Beach Safety and Mari-time Law

Most people don’t realize it, but it actually takes a lot of work to stomp cities and military forces into the ground. All they know is how easy the witchy goddess Lovely Mari makes it look.

But it happened that there came a lovely summer day, and even within a giantess, a powerful witch, and a goddess there is still a young woman who loves simple fun, and so the capricious goddess decided it was time to head for the beach. She shuttered all the windows in her cabin, closed up her magic shop for the day, and ran back up to her room to change into a fetching black bikini.

But which beach to choose from? She only wanted to go to the loveliest beach possible, anywhere on earth. Withdrawing an enormous hardcover picture book from her shelves, she perched on her bed and sifted through the broad pages of gorgeous photography. Pansy Island off the west coast of Mozambique looked very pretty, but it seemed practically deserted in these pictures. It wouldn’t be very relaxing to fly all the way out to southern Africa, just to isolate herself in the middle of the blue sea. Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro was of course famous, but it was also too crowded with vacationers from all over the world. The jagged rocks and black sand of Honokalani Beach in Maui were gorgeous and very striking, but that might be a location for a special event. All she wanted right now was just a cute little beach with pretty sand, a beautiful sky, and lots of people enjoying the waves.

The urge to teleport to some world capitol and stomp it into a pancake was rising within her. Why should it be so hard to find a nice spot for a quick vacation? Couldn’t she ever get anything she wanted? She started to gnash her teeth, and her curling fingers nearly wrinkled the page.

And then there it was, a beautiful two-page spread of a spectacular sunset over Trunk Bay, the northern coast of St. John in the Virgin Islands. It was stunning! It looked the the quintessential beach, when you think of exotic, tropical beaches! There were little islands in the water, there was a coral reef, there were palm trees fringing the creamy sand… perfect! In a second, she clapped the large book shut, sprang up off her bed and teleported herself to the tiny island chain southeast of Florida and directly east of Cuba.

When the beautiful giantess—a mere 500′ tall today—exploded onto the beach, sand and water flew in all directions over the tourists and locals, already sunning themselves. They cried out and fled as one foot sprayed earth and sand into their hair and eyes and the other splashed a great wave of chilly water over their bare skin. Lovely Mari noticed none of this and only laughed with delight at the lush scenery. She was here, really here! And it was going to be a lovely day!

First things first, though. She had to claim her section of the beach from the wretched Bugs, so they knew to stay the hell away from her. Her cute little feet were only 75′ long today, but they still did a good job of swiping through the sand and piling it to the side, then smoothing it back out in the other direction. Within the new pile she had buried dozens of eensie-weensie men and women, but those were taken care of when she plumped her robust bottom down onto the sand. There weren’t even any screams or anything, just the dull crash of her butt against the shore. Nearly a hundred souls lifted from their bodies and seeped directly into Mari’s buttocks, enlarging it ever so slightly, but the chill from their terror and confusion was quickly replaced with the warmth of the sand, and this was a delightful sensation. Mari grinned around her at the tourists, many now picking up their belongings and moving away. If she felt that was a little rude, she didn’t show it, instead drawing her knees up to her enormous chest and grinning, letting the sea breeze catch her long and lovely blonde hair.

Humming to herself, she splashed at the water with huge but cute toes, and glanced at the little island just off the shore. The island book told her this was a cay, a low and small island formed by coral or sand. This one looked like a pile of brown boulders coated in brush and small trees. How interesting it was! You couldn’t grow any food there, but tiny little people could bring their own supplies and hide out there, pretending they were on some kind of adventure! It wasn’t really very far, though: she stretched out her long, slender right leg across the shallow reef, and her heel actually landed on the edge of the cay. Well, now she could be a little bridge for the Bugs, if they wanted to cross over to the island without getting wet and without a boat.

Mari pursed her lips. That was a ridiculous thought. It was such a specialized and particular service that no one could possibly want it, and any Bugs that dared to climb up on her were asking for trouble.

As it happened, a group of four teenage boys had assembled and conferred among themselves, just south of her on the beach. They had never seen anyone as gorgeous as Mari before (they didn’t follow the news, apparently), not to mention anyone that large, and so they decided they had to experience this amazing woman for themselves.

“We gotta get on her somehow,” they insisted.

“But how? If she feels us, she’ll probably swat us.”

“You don’t know. Maybe she’ll be interested in us.”

“And anyway, who says she’ll even know we’re there? She’ll be all distracted with the water and stuff.”

“What would we even do with her, anyway? She’s enormous.”

“Idiot! Look at those tits! Tell me you don’t want some of that.”

And on they went, trying very hard to look casual and disinterested while glancing up the beach at her dainty, wiggling toes, her shapely thigh and hips, and the oversized boobs that glowed in the sunlight, scarcely contained by her straining bikini top. Eventually it was decided they had to sneak into the forest behind them and sneak up the beach until they were just behind her huge round butt, and at that point a solution would probably present itself. Three of the boys in agreement—and one not wanting to be left behind—casually stood up, casually brushed the sand off their trunks, and casually strolled into the palm trees and ground cover, then casually crouched and casually sneaked up northward through the exotic flora.

“I can’t believe how gorgeous this all is!” said Lovely Mari cheerily, calling out to the Bugs so far from her. “Do you come here all the time?”

If anyone answered, they were too far and too small for her to hear.

“Well, I would,” she said, resting her chin on her left knee. “I’d be here all damn day, every day.” Her large crimson eyes flicked left and right, comparing the pale blue water of the reef to the deeper, richer blue of the channel. And all the trees that ran along the beach, from Hawksnest Bay southwest of her to Cinnamon Bay not far northeast, they were like rippling globes of all shades of green. These harmonious colors were very soothing to Mari, lifting something in her chest that had been sagging for a long time. What was it? She tilted her pretty head, her long hair spilling over her shoulder.

What did she have to feel dissatisfied about? She was an incredibly powerful witch, she was a goddess to all these stupid Bugs, and she had a body that was beyond perfect. Maybe she didn’t get along with her family, but who does? Anyway, sometimes your family isn’t the people you’re born into, they’re the friends you make who accept you for who you are, and she had some really good friends. Glancing around at the fearful and tiny Bugs, each one less than an inch tall, she wished a couple of her friends could’ve come along with her. That’d be lots of fun, kicking huge waves of water over each other in the bay, tanning on an island together, all sorts of things.

The teens crawled through the lavish brush, getting scraped in a couple places, but steadily picking their way in the densest part of the plants between the beach and the service road. Just a few more yards now, and everything would be made clear, probably. They glimpsed the beach-going goddess from between the trees occasionally, staring at the long and graceful spine, gaping at the tremendous buttocks, so firm and pert for all their hugeness. Their minds raced with what they could do, if they were left alone with her for only one hour.

Except for the one boy who thought this was all a terrible idea. He tended to weigh risks against gains, and while this meant he missed out on a lot of adventures, it also meant he stayed out of trouble and rarely got hurt. In this case, the gains of getting to rub up against the private parts of a giant girl were not worth the risk of getting killed or tortured by her… but he didn’t want to be seen as uncool by his friends… who already didn’t like him very much… so maybe going along with this would show them that he was actually cool.

It was just that, you know, climbing up the bare body of a girl who didn’t know you were there…

Lovely Mari stretched out both her legs across the reef. She admired herself in the bright, tropical sun, reaching out to spill water across her shins, watch it run down between her thighs. This was kind of hard since, to her, there was only the thinnest scrim of water over the sands. After a minute of this she got up, dusted the sand off her bikini bottom (sprinkling a not-inconsiderable payload of sand upon the beachgoers for hundreds of feet in either direction), and stepped out into the reef. There were Bugs swimming in the water that she didn’t notice at first until two sprinted away. By the squirming under the ball of her foot she supposed there had been a third. Oh well! Her cute foot sank deep into the reef and plowed up large barriers of moist sand on either side, and on her second stride she was already on the cay.

“This ain’t much of an island,” she commented, resting her graceful fingers upon her hips. The first mound of rocks actually crumbled and got buried beneath the pale blue waters. Her third step rested on the largest section of rocks, where some Bugs had been hiking until they got mashed into a thin jelly beneath Mari’s tender, cool sole. But at least this part of the cay withstood her weight.  She brought her other foot up and stood on opposite shores of the small island, her heels sinking into the water but her adorable toes stretching and flexing on dry land, scraping up any trees within reach and scattering them over the reef. It was a fascinating activity that held her attention for a long time.

“Goddamn it,” one of the teens said, emerging from the bushes. “Now how’re we gonna get to her?”

The shy boy looked at the beach where the giant girl’s giant butt had been. It dug two enormous, almost perfectly spherical craters into the sand, and deep down in it he could see where the sands reddened with the life fluids of the poor vacationers who couldn’t get out of the way. His skin felt chilly just then and he stepped away from the twin bowls in the ground.

“What’s the matter, knob-gobbler?” one of his friends said. “You checkin’ out her ass-prints?”

Another one laughed. “Fucking perv. If you like them so much…”

He didn’t see whose hands planted into his shoulder blades or which foot shot out to trip his shins. The sand beneath his feet slid out from under him as he tumbled all the way down into the cavernous depression. The bottom was beginning to fill with sea water, seeping in from the reef. He wasn’t hurt and he could have climbed out of the pit easily, but his friends were waiting at the rim, pointing and laughing, waiting to kick him back in.

Lovely Mari took in the whole island from her vantage point. It was a sequence of cutely rising mounds everywhere to the east and south, little green piles of volcanic rock and tough, determined trees sticking out of the bluest of blue waters. She took a deep breath of the clean sea air, her tremendous boobs heaving and rising on her chest. She could almost feel the gaze of a few hundred more tourists down below. Well, let them watch: let them drink in her majesty with their eyes, so they can go back home and tell everyone they know about how truly lovely Mari is. She turned her head toward the sun and grinned at her old friend. It was hot and dazzlingly bright, just like her favorite magic, and for this she always had a soft spot for it.

But what else was there to do around here? St. John didn’t have a city, just some little roads that wound between small residential areas. Tourism was big, so there were obviously cabanas and bars and resorts every now and then, but the beautiful goddess didn’t feel like going out of her way to ruin other people’s vacations. She loved destroying cities where the Bugs worked and neighborhoods where they stared at their TVs, but there was something a little precious about where they chose to get away from it all and—if only in this moment—she chose not to ruin that.

She might feel differently in ten minutes, after all.

But as for now, she decided a little nap in the sun was in order. She turned and lowered her enormous bottom where the small part of the island used to be, and when she leaned back she discovered Trunk Cay could support her torso pretty well. She spread out her long, luscious hair across the reef, splayed her legs playfully toward the beach, and let her elongated arms stretch out to either side. Immediately the sun warmed up her flat belly and garganguan breasts, in contrast to the cool waters that lapped at her bottom and legs, and she grinned very happily up at the heavens.

The teens were elated to see the giantess lie down and apparently fall asleep. This made everything easier: all they had to do was swim as fast as they could to get out to her, and then she was theirs.

And that they did: splitting up, one ran along the coast to reach one of her arms; another swam up to try to access her hip; and the third teen simply waded across the reef between her thighs, climbing over the ruined part of the island to confront the crotch of her bikini.

The last teen saw none of this, too afraid to climb out of the pit. He saw the boys run around the rim of it, but he knew they were tricky and were probably spreading out to stop him from any direction. For now, it seemed safest to just wait in the deep crater of the giant girl’s butt-prints.

The first teen waded the short distance from the rocky shore to Mari’s wrist, and he found it easy indeed to just climb up and run along her pale forearm, over her elbow, and then trot up her bicep to her armpit. He couldn’t believe how incredibly easy this was, as his tiny feet picked their way along her collar bone, at the base of the enormous boob that loomed overhead. Smiling to himself, he sauntered up to the giant girl’s tit, pressed himself flat against it, and began to crawl up its surface. He intended to disappear beneath her bikini, and then she’d keep him there wherever she went, and he’d just have a faceful of warm, sweet−

Frowning, Mari brought up her hand and swatted at the small itch on her breast without even opening her eyes. The soul that sank into her chest was so small and young, and her skin was so warm with the sun, that she didn’t even notice absorbing it. It was sweet with happiness, however, and that made her grin and relax once more.

The second teen saw none of this as he pushed the pale blue waters out of his way, storming up to the giantess’s hips. The broad black band of bikini bottom rose out of the water before him, where her thigh ran up to her waist, and it was very easy for him to climb up it and reach her taut belly, hot and cozy in the sunshine. But once he was up there, he was faced with a choice: Should he run up to her boobs, which were huge and beautiful but farther away, or should he slip down into her pussy? It was closer, but he’d seen pictures of them and they looked scary. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was supposed to do with them, even normal-sized, so he figured his best bet was with the tremendous breasts.

As before, drowsy Mari brought her crushing palm down upon the minor irritation, and his soul sank into her bellybutton.

The third teen knew none of this as he came out of the water and picked his way over shattered boulders to approach the narrow strip of fabric that came down from her pussy and disappeared between the swelling mounds of her butt. He knew a little more about women from online videos, so he knew this was where he wanted to be. His thin arms reached out for the crotch of her bikini, ready to tug them away and slip himself inside, when Mari shifted in her sleep.

The shift started up with her shoulders, a syncopated rotation to get more comfortable on the cay, shoving trees and rocks out of the way. Then it migrated down to her belly, where the blood of a teenager dried on her skin: her spine writhed and shifted, making room for itself in the reef. Finally, she lifted her hips and all the water in the area rushed to fill the space her tremendous ass made, and that water flushed the experienced teenager down into this space, and then her ass descended and while it didn’t crush him, it did hold him in place as his air ran out. The cool terror of his soul was unnoticeable in the cool channel waters.

Lovely Mari lay stretched out like this for some time, after these three insignificant passages, and no one else dared bother her. The Bugs on the beach were much more respectful, taking care only to walk around her at some distance. Her 75’-tall feet stuck straight up in the air on the beach, for example, and families that packed up their gear walked a little out of their way to pass by one of her soles, pose around her heel for photographs. It was impossible to get a very good shot, however: if you tried to get the distance you needed to squeeze the giantess’s foot into the shot, you backed into the jungle and the plants blocked your view; if you stood close enough to clear the plants, it just looked like your loved ones were standing before a broad, tall pink wall.

After a pleasant hour of stretching and sunning, Mari had finally had her fill. Besides, she was getting hungry, and aside from a couple beachside convenience shacks, she didn’t really see anywhere to get a soda or ice cream or anything. Smacking her lips with sleepiness, she sat up slowly, letting hundreds of gallons of sea water drain from her thick hair and run down her back. Gulls flew around her shoulders, screeching as they glided on the breezes. When the Bugs saw that she had risen, they dutifully scrambled away and gave her cute feet plenty of room. This was a pointless gesture, of course, as Mari could have scraped away the jungle and flattened them all within a minute, but she appreciated the courtesy. It showed her that they respected her, and that they could learn from the mistakes of others.

She was tempted to scoop them all up and make them populate her city collection, but she always knew there were a few bad apples in every bunch. Instead, she simply rose to her knees, rotated, and plumped her broad hips right back in the very same craters she’d made before. She brushed the sand from her shoulders and arms, sharing it back to the beach, and she tried to clean her suit off as best she could. Her hair? She couldn’t do anything about that until she could shower back at her cabin. Maybe then she’d discover some sea life or even some snorkelers who were too curious for their own good.

A thought occurred to her. Arching one fine eyebrow, Lovely Mari turned around slowly to face the retreating crowds and called out: “There’d better not be any hitchhikers on me! I don’t take very kindly to leetle Bugs tryin’ to get a free ride outta me!” She tugged at her bikini bra. “You hear me, in there? If there are any dumb bugs sneakin’ around my bosom, you’d better just drop out right now! It’ll be the worse for you if you don’t!”

Without waiting to see if anyone complied, Mari stood up and stretched to her full height. She gave her hair one more shake, causing a short rainstorm over the Trunk Bay Plantation Ruins and surrounding jungle. Satisfied, she finally created a portal before her back to the Forest of Magic, gave everyone a friendly wave, and stepped through to her home.

She stomped back up the stairs of her cozy little cabin, ran to the back of the house, and quickly stripped down to take a nice bath. She loved the ocean and all, but it did leave her kinda salty and itchy. And experience had shown her that, despite all her precautions, a few stupid Bugs would sneak onto her somewhere and hide out until they were killed somehow. Sure enough, she found a splotch on her chest, right above her boob, and another one on her belly. It was a little surprising how much blood these Bugs carried inside them, because they always made such a huge mess when they died.

When the water was nice and warm, Lovely Mari slipped her long and slender limbs into the soapy water and rested her shoulders against the back of the tub. She could still feel the sun glowing in her skin, making her very content for a long time.

In her bedroom, where she had dumped her wet bathing suit, something rustled within her bikini bottom. It was a teenage boy, crawling out and collapsing on the red rug under her tea table. He lay in the plush pile and closed his eyes, trying to catch his breath. All he knew was that the giantess had come back and sat on him, but somehow he caught himself in her fabric, above the water line that was filling up, and somehow he wasn’t crushed. Now he was here.

When he opened his eyes, there was a stern-looking man in a black military uniform standing over him. He was a normal-sized man, though, the same size as the teen, surrounded by huge rug fibers in an absolutely enormous bedroom.

The man tossed some clothes at the teen. “Put these on.”

They were approximately the boy’s size, though they weren’t any style he would’ve chosen for himself. “Where’d you get these?” he asked.

The man’s eyes narrowed and he turned back to look at a bizarre sight, what looked like a random assortment of very impressive buildings piled up far in the distance, in the corner of this room. There was a cathedral, a couple skyscrapers, a bank, and a library, at first glance.

“Don’t ask,” said the man grimly.

Photo by jcob nasyr on Unsplash

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