Size Riot

This is the homepage and general information page for the Size Riot quarterly writing contests. What started out as a dare has become an institution.

The contest plays out over three months. First there’s a month where we promote the next contest, announce the theme, and enlist writers to compete. We’ve been trying to reach out to DeviantArt, Giantess City, Tumblr, Facebook, even Instagram—and now we have a mailing list—but mainly the contest is Twitter-centric. It’s just easier that way.

Then everyone who entered the contest has one full month to create an original piece of flash fiction (under 2,000 words) of a size-fetish story within the announced topic. Sometimes other constraints are put upon it, and sometimes all details are left up to the writer. Sometimes the theme is hard enough all by itself, honestly.

An old woman in a suit reads from an enormous book nearly as big as she is, in a 1940 photo.In the third month, the stories are revealed and we get as many people as possible to read them (authors included), then evaluate them against each other. Categories include Sexiest Story, Most Engaging, Best Embodied the Theme, or Missed the Point. After a few weeks of that, the results are tallied and the winners announced.

  1. I challenged Nyx to a cruel-writing contest, and CruelJan17 was born—winner: Nyx, “The Portrait
  2. April is my birthmonth, so three months later was GentleApril17—winner: Little Comrade, “Making Adjustments
  3. My good friend Undersquid suggested ButtyJuly17 (it’s about butts)—winner: QuickSilver, “Today and Forever
  4. The theme we voted on for October is UnawareOct17—winner: CrushedBoyWonder, “Unaware
  5. The schedule started all over again with CruelJan18—winner: Aborigen, “Homework
  6. The second GentleApril18 of all time—winner: Nyx, “Aftermath
  7. By popular vote, GrowthJuly18 was selected—winner: Grildrig, “Upbraided
  8. The writers of past contests offered nominations for WritersOct18, and the readers voted on Big Couples.

This is just for fun: there are no prizes and no special benefits, other than knowing you wrote a story people liked. The whole “contest” is just a creative exercise, kinda like a writing group but with friendly rivalry. It’s intended to challenge writers to experiment with material they might not have tried before—it was just as hard for the Cruel writers to produce Gentle work as it was for the Gentle writers to create Cruel material. But we pushed ourselves and cranked out dozens of exciting new stories and grew as writers. At the very least, we were productive.

These are generally the rules:

  • Writers may submit one or two works of flash fiction (up to 2,000 words). This may change based on the nature of the contest, so pay attention.
  • Characters may be human, furry, anthro, whatever your twisted little heart desires.
  • Please do not incorporate under-aged children or teens as characters.
  • Do not use recurring characters or familiar settings, as writers’ identities should be anonymous.
  • Writers are permitted to vote, but please don’t vote for yourself.
  • …and then there are rules about dates of entry, deadlines, all that good stuff, plus any further writing constraints beyond the theme.

Anyone can join, in the month before the contest starts. Follow the SizeRiot Twitter account for updates, and please do read the previous contests’ stories. If you’d like to receive updates on entering the contests, reading the entries, or other events, please subscribe to the newsletter. Updates are infrequent and to the point.

I'm a size-fantasy writer, working on my own fiction and exploring other creative efforts related to this.

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