You guys… this marks 100 posts on my blog. I could’ve hit that number a long time ago, if I were more diligent about this. Hell, I could’ve reached it in three months and one week of steady writing about just anything.

But you know how it goes. I’ve gone on vacation, I take breaks due to depression and seclusion, and then that flaming dumpster got elected which ruined everything. Yet I still return here, intent on sharing my nonsense with the world. Some of you even like that nonsense and you keep reading me, and I could not be more grateful for that.

Thank you to everyone who knows this place exists and even tunes in occasionally. Thank you especially to my friends who comment here and promote my stories on social media. You’re what keeps me going, you’re why I write anything at all.

I'm a size-fantasy writer, working on my own fiction and exploring other creative efforts related to this.

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