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As for Ginny…

Ginny’s got a sassy smile and wicked curves, as well as a line of men hoping to get access to them. What she also has is a means to shrink these men down, stuff them into her butt, and make off with their cash, car, worldly possessions. It’s a great trick for paying rent and getting drunk, but it’s one she pulls too many times: with the cops on her tail and a smitten sweetheart underfoot, Riverside’s gotten a little too small for her liking.

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Short Shrift

A sexual predator corners Melanie after exercise class, describing all the sick, lurid things he wants to do to her. But when she shrinks him down with a mysterious self-defense kit, he's on the defensive as Melanie forces every last perverted request upon her helpless prisoner. Size erotica story, paperback, 100 pages. (Includes S+H)


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