I’m Aborigen, and to the outside world I’m a subversive, transgressive artist engaged in world-building and speculative fiction, keeping creative expression alive in an increasingly hostile political environment. But here in the underground, I’m a size-fetish writer specializing in shrink fantasy.

New here? Recent outreach has attracted new readers to this site, and you may be wondering where to start. (Otherwise, you could find yourself mired in fevered daydreams about big butts.) Here, try these on for size (no pun intended):

  • She and He: observations of a differently sized couple and their quotidian life.
  • Living Without a Giantess: dumped by his normal-sized girlfriend and evicted from their home, a tiny man has to learn to fend for himself.
  • Petia the Witch: a teacher struggles in an impoverished Bulgarian village, when she discovers a resourceful little man living in her walls.