The Mari at the End of This Book

What else was there to do on this planet, Lovely Mari wondered. She’d already generously created a series of new and interesting landmarks—craters in the shape of her perfect feet—and rid the nation, in some small way, of overbearing military presence. And she was quite sure that geologists, spelunkers, and other people would be intrigued by the gaping hole she’d drilled several miles into the lithosphere. Who wouldn’t be?

She sighed, her enormous, planet-like breasts rising and falling ponderously. There had to be something else to do, though, something interesting to pass the time. It was a huge planet and it thought an awful lot about itself, what with its colorful cultures and tremendous variety of cuisine and art. Perhaps that was the problem: rather than admiring themselves endlessly, the planet should be admiring Lovely Mari and how lovely she is. Then perhaps the collective wisdom of the nations could dream up something fun for her to do.

As her pretty head drifted in the clouds, several miles below there was quite a fuss being raised in a certain city. By chance, Mari hadn’t stepped on it and obliterated it beneath her heel, and by coincidence, she hadn’t smooshed it with her sweet little bottom when she sat down for a while to contemplate her options. In fact, the worst that had happened to them was that they’d lost their sunlight when she folded her shapely legs around the city and her cornflower nightgown draped far overhead.

That wasn’t terrible, as it afforded the greater metro area a long gaze at her panties and the treasures within, but they had been enjoying their sunlight. This was actually a divided issue: some held that the sun was necessary, others felt it was stupid and what they were looking at was much, much better. But there was nothing to be done about it either way, not until the five-mile-high giantess decided what to do with her day.

And then she had it. “Books!” she cried. “When’s the last time I read a nice book? Oh, there’s gotta be some good books around here!” And in scanning around, she sensed there was a large city right between her legs! What luck! She leaped to her feet (careful not to destroy her discovery), brushed her arms dramatically all over her body, and changed her outfit for her day in the city. With a flash of light and a chord of music, now she was attired like a huge, sexy businesswoman: a form-flattering vest and skirt combination in gray wool, smoky hose and red pumps, and a cunningly designed white blouse that somehow opened in the front to create Lovely Mari’s stunning décolletage once again. Foregoing her witch’s hat, she let her beautiful golden hair explode all over and shimmer down her shoulders. A gorgeous ruby pendant trimmed in crimson ribbon, the same color as her twinkling eyes, set the ensemble off, resting at her collar, just above the vast abyss of her cleavage.

Lovely Mari grinned brightly to see her immense creativity in the outfit! Oh, the humans would love her! Then it hit her, square in the forehead: she was far too tall for the stupid tiny bugs to truly appreciate her. “Well, it’s yer lucky day, bugs,” she murmured. “As long as you’re hostin’ me in your city, I guess I can meetcha halfway.” So saying, she closed her eyes, booped herself on the nose, and shrunk herself down to one-sixth of her height. That should be good enough, she figured.

Except it wasn’t: now she stood 4,000 feet tall, her vision obscured by the dense layer of clouds hanging over the earth. The tallest skyscrapers in town only reached up to around her knee.

Lovely Mari parked her hands on her hips and frowned darkly. “I’m not shrinkin’ down any more, you dumb bugs! If I’m too tall, why, you just better grow up instead!”

On the other hand, that meant finding a library should be a piece of cake, she figured. If only she knew what the library in this city looked like. She shrugged: there were probably a few of them, and if she grabbed a bunch of buildings that looked right, she was bound to come away with two or three, surely.

An hour later: “How can there only be one stupid library in this whole stupid city!?”

But it was true. The only one she could find anywhere was the metropolitan library. It was beautiful, artistically designed, but what kind of wretched city valued books so little that it only had one library? She vowed to destroy the whole stupid, illiterate city after taking this treasure home where it would finally be loved and appreciated.

Lovely Mari carefully picked her way through the city proper, crossing the winding, snaking river that split it in half, and followed the highway to the metropolitan library. There it stood, all angles and glass and loveliness. “It’s a damn shame they can’t appreciate you, little lady,” she told it. All libraries were ladies to her. “I’ll give you all the love you’ve been missing.”

She knelt, her tremendous knees pummeling huge craters into the Old Oaks neighborhood, which she didn’t think much of: it was a shabby, run-down neighborhood of decrepit houses and dying lawns and trees. If the tiny bugs didn’t care enough to keep it up, there was no reason she should take especial pains to preserve it.

The nylon weave of her hose stretched and thinned. The tiny bugs in these aged, crumbling houses parted their drapes and craned their heads up to look at her. Many of them were horrified and intimidated, but out of every hundred of them there were one or two who got a tiny little stiffness in their jeans, and that set of wretched little ideas in their filthy skulls. They crept out of their dwellings and glanced at each other in surprise, then shame, then a knowing conspiracy. Grinning like sick dogs, they (some men, some women) started walking up their crappy, potholed street up to the beautiful, round knees of the young goddess concentrating on something else.

Lovely Mari was taking a moment to appreciate the beautiful library. It was nothing like the one her friends lived in, of course, which was ancient and well-preserved, with shelves covering all the walls and running up to the high-peaked ceiling. But it seemed nothing in this stupid tiny bug-world was ever as nice and pretty as where she came from. Sighing, she began whispering the spell of delicacy, and the tips of her fingers began to glow with swirling purple sparks.

The people on the ground crept closer, hunched over in their dull shirts, their hunting jackets. They kept their eyes up, warily observing the gorgeous young giantess, only abstractly noting whatever remarkable thing she was doing with her hands. It looked like their library had disappeared between her calves, as she knelt on the ground, destroying several blocks of neglected city streets. Slowly and of one mind, the crowd of a dozen horny adults crept as close to her smooth shin as they could, hidden from the giantess’s view by her own thigh, and then split into two groups. Those heading east hoped that accessing her knee would bring them up quicker to the beauty beneath her skirt; those stalking to the west believed they could crawl up her shoe and ankle to get there quicker.

Meanwhile, the frantic call went out from Franklin County to assemble as large a SWAT force as everyone could afford. Steely-eyed men in black BDUs strapped weapons and supplies to their arms and legs and chests; they hup-hupped into vans and trucks and helicopters, converging on the metropolitan library just outside of the heart of downtown. The national terror codenamed “Grand Empress” was sighted, reported, and confirmed to have entered their city and they were going to do their damnedest to control this situation.

One-hundred feet of glistening, pink tongue poked out slightly to wet the pink and succulent lips of Lovely Mari, as her keen eyes stared at her work. Her thumbs and forefingers were glowing with power, and she spread them in a small rectangle around the corners of the library. She hadn’t even thought whether there were people inside, and she wouldn’t have cared. This precious gem had to belong to her, if the rest of this forsaken city couldn’t appreciate it.

Glowing purple beams shot from her fingertips, then consolidated into four bridges, shaping the outline of a box slightly larger than the library. Nodding, she pressed the frame into the ground, where it blistered and scorched the earth. With a little more concentration, she extended the frame downward, cutting into the pavement, then closing in to a point below the library. This was tricky, delicate work: she didn’t care if she wiped the city out of existence with the errant sweep of a leg, but she really wanted this library to come home in perfect condition.

Several fat and dull-eyed men began scaling the sole of her red pump, not making much progress until they cooperated (which took much longer than it should have). They pulled each other up the hard sole and allowed themselves to slide down the side to her nylons. Grinning, they wrapped their sausage-fingers around the strands and hoisted themselves up to the gentle curve of the goddess’s bony little ankle.

At the other end, three desperate-looking men and two haggard women contemplated her huge knee. It was too round, too curved to provide easy access to anything. But rather than retreat and join the men climbing the large foot, seven blocks west, they tried other ideas. One was to break into a nearby hardware store and steal the largest ladder they had, but it was just an independent outlet, a small mom-and-pop shop that couldn’t even hold a large enough ladder for their task. That was when they instead ran to the local volunteer fire department, where they easily overpowered the skeleton crew of half-drunk and sleepy staff and raced back to her knee with a full fire truck and the perfect extendable ladder to start them on their way.

The coordinated SWAT effort had their work cut out for them. From a long way off, they saw the beautiful young woman kneeling over the main avenue into the city, hunched and intent on something they couldn’t get discern. One of her legs was crushing an impoverished section of town, and the other had demolished several blocks of nicer residential homes. Worse, that was all that was around them: there were no skyscrapers or buildings with more than two levels. It was entirely a residential district, right outside of downtown, and they were badly exposed as they took up positions as closely as they dared.

Finally, the metropolitan library was safely free from its miserable surroundings! Lovely Mari brought her fine, slender hands up to her face, fingers splayed, her prize hovering between them. There it was, this work of art, sitting on the upside-down pyramid of pavement and soil she’d sliced away. She blew it a soft kiss with real affection and whispered a little spell of protection upon it, just to keep it safe until she could place it in her bedroom, next to the other lovely buildings amassed in the corner.

Neither team of horny citizens was making spectacular progress at the time. The west group had cleared the giantess’s ankle, having to crawl around the outside of her foot, as her enormous butt was spread all across both heels. There was some debate as to whether it would be useful to try to claw at her gray skirt and scale her full, round hip in the hopes of accessing the surface of her thigh. It seemed reasonable, but a couple dissenting voices wanted to crawl along the back of the giantess’s calf to reach the hem of her skirt and pull themselves up that way. Unable to agree, the tiny group split up once more and pursued each discrete strategy.

On the east end of the young giantess’s leg, the desperate men and women had successfully made it atop her knee and studied the vast stretch of thigh before them: it was still a few blocks to the hem of her skirt, and after that they would run out of relatively flat area on which to walk, needing to resort to clawing their way inside her inner thigh. One woman looked up at the giantess’s activity: “Damnit. It looks like she’s about done with whatever she’s doing.”

“She’s stealing our library, looks like,” said the other woman.

One of the chubby men blinked. “We got a library?”

The leaders of the SWAT forces were unhappy: they did not possess anything that looked like it could take out the giantess. She had lifted the library right out of the ground and was about to walk away with it. Beyond that, a new problem had presented itself: even if they had heavier armament to chase the lovely, young giantess away, her legs were now crawling with civilians. The collateral damage of the residential area was regrettable but it had occurred before they arrived on the scene. If anything they did inadvertently caused the death of these reckless individuals, it would be a PR nightmare. The city was already under heavy scrutiny for the recent militarization of their police…

One officer’s eyes narrowed. SWAT had told the local police to avoid the area, do nothing more than cordon off the surrounding blocks, but maybe bringing them into this wasn’t such a bad idea. They had ridiculously powerful trucks and weaponry (only slightly used by elite military forces), and if anything went wrong SWAT could plausibly shift the blame to them.

He unclipped his handset and squeezed the mic. “This is Operator Drummond, calling rear.” He clicked off and composed his thoughts, then resumed. “What say we let the local boys in blue in on the fun? No reason for us to hoard all the glory.” Rear command confirmed, calls were placed, and soon the residential area was shrieking, flashing in red and blue.

Subtle, they were not. Drummond grinned tightly, looking forward to this little drama play itself out.

“Pretty li’l library,” Lovely Mari sang to the building, turning it around in her magical grasp. “Who’s a pretty li’l library? Oh, yes, you are.” She finally noticed some people inside, adults who had been looking for work on the free computers, teens who had been looking for boyfriends and girlfriends on social media. They weren’t doing these things now, of course. They were piled up in the center of the building, terrified of their new height, and screaming and waving their arms around.

Lovely Mari giggled prettily, then tilted the library slightly to one side. Hundreds and hundreds of books fell out of the shelves and piled upon the eensy-weensy humans as they slid across the floor and piled up around the restrooms. The witchy goddess licked her lips and raised an eyebrow: it looked like this stupid city could afford her a little amusement after all.

The two men who’d elected to climb the giantess’s hip were starting to regret their decision. Her hip was simply too round and full, sweeping out sharply, and though they could slowly creep their way up in the thick fibers of wool, they hadn’t yet reached the seam on her skirt or a fold in the fabric, either of which would have made their climb much easier. Now their arms were starting to weaken, after several minutes of hoisting their lazy, plump bodies up the side of the giantess.

The man and women who’d hiked over the giantess’s calf were doing a little better. The man helped the two women up around the grand arc of her thigh, and they pulled themselves up by the hem of the enormous skirt. That part of the plan worked out perfectly. But then the giantess had shifted her weight slightly, perhaps getting uncomfortable with sitting in one position for so long. She slowly raised her hips, bending her powerful knees to lift her sensual body up, and then settled back down again. In that time, the women atop her thigh threw themselves flat against her skin and laced their fingers into the netting of the giantess’s nylon hose, and they remained in place until she settled down again. The man, however, had lost his footing when the tremendous calf on which he stood flexed. He tumbled helplessly beneath the giantess’s thigh, and when she came back down his hoarse screams were completely silenced by the sheer tonnage of succulent thigh pressing him into a thin paste.

Far off on the east end, the group of men who’d climbed the giantess’s knee began the long trek up her thigh. This got easier as they went on: her leg dipped toward the knee but flattened out as they got closer to her skirt. All they had to do was tread carefully over the dense nylon weave of her smoky hosiery, and then they could reach the safety of her skirt, which they did after a few minutes of walking. In fact, once they arrived at the hem of her vast gray wool skirt, they dropped to their bellies and gripped the hose, lowering themselves down into the chasm of the young giantess’s thighs. They disappeared between her legs just as the two women climbed up the outside of the giantess’s thigh, and when she rose up to reposition herself, they were already in place to anchor themselves to her leg and let her move and wriggle as much as she liked. Flush with success, they crept up her leg and into the tremendous cavern of her skirt.

“No-go, that’s a no-go, Foxtrot-Tango!” squawked the headset on Drummond’s radio support. Rear command had received new information that upset them greatly. “Hold position, Foxtrot-Tango! You do not move! You do not fire, I say again, you do not fire!”

“Range is hot,” quipped Drummond into the mic. “If my men get a shot, we’re taking it.” He squelched the incoming transmission and balanced his way across the peaked roof of a bland house to where his snipers patiently lay. “How’s it looking?”

One sniper snorted. “No fucking way, sir. Even if I could target her eye, something tells me my rounds would just bounce off it like…” He paused. “Like nothing I’ve seen in real life, sir.”

Drummond pursed his lips. “How about her fingers? Think we can distract her that way?”

“There’s no question I can empty a clip into a one-foot circle on her index finger, sir. It just won’t do a hell of a lot of good.”

Nodding, Drummond merely told his men to hold position. Something surely had to turn up. He stalked off but then froze in his boots when shots rang out. But it wasn’t his men: this wasn’t one calculated shot, this was someone blowing their wad on full auto. What the hell?

He spun, scanned around, then cursed: Spec Ops had arrived, grinning like idiots and firing off in all goddamned directions. “Stand down! Stand down!” Drummond barked, running to the edge of his roof. “This is not your theater! Who is your commander?”

The Spec Ops guys laughed and made gestures like they couldn’t hear him, and they loaded another belt into their tripod-mounted .50 cal, drawing a bead on the gorgeous young woman who towered over their city, kneeling.

Lovely Mari had her fill of rocking the horrid little bugs back and forth in their glass cage. Anyway, it looked like most of them were broken or dead, so it was less fun than when they had the energy to protest and freak out. Pouting, she tapped open the ruby brooch at her throat: the exquisitely cut oval swung open, revealing a little storage chamber in the gold base. Little, but big enough to contain a large library with a protection spell on it.

“In you go, sweet li’l library!” She hummed to herself, hovering the building closer to her throat. It drifted over her deep and plunging cleavage and could easily have gotten lost in there, mangled between her luscious boobs, had it slipped out of her magical frame.

Two of its large bay windows shattered, then another. Precious books spilled out and tumbled through space on the long trip back down to earth. Lovely Mari’s crimson eyes grew huge with surprise, then fury as the pretty, pretty books sifted away like sand. Some corpses, too, of course, but who cared about those? Swiftly she righted the building and stashed it in her brooch, sealing it up securely. That done, she focused her eyes sharply and scanned the perimeter, quickly spotting several houses not far from her knees. These houses were crawling with little bugs: the black bugs weren’t moving and there weren’t many of them. The green bugs, on the other hand, were swarming all over, dropping from tiny helicopters, piling out of tiny trucks, coating the houses with their repulsive presence. And the tiny dots of light they made told her they were firing weapons at her.

“How dare you stupid green ants get in the way of my readin’,” she growled, and her menace rolled across the landscape like thunder.

The chubby men clinging to the giantess’s hip like balls of lint ceased their struggle. One of them said, “Holy shit. You hear that?”

The other one only said, “Goddamn it,” as his fingers finally weakened and his lumpy mass drifted away from the giantess’s hip, racing past her ankle, and striking the ground like a drop of ketchup.

All the blood drained in his friend’s face, as he followed his descent with horror. Gulping, he decided there was no way he could back out now, and his hands finally discovered a helpful fold in the fabric of the giantess’s skirt. He clutched it in one fist and looked for a place to plant his boot and hoist his overweight self up.

Then the fold straightened out and disappeared. The giantess was rising to her knees: her plump rump lifted off of her heels and elevated rapidly. The chubby guy without a handhold went on to follow his friend, just from a greater height.

The two women on the giantess’s thigh shrieked and clutched at the giantess’s hose. They were just about to enter her skirt, after a couple minutes of calling for their companion and getting no response. They had spent a few more minutes studying their environment: the buttoned vest that stretched over the giantess’s firm belly, the impossibly gargantuan breasts that hung directly over their frail little bodies, like planets somehow holding still in the sky.

“I like her outfit,” said one woman, and then the thigh they stood on tensed and shuddered and pitched up into a sharp angle. The women shrieked, dug their fingers desperately into the weave, and then dangled from the giantess’s thigh like a couple of ugly Christmas tree ornaments. The ground was too far to drop to, but their arms were too weak to support them for long. They screamed and screamed instead of thinking of something to do.

The two men inside her skirt were having the best luck. They were in pretty good shape, and they were already climbing the webbing of the giantess’s hose when suddenly gravity pointed in a new direction for them. They simply let their tiny bodies swing around until they found a resting position, and then it was a short climb to the narrow space at the top of the giantess’s thigh, where the skin retreats to the hip and room is made for the massive vulva. The men grinned at each other like wolves and continued their crawl.

On the rooftops before the giantess’s knees, Drummond was chewing out the leader of this Spec Ops movement. “I did not authorize firing upon the woman!” His eyes were blazing with fury. “There are civilians in the library currently in her possession! For all we know you took a few of them out with your wild goddamn spray!”

The Spec Ops officer remained cool behind his opaque aviator glasses. “Sir, you are advised to back the fuck off and tend to your own. Okay?” He tilted his helmet back slightly. “We got this.”

What the Spec Ops officer actually got was a solid shot across the chops. He crumpled like a sack of dry leaves and rolled down to collapse in the dirt lawn. Drummond shook out his hand and looked to the next house over, covered with Spec Ops who were slowly turning their helmets and sunglasses toward him. He ordered them to pull back and cease interfering; they informed him he had no jurisdiction here. Swearing, Drummond backed up to the far end of the house he was on, sprinted, leaped across the empty air to the next roof and caught the eaves with fingers of steel. He promptly hoisted himself up, stretched his shoulders, and addressed an entirely different argument to the surprised Spec Ops operators in rapid, punchy phrases.

All of this was lost on Lovely Mari, who wondered how best to destroy these annoyances. It didn’t take much deliberation: she bent at the hips and pounded her flat palms into the earth, arching over the former site of the library and the warring rooftops of black and green bugs. Her breasts swung away from her chest, all their mass welling up into truly massive globes barely restrained by her flimsy blouse and wool vest. Shifting her weight to one hand, her other hand nimbly popped open the buttons on her vest and shirt, then snaked into her bra to dig out one awesomely enormous breast. It glowed in the sunlight, and she hefted it in her fingers: it was full and heavy, impossible to control with her slim hand. Laughing, she slowly pulled her hand away and dangled it tantalizingly over the war zone.

All the Spec Ops stopped fighting with all the SWAT crew (the local police were feeling a little left out now), and all their heads craned up as though magnetically drawn to the sight above them. Directly overhead, one pink nipple pointed down at them, erect, around 40’ in length. Around that spread a delicate aureola, some 80’ in diameter, and around that was nothing but an entire planet of smooth, soft, peach-colored skin.

The men swore in amazement, some reaching for their smartphones, others clutching the bulges in their pants. Drummond used this opportunity to punch a few more Spec Ops in their throats before hopping down to the ground, rolling past the unconscious commander, and sprinting across the dirt lawns.

The air around them boomed with the velocity of tremendous mass, and the glorious sphere fell with unimaginable violence. The houses offered no resistance, and the military and police forces were immediately pasted across them. The liquefied remains and the demolished neighborhood were then plowed deeply into the ground, deeper and deeper, and they would form the lining of an exquisitely hemispherical bowl-shaped crater three miles east of a major metropolitan business hub. It would become a monument, commemorating the loss of so many loyal men in the service of the public good. And despite self-righteous moral outrage, the city would prohibit the 40-foot-deep hole drilled into the ground by the giantess’s nipple from being filled and leveled out.

The force of the giantess planting her hands on the ground, then thrusting her boob upon an entire neighborhood, was sufficient to shake the two weak and flabby women from the tremendous thigh. Their fingers went numb, their round bodies rolled against the thigh for a few yards, then free-fell through the air to splatter across the main street leading out of this area.

Deep inside the giantess’s skirt, the two men had accessed the giantess’s panties. One of them had an extremely impressive hunting knife and, with some labor, sawed into her smoky hose. The strands snapped and spread eagerly, and the men pulled themselves up into the hole, using the hose itself as a net to carry them as they pulled their way to the leg hole of the vast blue-and-white striped panties. Pausing to high-five each other, one used all his strength to tug an opening in the elastic hole, the other one crawled inside and kicked away with his legs to create and opening, and his buddy followed immediately. From there, it was short work to claw their way across the soft fabric and pull themselves across the swollen folds of the giantess’s labia majora: jackpot. Wordlessly they stripped off their shirts and unbuckled their pants, stripping down for the last part of their amazing journey—the insertion.

Admiring her work, Lovely Mari heaved her tremendous boob back into its cup, straightened her blouse and buttoned herself back up. There was nothing else to do here: she had her library, the stupid ugly bugs were wiped out, and….

“Hold on just a second,” she growled. “Is there someone in my panties?”

The two men stiffened, their blood chilling.

“There better not be anyone in my panties right now.”

They looked at each other, panicked.

“Because if you… aw, fuck it.” Shrugging, Lovely Mari rose to her feet and dusted herself off. Bending slightly, she slipped one fine hand up beneath her skirt and rubbed two broad fingertips all around her pussy. It took her a few passes, but she squashed the sneaky little pervs in her underwear, sensing their souls seeping into her vulva just like the military forces’ essences went directly into her boob.

Now all the issues were truly taken care of. It was time to return to her cute little cabin in the Forest of Magic. She opened her jaws and let loose the singing spell that opened up a portal before her, a spinning circle of light that shimmered above the city.

Lovely Mari’s eyes opened wide. This stupid city! She almost forgot! She left the portal hovering where it was, pulled off her sharp little pumps, and spent a joyful 15 minutes hopping, stomping, dragging her stockinged feet across the entire metropolitan infrastructure. It resembled nothing more than an enormous plate of gray ash when she was done with it, and she climbed into her portal and teleported back home.

“What the hell was that,” whispered Drummond, groggy, pressed into a cavernous bra cup by a huge, insistent nipple.

*   *   *

Outside of her cabin, Lovely Mari slowly reduced herself in size, restoring to her normal height and taking care not to crush any of her neighbors.

Now Drummond knew something strange was afoot. Picking his way carefully across the giantess’s massive boob, he peeked out of her blouse and watched the world rising toward him, but slowly. As the ground grew closer the trees widened and stretched upward, and an unfamiliar house tucked in the woods began to emerge in view, also growing larger.

He looked back at the huge nipple. Its size wasn’t changing, and neither was he. With a start, he guessed at what was happening and flung himself from the giantess’s breast. He seized the lapel of her blouse, rappelled down to her vest, slid down to the hem of her skirt and then cast himself away from her body. He tumbled through space and banged himself up pretty badly in the landing, but diffused the force with a textbook tuck-and-roll, so the worst he suffered was a badly dirtied and torn outfit with some bruises.

Sitting on the ground, he paused to collect himself. The house seemed to resemble a European cottage, maybe a household of some wealth, but there was something strange about it. It looked like it was designed to be small, yet it stretched far overhead, like an artist’s model of a comically oversized cabin. It wasn’t until the thunder of the giantess’s footsteps pounded the earth behind him that he realized what had happened. With feline reflexes, he leaped to his feet and spun to face the beautiful giantess who approached. She was huge, still, but she wasn’t piercing the level of clouds now. In fact, she was about the same size as the cabin…

Drummond stared around him. He was standing on her lawn, but the blades of grass came up to  his midsection. Now he was tiny, in her world. The giantess must’ve had some ability to shrink herself, and he shrunk with her, but that process halted for him once he was no longer on her body. How tall was he now?

When her distant foot lifted from the earth, swung forward and loomed overhead, Drummond rolled to the side and sprang at it. Expertly he seized her shoe and clung with fingers of steel, hoisting himself up promptly to rest upon the bridge of her foot. As he rode the giantess into her house, he estimated himself to be somewhere around four inches tall.

He was surprisingly practical about the whole thing, part of his brain noted, when he should’ve been freaking out or something else.

Lovely Mari’s heart warmed to see her little cabin in the woods once more! All the comforts of home, all her wonderful toys, and now a new item for her collection. She ran inside, trotted upstairs, and threw herself into her beloved bedroom. The sturdy oak shelves on the left were crammed with clothing, books, and magical supplies and her armoire stood nearby. In the corner, she’d pulled out a nightstand to clear space for her collection: a seemingly random assortment of buildings from the normal, stupid world.

But these buildings were special, in that they struck Mari as particularly skillful, or else they bore some kind of nostalgia for her. Grinning, she opened her brooch and extracted the dainty little library from within. Now, where to put it? She knelt on the floor and cleared a space with one hand, pushing aside a spooky British gaol and lining it up with the Empire State Building.

During this process, Drummond slipped off of her foot and took in the lay of the land. The furniture was enormous, but not totally inaccessible if he needed to climb up something or hide beneath something else. While the giantess hummed and rearranged her buildings, the SWAT leader sprinted behind her and ducked under her bed.

Now Mari had everything the way she liked it: the new library had been too small in its present form, so she enlarged it to more closely match the scale of most of the other buildings. Only the tallest skyscrapers were shrunk to fit inside her bedroom, while everything shorter than that was set at the perfect size for a four-inch-tall person.

Lovely Mari stood, hands on her hips, grinning proudly at her assemblage. Not that there was anyone in this makeshift city, of course. It was a ghost town, though there were no youkai haunting these buildings. “At least, there’d better not be,” she said, eyeing the structures with mock-suspicion. Everything looked great, she’d had her adventure for the day, and she could see the sunset outside her window. Time for an early bed, as far as she was concerned. She changed into her favorite cornflower nightgown and bonnet and trotted off to take care of a few other household items before tucking herself in.

Drummond sweated, watching her huge bare feet padding out of the room. Now what? Even if he could escape this house, how could he grow back to his regular height, much less return to his city? And where the hell was he, anyway? This old-world cabin seemed nearly ancient—still in great shape, of course, but the wood floor was polished with heavy use, the panes of glass rippled with slight imperfections, and… the stuff this giantess was storing on her shelves? Some of it was seriously creepy. Things glowed, other things scurried in bottles, and then came the drawers and bottles with obscure labels and nonsense words on them. Why was it easier to accept she was a giantess than that she was a witch?

Because there’s no such thing as witches, he reasoned. But two weeks ago, before the nationwide stories of a rampaging giantess, he would have said there was no such thing as giantesses either. That meant literally anything was possible, then, and he had to be extra careful.

He was meandering around the center of her room when he heard her thunderous tread racing up the stairs. Swearing, he sprinted for the city (just because it, among everything else, looked a little familiar). He passed his former library, now in a prominent position, and observed the total chaos inside: the floor was knee-deep in books and corpses. Shuddering, he ran for a cathedral, parked at an angle against the wainscoting, throwing himself inside the iron-belted doors just as the giantess entered the room.

Lovely Mari’s radiant smile faded when she returned. She paused in the doorway and cast her sharp gaze around all the furniture. The armoire was still closed, the tea table on the scarlet rug still held a large candle and a plate with half a cookie on it, and the pile of socks and underwear at the foot of her bed seemed undisturbed. Still…

Humming to herself, she tiptoed into the room, still glancing left and right, hoping to catch a telltale movement or spot some wrong detail. There was something bugging her about this place, but there was so magic in every single log in this cabin’s frame, and so much power radiating from her cute little shop downstairs, that many of her sensing abilities were flooded. She was just a regular ol’ woman in her magical cabin.

“Nothin’ I can do about that, I guess,” she said loudly, for the benefit of any intruders. She finished the cookie on the tea table, peeled back her fluffy eiderdown and slipped her tender feet into the sheets. Her bed was soft and cool, very soothing. She tugged her nightgown down around her legs and settled into the large down mattress, sighing contentedly.

Drummond pressed his ear to the heavy door, straining to hear the giantess’s breathing patterns shift. After an agonizingly tense half hour, he thought he heard some deeper breathing, holding in lungfuls of air for longer periods of time, and protracted inhaling and exhaling. He debated rushing out right now: if half an hour was good, wouldn’t waiting a full hour be better? He was in no rush, probably, being stuck here all night. Restlessness twitched in his limbs, however: he needed to find a solution to his problems, and sooner rather than later. He crept in his perfectly silent Magnum Hi-Tecs to a stained-glass window. The glass was blurry, and the yellow hue didn’t help his vision, but overall he was unable to detect any movement in the eiderdown on the enormous bed. He forced himself to count slowly to 200 before finally pushing the cathedral door open.

The sun had gone down and the room was dark, but for the candle on the tea table. When had she lit that? All the candles and lamps in here had been extinguished when he’d policed the grounds. It could’ve been more magic—Drummond was unwilling to rule anything out now.

Several yards ahead of him was a book, lying open. He couldn’t read the language of its print, but he did recall that several of the shelves in the giantess’s bedroom were crammed full of gorgeous, crazy books of all shapes and materials. In fact, hadn’t she just stolen a library?

Holding his breath, he listened for a moment longer before creeping out into the room. Silent as a cat, he snuck around the enormous book and found himself face-to-face with a huge sock. It was white with pink flowers around the cuff, and it was fuzzy. He reached out to feel this monstrosity: it was so incredibly soft, it seemed as though his hand sank into it without touching anything. He blinked rapidly. His mind filled with visions of the large yet dainty foot that this sock had been pulled over, and he glanced up at the bed. He couldn’t see the giantess beneath the eiderdown, not from his angle, but he spotted a pair of huge blue-and-white striped panties lying on the floor, directly to his left.

This was too much. He needed a plan. Maybe he could hide in the city until the giantess left the cabin the next day. Then, depending on the household activities, he’d be free to forage for food and take stock of any resources. He was thinking about the cathedral but his eyes were locked on the huge pair of women’s underwear, when he was bowled over by a wall of sound.

“Whattya think you’re doin’?” demanded the witch-goddess Mari, sitting bolt upright in bed and glaring at the little intruder.

She could see him rolling around like a little ball, tiny hands clapped to the sides of his head. When he rolled upright to kneel and took his hands away, she asked him again, quieter. She wasn’t furious, just a little surprised and a little sleepy. And besides, this was her cabin: she had the upper hand and he was helpless.

Drummond knew this, too. He’d been caught flat-footed in the middle of the room by a giantess with astonishing magic at her disposal. There was no negotiating with or deceiving her. The best course of action was to be straight-forward. “Ma’am,” he called out at the top of his lungs, “My name is Major Kirkland Drummond. I’m the forward commander of−”

“I didn’t ask your dumb name, you little rat.” Mari rested on one arm and leaned over the edge of the bed. “I asked you just what the heck you think you’re doin’ in my bedroom. An’ I’ve asked you three times now, an’ I won’t ask a fourth.”

Drummond paled, feeling his chest go cold. “Ma’am, I−”

“Knock off that ‘ma’am’ bull-crap! I ain’t yer mother!”

“Sorry.” He smiled a little. “I was merely−”

“You need to start callin’ me goddess.” Her rosy lips pulled down at the corners.

“Goddess… my goddess,” he started, and she seemed to approve. “I was hiding in your cathedral, and I was looking for some food.”

“Is that all?”

“No, my goddess. I was also trying to make some sense of my surroundings. I don’t know where I am, and everything’s enormous. I can’t read the pages of that book.”

Her crimson eyes narrowed to savage slits. “Then why were you starin’ at my panties?”

He blushed and stammered. With a flick of her magic-wielding fingertips, Lovely Mari sent the panties in question flying across the room to pile on top of him. His legs buckled, but when the full weight of them settled, he found that they weren’t oppressively heavy. He rolled to all fours and crawled in a direction until he reached an edge.

It was the crotch of her panties that he emerged from. Mortified, he stared up at the angry giantess, and then a familiar aroma drifted by his nostrils. Reflexively he inhaled it, recalling some distant affection from his past, but cut himself off when he saw her expression.

“That proves it. Rotten, stinkin’ panty-sniffer.” Something massive rolled under the eiderdown, and her huge, pink foot slipped out of the sheets and started for the floor.

“No, wait!” he shouted, hastily tacking on “my goddess.”

She tilted her head, regarding him. “How’d you get in here, anyway?” Her bare foot swung idly at the end of her leg.

Drummond had to force himself not to stare at the pretty toes. And while he was going to be honest with her, he elected to leave out the part about getting stuck in her bra. “I was trapped on you when you left my city, my goddess. I rode into your house on your shoe.”

Lovely Mari’s eyes widened at that. “But I never heard you walkin’ around here or nothin’. I couldn’t even sense you. What kinda magic you got goin’ on?”

“No magic, my goddess.” Drummond pulled himself out from under her panties and stood up. “I am a specialist, my goddess. I’ve trained very hard to not be noticed, when times call for it.”

The giantess’s cute bare foot swung through space like a wrecking ball. Then she stretched her leg and pointed her big toe at him. “You’re a specialist,” she said thoughtfully. “You’re special.”

The SWAT leader was unsure where this was going. He admired the length of her shapely leg while denying he was very special.

“Oh no, you’re very special.” She nodded, locks of golden hair swirling around her jaw. “It’s too bad you’re illiterate.”

Drummond’s jaw dropped. “My goddess, I’m not illiterate. I enjoy reading very much. Whenever I get a chance, in fact.”

Mari chuckled. “You just said you couldn’t read, you li’l liar!”

“I can’t read that book, my goddess. It’s in a language I don’t recognize. But I swear I can read you any book in there.” He pointed behind him, at the library of broken spines.

The witch-goddess’s eyelids fluttered fetchingly at him. “Prove it. Go get me a book, a nice one.”

He saluted her, spun on his heel, and marched off to the library. He was about to inform her it was a chaotic mess, but she was ahead of him on that: wiggling her fingertips, she cast one of the few orderly spells she knew. Through the windows, Drummond watched books flying off the floor, as if in a tornado, all of them cleaning themselves off and shelving themselves tidily. The place looked good as new, but when he pulled the front doors open, two corpses rolled out at his feet.

“You’ll clean those up in the mornin’,” said Mari. “Now, g’wan.”

Grimly, Drummond stepped over the bodies and picked his way through the library. He loved this building, was excited to track its construction week after week. He knew the staff, who’d transferred from the library this one replaced; he was on its board initially, before the demands of the SWAT team became too much to share with anything else.

And so he moved easily through its shelves, straight to sections of literature and information he hoped a beautiful young giantess would find interesting. He picked out not one book but a full armload, lost in his own little world.

Thus laden, he left the metropolitan library and hustled over to her bedside. Her bare leg still hung out of the eiderdown, and she grinned at him bewitchingly. “You hold onto those books good ‘n’ tight, ‘k?” With scant warning, she swiped her foot at him. He hadn’t time to dodge, not with all those books, so he only braced for impact.

Her big toe and second toe widened and wrapped around his waist. He gritted his teeth at the collision, then struggled to keep his breath as her sweet toes tightened around him, and then his feet left the ground. The world around him cartwheeled and blurred; he wrapped both arms around his books and clutched them to his chest.

Abruptly her toes released him and he fell the short distance to the surface of her blankets. Before he could stand, however, her leg withdrew under the covers and she shifted around fitfully for a minute. “Okay, done,” she whispered, loudly enough for him to hear. “C’mon up!”

Come on up? Drummond’s eyes went round.

Nonetheless, he found his footing and slowly trudged up the eiderdown. It was easier to do on her leg, though he tried not to get distracted by thoughts of walking up the silken, firm thigh of a giantess, and these thoughts got worse as he reached her hips and made his way up her belly. By the time he reached the edge of the eiderdown his heart was pounding, and not from exertion.

The blanket ended just at the base of her breasts. Her boobs stood like two proud and overjoyed mountains, round and gleeful, draped in soft cornflower fabric tenuously held in place by a wide silk trim. He could not see anything beyond them, as the gown stretched taut between her twin peaks. “Now what?” he hollered up at her.

The giantess’s hand flew up into the air and gently karate-chopped the fabric between her oversized boobs. She laughed at him, her belly trembling like a violent earthquake, and Drummond collapsed to the blanket. To his credit, he did not drop a single book.

“I said come on up here, baka! Do I have to do everything?” Her huge hand flew in from out of nowhere, rapidly descended upon Drummond and seized him by the collar of his BDU jacket. She hoisted him effortlessly through space and set him down upon the peak of her right breast.

Her skin was too soft to support him, and her boob was too wobbly for him to balance on, so he could only sit down hard, spreading his legs out for stability. The way her huge crimson eyes flared, the way she grinned toothily at him, he realized he’d sat right on her nipple. Almost immediately, he began to rise up in the air as it hardened beneath him. He looked at her nervously.

She smirked and tilted her head. “You’re fine there. Now, whatcha got to read?”

“My goddess…” he stammered, blood charging through every inch of him like a series of firehoses. Unable to think of anything but sitting on the huge and gorgeous breast of a fantastically beautiful giantess, he struggled to read each title to her.

“What’s that one about,” she said occasionally, and he explained.

She shot down a few more books until he got to The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. “I love that one!”

He looked up into her delighted face. “Me too, my goddess. I’ve loved this since I was a child.”

“Well, why doncha read it to me, then?”

Slowly a smile crept on his face. “I’d love to, my goddess.”

“One thing, though.”

“What’s that?”

“You gotta do the voices.”

Drummond laughed and promised he would. And he did. Lovely Mari listened with real pleasure, chuckling occasionally at the silly little man clowning around for her; he wobbled and heaved along with her tremendous breast when she laughed, and he laughed too. He read her to sleep, and then read a couple more chapters just to make sure she was out.

But then came a new problem: where was he going to sleep? He looked all around him, studying her massive and gorgeous head before him, and then the mountain range of her bodyscape beneath the eiderdown behind him. He didn’t want to be rude, and he definitely didn’t want to be crushed…

“Excuse me, my goddess,” he whispered. She gave no indication of hearing him, so he tried a speaking volume. “My goddess, I’m sorry, but−”

Her other hand flew up, slower, more dreamily. Her slender fingers flicked at him, knocking the books and the tiny man down into her cleavage. Plastered against her warm skin, Drummond lay motionless for a moment, then looked up at the giant woman. He could only see the tip of her cute nose, poking up over her well shaped chin.

Shrugging, he unlaced his boots and tossed them down into the gown below her cleavage. He could probably find them later. He pulled off his shirt, left his pants on, and lay face down in the deep valley between Lovely Mari’s enticing breasts. Whatever happened, happened.

Photo by Bret Kavanaugh on Unsplash

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