What’s Yes Giantess Got to Do With GTS?

One thing that has been bugging me in my search for new GTS images and material has been the intermittent appearance of a Bostonian band, Yes Giantess. It’s jarring to get into a stream of gigantic anime goddesses and huge, round asses, and then see a row of four guys in flannel haplessly staring at the camera.

Yes, Giantess (image: The Maroon Cafe)

So I thought I’d examine Yes Giantess and find out what they’re about. Immediately, I see one U.K. interviewer, a self-described “innocent mind,” takes the position opposite mine: the band’s image is actually victimized by the overwhelming online presence of GTS erotica. Yes, it’s their bad luck that they happened to name themselves after a sexual fetish nearly 20 years after it has established itself on the Internet. Goddamn those time-traveling, retroactive perverts.

You might be wondering the same thing I was, the very first question that popped into my mind: how’d they get their name? Like, are they into GTS too, or are they Inuit or Irish and borrowing from folklore, or what’s the deal?

Image: mamabliss

Let’s rewind, briefly: they used to call themselves Giantess, but there was a prior Canadian ensemble that bore that name. They had a label, too, and despite the fact they only sold 140 albums total, the label refused to relinquish the band name. As they stated in several interviews, the band prefixed “Yes” as a form of positive affirmation, I guess as though you’re excited to see them: “What are those dark, shifting shadows on the stage? Is that a band? …Yes! Giantess!” I guess that’s how that’s supposed to work.

There Goes the Fear interviewed lead singer Jan Rosenfeld and cut straight to the chase:

So let’s talk about your name first – Yes Giantess. Who came up with it? I had this image in my mind the phrase being uttered in reverence at the feet of a female Sasquatch. Am I warm?

Very warm. Imagine this: You’re locked inside your house. You’re 5 feet tall. A 12 foot woman will not let you leave. You try to head for the door but she keeps pushing you down. Why are you in this house? How did you get here? Who is this woman? Why are you so short?

There Goes the Fear

Well, that’s very interesting. At SXSW 2010 they touched on this with Spinner, too, and added that they wanted to be a big party band. Rosenfeld did acknowledge to Pretty Much Amazing that a lot of people seeking GTS porn were actually finding his band instead, so the “Yes” was meant to help separate the wheat from the chaff.

Conceptually, the party (for which they’re the party band) is this 12′-tall woman—and that would be a party to me—so the name of the band is no accident. It almost sounds like they’re skirting the issue. In fact, if I had to generate a reasonable rumor, it would be that at least one member of the band is into GTS (hearkening to Lit’s “Miserable“, Boogie Pimps’ disturbing “Somebody To Love“, Reactor’s banal and insulting “Feeling the Love“, or this unidentified Russian work? And Sarah Hudson briefly appears as a giantess in one of her videos), but I haven’t found anything to substantiate my guess.

So what do they sound like? You can find out on their MySpace page, the first link in this article. To me they sound a little like early Prince or Erasure, some ’80s New Wave with today’s retro pop electronica. Also, their songs kinda sound alike to me. I don’t think I would enjoy the party at which they were playing, but that’s just me. Still, bland as they are, they’re not as bad as the song “The Giantess” by the Absinthe Drinkers, which is a talentless gaggle of self-admiring costume-nerds droning and wanking over Baudelaire’s poem of the same name. Avoid that at all costs.

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