Real Progress

bikini outfit by CHAMP
Image by CHAMP+

I’m getting pretty seriously into both writing new short stories and spreading the word. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

Twenty years ago, I was active in the GTS community. I think I even had an account on Giantess City, way back in the day, but I think I just had that account wiped so I could regain my handle (couldn’t recall my password there). Still have to logon there and reintroduce myself, see if anyone remembers me. If I’d been involved there before, I would’ve heard about SizeCon before the event and not one week after. I’m going to kick myself for that for a while and I’m sure people are getting sick of hearing about it.

On the other hand, I’m getting more active on Twitter, too. The scene is totally different: rather than being a bunch of love-starved size-fetishists, now it’s about three-quarters full of kids born around the time I graduated from high school, and they’re all about role-playing fox demons and women with engorged erections and stuff I don’t even know about. Well, the scene’s gonna evolve, right? On the other hand, there are dedicated writers and graphic artists who are disciplined to their trades and producing quality material. I know a couple of them and am working up the courage to meet the others. During one sleepless night I found myself mocking up a serviceable interview of the artist Saftkeur and I look forward to publishing it here.

I’m also developing my professional site, the one you’re looking at. I found a reasonable template that permits the menus to operate the way I want them to (had to teach myself how they’re supposed to work), so please poke around and offer me some feedback.

As well, I created a Google Sheet to plan and schedule social media posts, and to distribute that I’m switching from Hootsuite to Buffer (I’m told the latter will store your photos natively on Twitter, rather than on a crappy third-party host). The organization is a little hairy, but once I get, like, two months of posts written up and scheduled for release, there’s very little work for me to do.

Lovely Mari

Via Twitter I befriended a giantess (or a cute, witchy goddess) who, I learned later, based her online identity on a Japanese video game character. She said she hoped someone would write a story about her, and I thought I could. You know, something under 10,000, an act of kindness to ingratiate myself to the scene. In the course of a week—collaborating on fine points and doing my own research into Touhou Project—I have generated nearly 20,000 words in five short stories (read them on GiantessWorld or DeviantArt).

So that’s the gift I’ve received, maybe? Maybe this giantess is a genius in lateral thinking.

I’ve also found a writing partner I’m extremely excited about. I’m going to say very little about this because I don’t want to jinx it, but right now… it’s like a godsend. Making a contact online who’s passionate, talented, and always looking to improve their skills right along with me was too much to hope for. And yet here we are. Very excited about this.

Everything seems to be falling into place: I’m reentering the GTS community, I have a copacetic creative partner, and I’ve been invited to collaborate on a project for the next SizeCon. Not that I’m a proponent of animism, but it really feels like the Universe is telling me, “Look: I’m giving you one more chance to make it big. Meet me halfway or fuck off back to obscurity.”

I am not throwing away my shot.

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