Other GTS Resources

I’m digging around for inspiration. I have so many more GTS stories to write, but I need to refill my batteries and get revving again.

Fortunately, the Internet provides.

I already knew about Butt Defeated, a great Tumblr collection of foreign and vintage artwork, as well as hot new contemporary submissions.

Abella Anderson is a very pretty woman with phenomenal features. Physically, I would love her to become my playground, especially spelunking. But to listen to her talk is like smashing a large stone maul against one’s skull.

Samantha38G is an amply bosomed woman who loves the camera as well as the idea of a broad faceless, identityless audience drinking her in. She would make a great giantess.

Fantasy Without Limits – This crazy man just goes nuts within the GTS world, bringing fringe subculture entertainment with him. The combination resembles art, but heavily prurient art.

Newschool2626 feels he’s got something to share with an already-established and thriving underground GTS community. Well, why not? The more, the merrier.

Awesome Big Boobs and Huge Ass is like a catalogue of women for whom I would wish to be a helpful tiny person, or to whom I would like to be subjected with an hour of free time.

You can see that there are many resources for GTS material. Look online for the proliferation of “Booru” galleries that seemingly anyone can start on a whim. They tend to repeat each other for content, but at least one of them offers fair translation services and an accurate coding system. The others… well, they have free pictures.

Climbing On A Giantess by giantess-deeane
It’s not the best, but it takes the edge off, certainly.

Image: “Alie” by Osmar Shotgun

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