Aborigen is a speculative fiction writer who focuses on Size Fantasy and Size Erotica: that is, fantasies about gigantic women and worlds in which tiny people coexist in regular-sized society.

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Aborigen is an incredibly descriptive Giantess Story Teller. One can easily feel with all five senses, the atmosphere of his written Giantess adventures. . . Incredibly well written and descriptive, these stories are also rich in multi-cultural knowledge elements.


Fresh, new, unrefined short stories get posted directly to the blog, as well as updates about writing process or personal interests. You can find stories grouped into various categories here, if you have specific interests or want to rule out certain topics.

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A very long time ago I found erotic literature I really enjoyed. I envied the author for his ability, for his gift to draw pictures in my mind as if I would stand just beside and watch it really happening. His stories inspired and encouraged me, so this led to my own writing.

Markus Müller