I’m Aborigen, and welcome to my website.

I started this place to promote my short stories for sale, to give a home for all social media to point to. Out of all platforms, I’m most active on Twitter. Some people I met there inspired me to really develop my blog, and now I challenge myself to write a flash fiction piece every other day, just about.

What do I offer as a writer? I’m constantly teaching myself better skills and technique, constantly studying other writers to see how they manage basic structure and larger, abstract, thematic concerns. I challenge myself with topics I’m not interested in or that make me uncomfortable; more and more, I collaborate with other writers and artists to create dynamic, engaging work. I pour a lot of energy into bettering myself as a writer.

What do I offer as a size-fetish writer? I care so much about this genre, I’ve been plugging away at it for over 20 years. I associate closely with writers and artists who share my vision, to make the world you read more vivid and captivating. I’m attracted to giantesses, but you’ll find most of my work features men getting shrunken down to vulnerable proportions: the burden’s on my shoulders to persuade your psyche that you’re actually experiencing this.