Into the Swing of Spring

Green-haired girl in yellow bikini.
Image: vigwer

Is it spring that makes me horny enough to get back into writing giantess erotica?

Is it spring that melts my stultified brain and allows the creativity to begin flowing again, like sap in the mighty oak or maple?

Either way, I’ve been enjoying getting back into writing. For a while it seemed as though my senses were dead and writing GTS stories was a resentful obligation. That is not how creative writing should ever feel. I wondered if I’d burned myself out on giantess porn: Pornhub has an ever-increasing collection of professional and amateur giantess videos, using tiny dolls, forced perspective, very intense and personal camera angles, etc. Once I discovered this service, I plundered it for months… and after a while it didn’t excite me anymore. It wasn’t just that I’d seen everything, but giantesses weren’t doing it for me.

At that point, the wise thing is to take a break, and I knew that.

Now it’s spring, women are wearing less and less clothing, and the sun bleeds life back into my frozen bones. With the seasonal airing-out of cannonball buttocks and pumping thighs in Lycra, plunging cleavage and bee-stung lips, ideas for stories have slowly sparked and ignited in my brain. The first thing I did was record the sparsest story notes on my phone, then elaborated upon these in my written notebooks. This was a good start.

Next, I checked into my neglected email account and realized a couple readers had responded positively to my Giantess World stories. I had a whim to pursue one of these, mixed myself a couple drinks, and knocked out two chapters in an evening. I just wrapped up another chapter to a different story tonight.

This is very encouraging to me. The next step, of course, is to start working on my stories for sale, the serious efforts in which three acts are resolved in 50,000 words. I’ve sold 20 short stories so far, and that tells me people like what I’ve written and would like some more. How dumb would it be of me to walk away from that?

So hail spring, hail college students who wear too little, and hail the creative process.

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