Gift Package, pt. 2


Another shower! Sometimes I wish there was a way to just stay clean all day and not have to deal with this crap, but there are benefits. Like my little guy, for example. Taking care of him, bringing him around to every aspect of my life has changed my perspective of everything I do. I have to be so careful with him around, and yet I could never just leave him alone, I don’t think. And why would I want to? He’s so sweet and cute!

I tug my tight jeans down over my hips. I think they’re bigger than they were last year, I must be putting on some weight due to being in a happy relationship, but he insists he doesn’t mind. It’s no good asking him if he thinks my ass is too big, because in the first place my littlest finger is too big for him, and also he swears he likes big round butts. It took a while to learn to take that as a compliment, but when I see the joy on his face when he gets to play with my butt, I’ve come to see this as a good thing.

I marked little black lines on the wall for each of the faucets, so I can just set my shower to the perfect temperature and not even think about it. My little guy said that was pretty clever. I also found a slotted soap tray for him to stand on, it fixes to the wall with suction cups, but he said that didn’t make him feel safe, and anyway, there was an advantage to the built-in soap dish on the wall. I’ll get to that in a minute.

My hair’s much shorter so it doesn’t take as much work to soap up and lather and rinse and repeat. I let the hot water run all over my face, down my shoulders and around my breasts. I grin down at my little guy, standing in the ceramic soap dish and staring up at me. The water droplets from the shower must be like a heavy rainstorm to him, but he just stands there anyway, staring at me with that huge grin, one hand rubbing soap all over his crotch. I’m surprised he hasn’t worn the skin away down there, always staring at me and stroking himself. Am I that hot?

So I have no idea what this means to him, but he swears he likes it. After I’ve soaped up my butt and rinsed it down thoroughly, he makes me do this little dance for him. The shower’s still running and splashing water all off my smooth body, and I turn sideways and kinda wiggle my hips at him. I can’t see him anymore so I just go through the motions: I stand up straight and shake my butt very hard back and forth. That makes me feel fat, because I can feel my huge ass tugging away at my body like it’s going to tear off, and the fat around my thighs rotates on my legs, and even my pudgy belly starts to sway. This is all really embarrassing and I think about eating more salads or going biking, but the only person in here to see this is my adorable little guy and he swears he likes it. Everything, my huge thighs, my big round butt, even sleeping on my belly. I think he’s crazy, but if it makes him happy, I guess I can go along with it.

I stand there, feeling a little powerful, honestly, with my hands on my hips, shaking my mighty ass at my little guy. The soap dish is lower than my butt, so I guess he’s staring almost straight up at my big, round butt cheeks. Man, if I swung my butt at him at this speed, it’d probably kill him! It would at least knock him across the room, my big ass speeding at him like a truck. I wonder if he’d like that.

Then I bend my knees slightly, and I bend over a little, and I slow down my shaking. Now I just sway my ass back and forth, dreamily. At this point I kinda feel like I’m showing it off to an audience. I can picture a huge theater full of hundreds of tiny little guys like my guy, all of them buck naked and cheering, and I just swing my huge ass to the left, then swing it to the right slowly, and I guess I’d do that for hours before they finally get tired of it. If they ever do.

I also start to roll my hips, rocking back and forth, raising one hip and then another so it’s almost like I’m slow-dancing in place. No dancing in the shower! I shouldn’t even need to say that, but some people are bone-stick-stone stupid, you know? But my feet stay in place and I stick my butt out and sway and roll it around, and I don’t know what that looks to my little guy. I think my cheeks must spread and he can totally see my crack, and that makes me try to remember the last time I shaved. I don’t like shaving down there because it makes me feel like a girl who hasn’t hit puberty yet, but he likes it. So I meet him halfway and give it a good trim, but he’s got to learn to accept me for the woman I am. If he doesn’t like it, I’ll really grow it all out and tie up his tiny arms and legs in my pubes and go to the mall like that. That’ll teach him who’s in charge.

Now I really squat down, very slowly, like he likes it. I stop swaying my butt, I just peek over my shoulder to line myself up, and then I press my big fat ass up against the built-in soap dish where he’s waiting for me. I brace my hands on the side of the tub and push my ass back. I was scared of crushing him, first time we did this, but he actually has a little alcove he can hide in and I can’t push my butt into that, so he’s safe. So I get over the shock of the cold ceramic dish, and I plant my butt all over that little alcove and I push back with my arms and my hips, and then I just feel him squirming around. Doing something, I dunno, but I can guess.


I look up at my goddess’s glistening peach-hued body, towering over me. I know how powerful a shower can be, and her nozzle isn’t one of those high-pressure efficiency jobs, but at my size it looks like an unrelenting torrent of natural fury, blasting jets of scorching water against her skin. She looks so powerful, as the streams break up and splash off in all directions so effortlessly. And all she does is turn her cute face over her sloping shoulder, just slightly, and ask me if I’m ready.

Of course I’m ready. I’m always ready, I always have been.

Over the roar of the shower, I hear her palms slap upon her round hips… oh, those hips. Those pillowy, powerful thighs, and that phenomenal ass. Constantly I have to reassure her she’s beautiful, and some days she even believes it. But I look up at this tower of curves, this voluptuous goddess who possesses me, and my breath is taken away every time.

Water runs in rivers, not rivulets, over her shoulder blades and down her spine, casting her back in a glistening, rippling effect. It cascades over her pelvis and over her tremendous buttocks, much of it running enviably down into her deep and plunging crack. It’s just amazing, I can’t help daydreaming about kayaking right between her cheeks, getting good and lost in there.

She begins to shake. I guided her to some twerking videos, which at first she took badly to, but curiosity got the better of her and she studied a few, picked up a couple tips. No elaborate moves, of course, she’s in the shower, but she has the body mass to really hurl herself around to great effect. She just turns her hips sharply left and right, and those pronounced buttocks begin to sway, swing, then flap very hard side-to-side.

It’s intimidating. More than a little intimidating. Sometimes I think I’d like to be in the middle of that, maybe tied to a thong or something, threaded very deeply between her cheeks when she begins flapping violently like that… but I wonder if I’d be crushed, beaten to a pulp. Sandwiched between the very same massive cakes of sweet, round flesh I so adore. What a way to go.

Staring up at this spectacle, these beautiful spheres of ass-flesh, swinging so violently just overhead, is so impressive. Her thighs rotate before me, and I could safely adhere myself to either of those, her inner thigh, brushing sweetly against the other. But I stare up at her butt, her big round butt, watching it shake off all the water, studying the flesh that ripples and shudders at the tremendous force she exerts on her buttocks.

All I can do is soap up and start stroking my raging erection. It sprang to life almost as soon as she started washing her hair, making all sorts of demands of me.

Then her knees flex and glide away from me, and her hips spread and widen above. Each of her already huge buttocks seems to fill out and inflate now, thrusting at me like twin engorged planets of lust. Her motions are slower, much less violent, much more sensual. She started rolling her hips not long ago, and this is such an incredible effect, watching her ass sway through space above me… so close, so tantalizingly close, yet out of reach for my puny little frame. Her butt’s much closer now, of course, as she squats, but I couldn’t reach it if I leaped. I can only watch it enlarge and lower itself closer to me, and I feel very small indeed. My cock doesn’t, it stoutly insists it could go inside her anywhere and fill her up, and I know that’s not true but I’m willing—to no woman’s surprise, anywhere—to throw myself in its parade.

And as her butt cheeks swell and sway so close to me, the very dark crack of her ass widens slightly. Between her full thighs I can see the lovely mound of her pussy, scraggly with short wiry hairs, filling out with her own arousal. Her labia seal just before her taint, and this smooth patch of skin runs up to the little swollen ring of her anus, seated in the shadows. I smile every time I see it, because it’s so secretive and so innocuous. It doesn’t look like much, you know? Just radial lines, wrinkles drawing down to a central fissure, what would be a hole but the skin pinches so effectively to keep most things out.

Most things. I’ve slipped my arm in there, fighting her ticklishness. I lodged my foot in there, just for leverage to climb to a better position. And with her help, once, I held my breath and wedged my head inside there, dangling from between her succulent buttocks like a piece of butt-plug jewelry. She showed me a picture she took of it (quite a few, as she struggled with the camera’s focus), and though I don’t care for the look of my own bare butt, it was still a pretty hot picture, seeing me jammed up into her beautiful ass.

How many people can say that?

The shower pounds on her lower back and hip, spraying all over the wall, sending a fine mist upon me. I’ve lived this scenario many times and never get tired of it, the anticipation, seeing her little butterhole peeking from the base of the crevice, hypnotized by those huge, jolly mounds of ass slowly swimming through the humid air. The contrast behind the massive power of her muscles, the tremendous volume of her ass, against the easy grace with which she moves herself is must mind-boggling.

And now the pièce de résistance: without a word, knowing just when to work it in, my gorgeous, outrageously sexy girlfriend lowers her ass. The massive buttocks descend upon me, in my little ceramic alcove, flattening themselves on the tiled shower wall. Soon she blocks out all light, all visibility. Through her delectable flesh I can hear the pummeling shower on her skin. The inside tucks of her butt cheeks begin to push into my shelter, squeezing and fattening in this little space, as she diligently drills herself against the wall. I try not to think of all the sweet, sweet ass outside of my protective soap dish, plastered against the wall where I can’t see it.

Instead, I wait until my enormous lover settles in, and then I step forward. I place my palms upon each cheek, slowly wiping the moisture away. I still can’t get over the sheer size of my giantess girlfriend and her tremendous ass. Even as I stand here in near-perfect darkness, sealed in by a gigantic butt filling more and more space in my room, a thin stream of water flowing from her lower back and down into that sexual, forbidden crevasse…

I take another step, pressing my chest and shoulders against the huge meaty slabs. Stretch my arms out to embrace them. Nod my head to begin to wedge my face between her slick, hot butt cheeks.

And I take another step, leaning forward, pushing myself inside her crack. The water allows me slippery entrance. I lead with my right shoulder and insert myself between her tremendous buttocks. She tries to hold still, I can tell, but her knees flex and her thighs twitch, and all these little movements translate to a huge, trembling, twitching butt that occasionally shifts, slides… almost sighs around me. Very much a living creature, this huge ass, almost a separate entity from the young woman I’ve fallen so perilously in love with.

Her heat surrounds me, her flesh sandwiches and compresses me, and still I press on.

She’s being patient, I can tell. Very patient. I know she gets ticklish, but she’s hanging on for me.

My shoulder rubs against the straggling hairs just north and south of her anus, and then my arm brushes against her anus. Her body temperature reaches its peak. With a strong and determined hop, I jam myself up between her cheeks and remain suspended in her tight embrace. Now it takes a choreography of pressure, twisting, sliding, and bracing, but I successfully burrow myself deep between her butt cheeks and, with one shrewd thrust, jam my hips up against her asshole. My cock falls right in.

Et cetera, et cetera. After another minute of et cetera, my beautiful girlfriend stands up in the shower. Light glows behind me off her soft skin, but I’m still positioned securely in her butt cheeks, still thrusting diligently at her lovely butt hole. She finishes her shower, carefully steps from the tub so as not to dislodge me, and towels off. I know all this though I can’t see it, because this is the ritual of my beloved giantess.

Then she carefully, gracefully strides from the bathroom, down the hall, and into the bedroom. Upon our bed she stretches herself out on her belly, letting me have my way with her glorious butt, until she can take it no longer and must roll to her back. Even as she spreads her thighs, her buttocks still pinch me securely, compress me harder than before, and I’m wedged deep in her love as she begins to finger herself.

Et cetera, et cetera.

Image by bonpoolman123.

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