Google’s Censorship

In four weeks, Google will be revising its position on freedom of speech and begin censoring its adult-content users.

These users have heretofore complied with Google’s conditions, but Google is changing the rules. Anyone showing nude images or video will be deleted, unless they set their blog to Private. And even then, how long will it be before Google decides to censor us all, altogether?

Because of this, I’m going to lean on Tumblr as a free blog service: my account there is Aborigen’s GTS Love. I’m not going to deactivate my own Blogger account, but I will let it stay up as long as it’s legal to do so. I will not update it further, however, instead putting my energy and content to my Tumblr account.

I’m disappointed at Google’s sudden shift to morality policing and censorship.

UPDATE: Google has since recanted its policy update, due to tremendous protest from legacy users such as myself, and will only uphold its prior policy. Adult-content blogs only have to check off that they are adult content and do not have to go private.

However, this changes nothing and I will be using Tumblr for all professional updates. Google’s first update, in which they said they would delete offending blogs, referred to the material in question as “adult content”. The revision now refers to it as “porn,” so even though they’re revoking their censorship, they’re taking a parting shot by using loaded terminology, as though to say, “We’re permitting you, but we want everyone to know we do not approve of you.”

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