassing them, threatening with their jobs, making their lives miserable. Driven to desperate straits, the women attempt the impossible: to shrink their tormentors down to a more manageable size.

Covers designed by April Kasulis.