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We have a ton of imaginative, talented writers in the Size community. Many of us know each other and are familiar with each other’s styles. But new people show up all the time, and they may not know where to look for the size-lit they want. This page purports to be a resource for readers in search of particular kinks or subject matter, to help kick off the literary adventure.

Aborigen | Aphrodite | Bantlebroth | Bobascher | Chuck Murnoe
Concordant Opposition | Deirdre “DiDi” Star | Grildrig | HthereBeGt
J. M. Wilde | Meyeel Sizechanger | Moonlight/RamsusXIII
Njord | NSFW_alt1234 | Nyx | Oishi1 | Olo | Penner | Pissy Tiny
The Reducer | Robclassact | Syrus Durham/Scidram | SolomonG
Starkadhr | Taedis | Undersquid | Wits Aimwell

A tiny man stands before an enormous glowing keyboard.


Main themes: tiny people, gentle, giantesses, erotica, hardcore sex, mouthplay, big butts, urban fantasy, speculative fiction

Also writes: vore, cruelty, giant men, sci-fi/fantasy, humiliation, death

Stories found on GiantessWorld and Aborigen’s blog

Examples: “Halloween” and “Petia the Witch

Similar to Undersquid, Taedis, Olo, VersusTerminus7, Pissy Tiny, Njord, Wits Aimwell


Main themes: rampage, cruelty, blood

Stories found on DeviantArt

Examples: “Yao-Jing” and “Thief


Main themes: breast expansion

Also writes: shrinking woman

Stories found on DeviantArt and Pixiv

Examples: “If It Wasn’t One Thing” and “Compression

Similar to Neal Stephenson, William Gibson, Clive Barker, Anne McCaffery


Main themes: shrinking women, gentle

Also writes: giant women, cruelty

Stories found on DeviantArt

Examples: “Everything Is As It Seems” and “Clockwork

Similar to The Reducer

Chuck Murnoe

Main themes: gentle, relationships, LGBT, shrunken people, giant people

Also writes: BDSM, cruelty, gore, sex

Stories found on DeviantArt

Examples: “Our Night” and “Mistress Dana’s New Twist

Similar to SillyLilBug, Taedis, tinysupervicki, Elle Largesse

Concordant Opposition

Main themes: vore (macro/micro, same size), gentle, giantess

Also writes: mouthplay, weight gain/BBW, insertion, gas/odor play, scat/disposal

Stories found on Eka’s Portal and DeviantArt

Examples: “Virtue” and “First Day

Similar to Jacksomm Trifker, lllll1337, NSFW_alt1234

Deirdre “DiDi” Star

Main themes: growth, destruction, hijinks

Also writes: romance, shrink, more hijinks

Stories found on GiantessWorld

Examples: “Mudbrawl XL” and “The Main Attraction


Main themes: urban renewal, messy interactions, smut, more smut

Also writes: humor, shrinking, gentle, silly, sci-fi, drama

Stories found on DeviantArt, plus journal

Examples: “The Big Appeal” and “Veni, Vidi, Vending

Similar to Aphrodite, Hedin, Angelgiantess, Giantess Tina (“Augh, too many to name!”)


Main themes: gentle, playful interactions, giant people

Also writes: poly themes, cruelty

Stories found on Emmet Expansion

Examples: “Lift Me Up, Raise Me Gently” and “Rule of Three

Similar to Elle Largesse, freepassunlimited, pseudoclever, Aborigen, merritstone, Olo

J.M. Wilde

Main themes: giantess, shrunken man, giant couples, gentle, femdom, unaware, micro, giga

Also writes: mouthplay, vore, cuckolding, cruelty, giant man, shrunken woman

Stories found at Wilde Fantasies Erotica and Patreon

Examples: “Just a Drop” and “Just a Little Fling

Similar to Elle Largesse, Aborigen, Taedis, Njord, Robclassact

Karie Cervidae

Main themes: vore, shrinking, WLW, lesbians, spiritual exploration, femdom, BDSM, sadomasochism

Stories found at Archive of Our Own

Examples: “Performance” and “Of Stardust and Heat

Meyeel Sizechanger

Main themes: shrinking women, giantess growth, gentle

Also writes: shrunken men, giant man, cruel

Stories found at DeviantArt

Examples: “Never Have I Ever” and “Big Star

Moonlight/ RamsusXIII

Main themes: major size differences, macro/micro

Stories found at Fur Affinity and DeviantArt

Example: “Cat & Mouse


Main themes: growth, F/m, F/M, gentle giants

Also writes: M/f, violence, cruelty, horror

Stories found at The Place of Ships

Examples: “Restoration” and “Salty

Similar to Taedis, MonyaMonya, Elle Largesse


Main themes: older women, gentle, cute

Also writes: cruel, feet

Stories found at Pastebin and DeviantArt

Examples: “Terror Against Tenderness” and “Leisure Time

Similar to Concordant Opposition, 0neGenericWord


Main themes: cruelty, domination, violence, destruction, NSFW

Also writes: gentle, SFW

Stories found at Sizechange and GiantessWorld

Examples: “Assistant” and “Destiny


Main themes: vore, unaware, accidental

Also writes: betrayal, femcan, transformation

Stories found at DeviantArt and Eka’s Portal

Examples: “Wingman” and “The Shell Game

Similar to French Snack, Girlfood, Adeline


Main themes: shrunken men, shrunken women, NFSW, gentle, vaginal insertion, mouthplay, noncon, oral vore

Also writes: M/f, cruelty

Stories found at El Amante Menguante

Examples: “Glad You Came” and “A Little Trouble in Big Sky

Similar to Aborigen, Nyx, Undersquid, Kisupure, Elle Largesse, Taedis


Main themes: breast expansion, kink romance, urban fantasy, “practical ramifications of fantasy transformation kinks”

Also writes: body expansion, belly inflation, slice-of-life, wordplay humor, horror

Stories found at DeviantArt and Twitter

Example: “Camgirl Story, Ch. 1

Pissy Tiny

Main themes: gentle, slice-of-life, “but in odd formats. I like to play with my text.”

Also writes: “I’m a sodden bastard and set in my ways, it’s all slice-of-life.”

Stories found hither and thither

Examples: “Ohio River Boat Story” and “Une certaine gaîté d’esprit confite dans le mépris des choses fortuites

Similar to Aborigen, Pr_Fae (OCs)

The Reducer

Main themes: gentle, shrunken woman

Also writes: darker shades of SW

Stories found on DeviantArt and Amazon

Examples: “A Small Love Affair

Similar to Dr. Minimizer, Scidram, Bobascher


Main themes: slow/gradual growth, mini-giantess, breast expansion, muscle growth, satire/parody

Also writes: slice-of-life, male shrinking, body swapping, gender change, futanari

Stories found on Robclassact Writes and #OrdinaryGirls

Examples: “Meet the Eastings” and “The Overview Effect

Similar to Rapscalion, Lingster, Eelskin, Morpheus

Syrus Durham/

Main themes: shrinking women

Also writes: shrunken man, giant woman

Stores found on DeviantArt and Amazon

Examples: “Sticky Notes” and “Insignificant Other

Similar to Cezar Nix


Main themes: gentle giantess, growth, giant couples

Also writes: polyamory, cuckold, cuckqueen, informed and consensual group sex

Stories found at There She Grows and Amazon

Examples: “Dr. Hehant’s Breakthrough” and “The Soldier and the Giantess

Similar to JM Wilde’s “Just a Drop”


Main themes: sci-fi, NOW, giantess, F/m, FF/m, 8 cm, ownership, gentle, cruelty, insertion, vore, crush, entrapment

Also writes: watersport

Stories found at GiantessWorld and DeviantArt

Examples: “A Night Cab Story


Main themes: NSFW, shrinking, female domination, humiliation, psychological cruelty

Also writes: growth, male domination, SFW content, gentle domination, vore, crush, ageplay (“roleplay, not actual age regression”)

Stories found at Fetish Village and Amazon

Examples: “Worshipping Claire” and “Queen of His Lies

Similar to Undersquid, Aborigen, Elle Largesse


Main themes: shrunken man, shrinking fantasy, gentle, noncon, dubcon, entrapment, domination

Also writes: giantess, cruel, crush, vore, consensual

Stories found at and DeviantArt

Examples: “Pile of Clothes #6” and “Mine

Similar to Aborigen

Wits Aimwell

Main themes: shrinking, tiny men, insertion

Also writes: gentle, tiny women, giantess

Stories found at GiantessWorld

Examples: “Brainstorming” and “Ghost Story

Similar to Taedis, Robclassact, Elle Largesse

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