Keeping Motivated

Last night I wrote up all my writing projects for this week. I really need to put myself on some kind of schedule so I’m more productive. I definitely need to develop this new blog, for one thing, and I need to go through the classes it provides to learn how to use WordPress to fullest capacity.

It’s difficult to keep writing, sometimes. Sometimes I wake up with zero motivation or creative energy, but I have a process in place to address that. Sometimes I just don’t feel inspired about any of my ideas—I have two full notebooks of tiny handscript in unruled pages, packed with giantess story ideas, outlines and illustrations, so there’s no lack of ideas—and I don’t feel any passion in fleshing them out into the first draft. Sometimes I wonder what the point of it is: I don’t think anyone’s reading my work, I don’t have a following, I only sell a story once every couple of months… why would I put so much time and effort into this if I’m just banging my head against the wall?

Here’s my writing process: 30 minutes of video games (or other creative exploit in which I lose my mind); a couple hours of writing; 30 minutes of exercise. I’ve read in a few places this is the best way to cultivate creativity and generate momentum, so I trust it.

And maybe no one is reading me now. No one responds to my posts on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. No one responded on my old blog and I don’t think anyone will comment here, now. But I look at the writers and artists I admire, and they never quit. They were driven by a fiery passion for their work and they kept on producing, and maybe it took years but now they’re known. So that’s what I’ve got to do, I have to build up a mighty oeuvre so that when someone’s curious enough to find me, there’s something to see. I just have to keep hammering away at that wall.

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