About This Site

Back in the day, Aborigen started a website called Tall Girls Rock for the purpose of archiving his giantess/tiny people stories. After its host, FortuneCity, was taken down and sold, an unknown fan uploaded Aborigen’s corpus to Giantess World without his cognizance, probably out of respect. Aborigen took command of this archive but then established this WordPress site as a hub for all his size-related doings.

About Aborigen

Aborigen is a writer and editor, author of Holiday Bonus and We Come From Somewhere This Was Real. For over twenty years he has passionately developed size fantasy stories and series, using the relationships of giant and tiny people to explore mercy and prejudice. He is a world-traveler and a combat veteran, with a BA in creative writing, and he manages a quarterly writing contest for size fantasy writers. Aborigen lives in Minneapolis, MN, with his brilliant, beautiful wife and two obnoxious cats.

12/4/18: What with Tumblr’s myopic and hypocritical morality policing, trashing the social safety network for adult content and creators, I drew up a list of all the other places I exist since a decentralized and divested online presence is important.

5/31/21: Patreon’s CEO Jack Conte acceded to the wishes of white supremacists Proud Boys and banned an indie anti-fascist news channel for activity that did not occur on Twitter. Because of this, I deactivated my Patreon account and asked my followers to please sign up for subscriber-only series on my blog.

About Size Riot

What began as a private dare between two authors has erupted into a friendly, if all-out, contest between size writers from Twitter, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Giantess City, and other territories. Size Riot is a quarterly meeting of minds as new and experienced writers challenge themselves to create flash fiction in topics they may or may not be entirely comfortable with. These stories are then evaluated by a random, faceless audience of peers to trick readers into offering useful feedback on their work. Read More