Olivia’s Boudoir: the Introduction

With an entire evening to myself–roommates were out getting drunk, and for once the dog seemed content to curl up by the radiator instead of whine for my attention–I weighed my options. What did I want to do tonight?

I thought about calling some friends, going out to that new Thai place on Gillespie and East Russell, but no. As long as I had a few minutes of privacy to myself, I wanted to logon to Olivia’s Boudoir and see who was playing tonight. I’d recently discovered this free porn site and hadn’t gotten much opportunity to explore it much. But I tell you, it was all I could think about for the past two days, waiting to see what it had to offer me.

I opened a secure window and logged on with a fake account with false info–I’m so paranoid about my roommates accidentally finding out about my sexual kink–and waited for the menu screen to load. Then leaped up to lock the front door, draw the blinds, and turn the overheads lights off. Okay, I’m really paranoid, but I need a sense of security when I’m at my most vulnerable.

And there they were, a four-by-five grid of thumbnails featuring beautiful women from around the world, all of various sizes. The header menu broke them down into categories and specializations: MEGA, vore, gentle, crush, big tits, anal, feet, etc. I tell you, this place was a fantastic find, and if I could mock up a fake credit card account, they would get way too much of my money. As it was, I had to content myself with free browsing and previews, for the time being.

The MEGA girls tripped me out. Some of them were regular women doing POV shots, skulking around models of cities and traffic, but others… man. I didn’t know women got that tall. How did they keep them out of the news? I mean, they weren’t really 400′ tall, but still, they were around eight to ten yards in height. They still had model cities, but the models were much larger and more detailed. These girls, the really tall ones, were always in Private View, always had some client hogging their time. Fine for them, but I was really curious and wanted to see one of them in action.

The Shrink cams were easy: normal-sized girls and shrunken men. Very popular, these, and there were hundreds of girls to choose from. Shrink’s more my style, so that suited me fine. After setting up a filter for all Shrink cams, I just had to choose from violent, playful, sensual, or other moods. I was feeling in the mood for some light-hearted fun so I clicked playful, and I received another screen of 20 thumbnails of girls. xxSweetieFeetxx—her thumbnail said she was 24 years old and from New Mexico—was free so I thought I’d check her out.

My browser took a while to load, so I slumped down in my seat and unbuttoned my pants, just in case this was any good. The video flickered, then showed a live stream of a cute woman kneeling on a mattress, light coming in through the window (it was dark where I was, but she was a few time zones over), and a tiny man standing between her knees. She was wearing lingerie that was partially coming off and he was completely naked, and they were laughing together. Her black ponytails bounced when she giggled, but the poor quality of her webcam didn’t show a lot of details of the guy, just that he was there and walking back and forth.

The girl leaned over to type on a keyboard, arching over the tiny man, who started jumping like he wanted to slap her tits or something. She was pretty well endowed and they hung low, but her bustier held them in and he never got close. Then she scooted closer to the keyboard and trapped him between her smooth thighs. She had a hot little body, too, lean legs and a nice little waist. (I wondered if she’d had a boob job.) One minute the little dude was just standing there, reaching up for her, and the next, her smooth knees slid up and he disappeared between her thighs.

At the bottom of the window, a dozen idiots were writing to her and she was responding. She typed very slowly, only using the middle finger on each hand, so it was infuriating to wait for her to talk to them all when I wanted to see more action with the little guy. There was a guy from Iran who was calling her a slut and a whore and demanding to see her feet. He had a free account like I did, always “Guest” and four numbers for a handle, so she booted him from the room. One of the paid accounts seemed to know her pretty well because she greeted him as soon as he showed up and they had an exchange.

Me, I was nowhere near getting hard so I was only gonna give this another minute before seeking greener pastures. The paid account demanded to see some of her body before going into a private session; she grinned at the camera, blew all us viewers a kiss, but her ponytails flailed about as she shook her head. “No freebies, sry” she wrote.

About that time, I saw the tiny guy come crawling up over one of her thighs. Good for him! He struggled to haul his legs out but eventually came to rest on her huge leg, round and wide from kneeling, and he made his way up to the waist of her bustier. The girl only glanced at him once and returned to typing away, so he was going to get to do whatever he wanted. And he wanted to climb her, so, awesome.

I was glad the poor resolution meant I didn’t have to see his butt in detail, because he was turned from the camera and slowly climbing over the black lace fringe around the bottom of her garment. After that was just sheer red satin walls: not the best for climbing. He looked around in frustration, then grabbed handfuls of the black lace and started working his way to the back. Some of the comments cheered him on, told him to go for it. (I rarely talked with the girls, for two reasons: I didn’t have anything original to say, and my hands were usually otherwise engaged.)

The cam was at a bad angle for his climb: she was turned 45 degrees to the cam so he started to disappear when he went around back, his bare, slim body dangling over her round hip as he swung, hand-over-hand, to her back. But then the girl pushed the keyboard out of the cam’s view, got up on all fours, and slowly rotated away to turn her ass to the camera! Good girl!

And once in place, we could see the tiny dude had surpassed one round, tan butt cheek and was dangling over her crack, only a thin satin strip of thong separating him from her sexuality. The commenters were going crazy, but he wasn’t looking at the screen: he had seized the back of her thong and planted his feet on each cheek, straddling where her little anus hid behind the thong.

Now I was interested. I’d always wanted to be in the same position, and he was living my dream. What would he do next? Me, I’d slither under her thong and use it to hold me in place while I made sweet love to whatever hole was nearest my cock, but he was weighing his options.

He waited too long, because the girl’s grinning face peeked over her left shoulder and she started swaying her hips back and forth. Immediately, he lost his footing and dangled by his hands, still clutching her thong. His hips were just over her butthole and his feet must’ve been rubbing against her pussy, except his tiny body was swinging back and forth in wider arcs. She laughed—his body rocked when she raised one hand to her mouth to giggle and momentarily lost her balance—and started thrusting her butt at the camera. That made her tiny partner swing and crash against her butt, over and over. She’d shut off the audio on her cam so I couldn’t tell whether he was laughing or screaming, but he wouldn’t let go and his entire body kept banging against her ass.

I grabbed a couple screenshots of this action, then blew my load. I trusted there would be plenty of other opportunities to take my time and savor the moment, but I didn’t know how long my roommates would be gone, and I just wanted to get off. I grabbed some Kleenex and mopped myself off, still watching her swing the tiny guy around on her butt. Then the window closed because, after all, mine was a free account and there was a five-minutes viewing limit. You could refresh the window and see more, but it would cut out after five minutes. It was just a hassle to get people to buy accounts, and though it irritated me, it didn’t bother me enough to shell out for a constant stream.

So, that was good. Once I was presentable I wiped the History folder (just in case) and closed the browser, and I got up to fix a sandwich. But I promised Olivia’s Boudoir I’d be back, oh yes, I would return and hopefully sooner rather than later.

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

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