Goes Around, Chapter 6

Yes, it’s another installment in this much-delayed and much-anticipated series, “Goes Around.” Poor Nick, shrunken down to the size of an action figure by supernatural (or scientific) forces, and his normal-sized girlfriend, Elise, is absolutely not into giantess scenarios at all. At all.

But love will surely conquer all, won’t it? We’ll see, but not in the latest installment, Chapter 6, wherein Nick spends the day practically in Elise’s shoes (or in her bra) at the book store. He experiences her joys and her troubles, but when an interested, socially awkward customer can’t take a hint, Nick’s helpless shame at his impotence is his alone.

Tune in! Or catch up on the entire series! I have a few series and I’ll address them all in rotation, but tonight’s the night for “Goes Around.”

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