The End to the Tales

You know how Google used to toss ideas up, produce them and run with them for a while, before scratching them? Just to see what worked and what didn’t.

That’s what’s happened to #GTSFriday. I think it was a good idea: ask the fans of [giantess/shrink/size fetish] what their favorite stories are, and collect these in a weekly digest. It was meant to cultivate interest, cohesion in the community maybe, and propagate worthwhile authors and stories. Certainly, I learned a lot more about size fetish literature through this, was exposed to many talented and creative writers I likely wouldn’t have encountered on my own.

It started out enthusiastically in the beginning, people weighing in with their suggestions. I was a little concerned there’d be too much to read from week to week, actually, so when responses waned it seemed like a good idea to scale it back to twice a month. But from July through October, it looks like we covered everyone’s favorite stories and were all tapped out.

So that’s the end of #GTSFriday. I hope people enjoyed it, and the archive remains here.As of May 16, 2018 Storify is no longer available.”

Artist: Kumikouj

2 thoughts on “The End to the Tales

  1. So that’s what that was. Too bad I heard from it too late. Oh well, maybe it’s an idea that will come back in the future. Thanks for posting the archive. Maybe I’ll find something interesting there.

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    1. Definitely, there’s some interesting stuff in there. I was really pleased to learn what my fellow writers, giantesses and Tinies were into. I was inordinately pleased when someone recommended my work for the review, of course.

      But also hidden in there is the one Cruel story that nearly threw me off my diet and drove me back into hiding. So heads up.

      And yeah… maybe I’ll sneak a few issues in later, unannounced, a surprise for anyone who’s paying attention.

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