Writing in the GTS Community

If you’re a writer looking for advice, and you find it, there are a few truisms that resound from author to author. Some of these are:

  1. Write all the time, whenever you get a free moment, wherever you are.
  2. Write even when you’re not in the mood, even when you know it’s crap.
  3. Read. Read within your genre; read every unrelated thing you can get your hands on.

I’m addressing that last point. I returned to Twitter last April—after a 20-year hiatus from the GTS scene—to begin promoting my written work. As I upload my antiquated oeuvre to GiantessWorld (and share it with DeviantArt and Giantess Love), occasionally I run into people who remember me from way back when, and that feels good. It also tells me I need to write more new shit.

Community is important, and different people have different views toward the giantess community, but my friend Giantess Tina and I really work to support this: buying short stories, posting reviews across social media, and encouraging people to gather and get to know each other. To that end I started #GTSFriday, so that artists and fans within the GTS community could share the short stories that inspired them, motivated them to create, or simply retain a warm spot in their hearts. They share these stories, which I assemble and post for curious readers. Find them all here: Aborigen’s Storify. “As of May 16, 2018 Storify is no longer available.”

So, sure, I can promote my own work all the livelong day. But why would anyone care about my writing if I don’t care about anyone else’s? Not only are we sharing our beloved stories and authors, I’m also increasing publicity for the writers I adore. I’m helping that we’re all known, together, as a community of giantess/shrink writers.

To that end, I’m planning on posting some reviews of my own here, as well as on the sites where they originally appear (when possible). Because I am reading everyone, reading every giantess author I can get my hands on, reading everything within my chosen genre in order to know what’s out there and to improve my craft. Just have to prioritize the time for reading…

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