The Tiny Scrubbing Bubble

Carlotta was lovely in a very sexual way. I distinguish that from “cute” or “beautiful,” the latter being mostly the domain of models and beauty queens. Carlotta would never run for beauty queen but when it came to animal attraction she was irresistible. She was in her mid-30s, her raw sexuality shedding the untamed chaos of youth and maturing into a smoldering, libidinous gravity that drew men to her. That drew me to her. Her hair was a thick and full mane of raven-black locks, and it shimmied and danced down her back above a full, proud butt.

It wasn’t a huge ass, just medium-sized as they go, but from my perspective it was enormous. Carlotta stood about 5’4″, but she loomed over me because I was only 4″ tall. Long story and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, so suffice it to say I was basically her property, her toy. I liked to think of myself as her lover, but I’m sure she’d call me her toy.

Read the rest at Giantess World.

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