I’ve been motivated to write more, here, lately. It only took five months of plugging away on social media, but… I have some supportive, inspiring people around me. I’m very happy with this development. All I needed was an ideal to hold in my mind, someone I wanted to impress, to throw my writing at and flag their attention or, hopefully, to please.

It wasn’t enough to make up some hypothetical Other, floating out there in space like a xenopherous angel or something, some force to appease or a muse to invite. It wasn’t enough, for me, to envision a large crowd and then imagine one or two people might be into what I’m writing. I needed something a little more real. Now I have a very small number of real people whose esteem I value and who inspire me with new ideas, gently but firmly blowing on the old coals of passion.

Regular transmissions are being broadcast up to my muse, just to let her know that this station isn’t dead and soon it’ll be ready for her arrival. She can stop by any time she likes, but in the meantime I’m dressing the place up to house her in style and comfort, as befits her.

So, NaNoWriMo’s coming up in a few days. I’ve declared my novel and am ready to go. More than this, I’ve been writing so much in this blog lately that I’m wondering whether I shouldn’t just commit to another story-a-day project for the month of November. Nothing big, just some flash fiction piece every day. Doesn’t even take an hour, I could do it over lunch. It’ll probably be super-annoying to anyone following me on Twitter, where I’m also promoting my oldest blog-based short fiction… but who knows, maybe they’ll be into it.

One thought on “Reignition

  1. A collection of stories fits the NaNoWriMo mold. I’m doing something similar, since I think it’ll be a warmer pool to jump into, after having stayed away from writing for so long.

    I doubt anyone will be annoyed on Twitter. What’s annoying is people that tell you they can easily get their NaNoWriMo word count done over lunch. Now, that vexes me. 🙂

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