These are shortcuts to the free, online series I build up in my blog. Maybe you just want to read all the gentle stories or all the cruel ones? All the ones with giantesses or all the ones about Tinies? Here you go.


  • The Riverside Stories: technology reduces or enlarges people.
  • The Greenville Stories: where magic or gods change people’s size.
  • The Franklin Stories: people get shrunken by potions/pills.
  • The Fairview Stories: where tiny people naturally occur.
  • The Washington Stories: giant men and women have always existed.

Ongoing Series

Finished Series

Subscriber Series

  • Bottom of the Funnel: a Fairview spinoff in the offices of Software Dance Magazine
  • Early Morning Exercise: a tryst with a stranger turns into an erotic struggle with an athletic giantess
  • Her Coercive Tone: an arrogant man falls prey to his dull coworker’s beautiful bottom
  • Screaming Video: a porn addict lives a nightmare at the hands of webcam girls