Google Sites: FAIL

Discouraging: I was making updates to my website when Google Sites announced that it “has been suspended for violations of our Terms of Service.”

I believe I read through the ToS and I don’t think I’m trying to “get away” with anything. I appealed the suspension and hope my site will be available to the (adult) public soon. If not…

I’ve transferred all the important information to my blog (see Pages) and will use this blog as my headquarters for the time being. It’s pretty flexible, but Blogger is owned by Google so it may be a matter of time before my blog’s suspended too.

At any rate, it’s a big ol’ Internet with lots of free services. If Google wishes to shut me down entirely, then I’ll happily start over somewhere else with a minimum of hassle. Giantesses are too big to fail.

UPDATE: Google accepted my appeal, and my website is as accessible as before.

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