Aborigen is a speculative fiction writer who focuses on Size Fantasy and Size Erotica: that is, fantasies about gigantic women and worlds in which tiny people coexist in regular-sized society.

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Fresh, new, unrefined short stories get posted directly to the blog, as well as updates about writing process or personal interests. You can find stories grouped into various categories here, if you have specific interests or want to rule out certain topics. The Menu in the upper right will take you everywhere else in this website.

New story: As for Ginny…

Ginny’s got a sassy smile and wicked curves, as well as a line of men hoping to get access to them. What she also has is a means to shrink these men down, stuff them into her butt, and make off with their cash, car, worldly possessions. It’s a great trick for paying rent and getting drunk, but it’s one she pulls too many times: with the cops on her tail and a smitten sweetheart underfoot, Riverside’s gotten a little too small for her liking.

As for Ginny: ePub and hardcopy
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New story: Short Shrift

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Short Shrift

A sexual predator corners Melanie after exercise class, describing all the sick, lurid things he wants to do to her. But when she shrinks him down with a mysterious self-defense kit, he's on the defensive as Melanie forces every last perverted request upon her helpless prisoner. Size erotica story, paperback, 100 pages. (Price includes S+H.)