Book cover showing a tiny man sitting beside a spilled shot glass.

We Come from Somewhere This Was Real, available for download on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. Paperback available in limited quantity.

Five original short stories by Aborigen, all dealing with the shrink fetish in various styles, from comical to violent. Stories include: “Gilbert the Goblin Goes to Town”—a naive goblin finds misadventure in the annual county festival. “The Disconnect”—a man discovers his world is a computer program with broken code and falls into the mercy of a coworker. “No Good Deed”—a nebbishy young man helps a large, dull woman with her computer, and she rewards him by turning him into a diminutive sex slave for an unabashed, graceless sexual romp.

Also by Aborigen

Special Arrangements: cover features a nervous worker looking back at his solicitous manager.   Fundamental Allure: cover shows a tiny naked man presenting himself to an enormous, shocked woman.   Holiday Bonus: cover shows a tiny, frightened man in a woman's martini glass.   Heroic Programming: a woman in a sundress looks warily over her shoulder at two leering male coworkers.