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In conversation with my friend Giantess Tina, where we bandy about many far-reaching ideas, we were centering on the idea of publicity and community. I’m a writer, I have a load of stuff available for free and three titles for sale (one of which is free for July 2016), but I also want to support and promote my fellow writers.

We’re all using Twitter as a politically neutral social ground (too many haters, reputedly, at Giantess City, and Giantess Love is struggling to identify and establish itself). We writers frequently promote our work, which isn’t as eye-grabbing as a graphic artist’s sample—very difficult to hook a casual browser with a screenshot of written text, compared with an anime-ish upskirt shot—but in the interests of community, I thought I’d also promote the work of writers I admire.

I have my brace of authors who first sparked my imagination and inspired me to attempt to write out my visions. I’m sure I don’t have the first stories that I wrote, but I’ve been writing on and off for two decades, in the world of tiny men subject to playful or cruel women. And I know many of my contacts and acquaintances also have their favorite stories or writers who hit them in all the right spots. So why not start sharing titles?

Thus was #GTSFriday born. I suggested it the morning of July 22, and by the end of the day several people had pushed some of their favorite stories into visibility. If we recommended stories on Friday, that’d give us all weekend to read them, experience some new writing, and get to know the people we’re hanging out with a little better. Tina and I discussed a short story digest, what this might look like, and on my own I went with Storify to compile everyone’s votes; at Tina’s suggestion I added word count, sample text, and a few complementary images. The end result was something like a giantess-interest magazine, with direct links to the full stories.

And you can read them here. If you find me on Twitter next Friday, I hope you’ll suggest one of your own beloved stories of gigantic women and tiny men.


I'm a size-fantasy writer, working on my own fiction and exploring other creative efforts related to this.

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