2016 Epilogue

My year is winding down to uneventfulness, and that’s good. Christmas came and went without tears and fighting, and I’m aware of only one NYE party without competition. Even in my office, more and more people are slipping away due to declared vacations and last-minute “emergencies,” so the hall outside my office is dark and the entire department is quiet. The way I like it.

Thank you to everyone who’s been reading me. Like I keep telling people, I was very productive as a size-fetish writer in the late ’90s, then went into a kind of deep-freeze of inactivity. No writing, no conversations, nothing until last April when I decided to establish my online presence.

Twitter appeared to be the most responsive. Very little interaction on Tumblr, even less on Facebook and Google Plus. I don’t know what to do with Instagram yet, for this persona. But on Twitter I started to make acquaintances, people introduced themselves to me, other people said they remembered me.

I uploaded all my old short stories to Giantess World, some things to DeviantArt, a few things to Giantess Love. One giantess motivated me to write up a new series; a goddess encouraged me to build community and believe in myself as a creative force; another giantess elicited a mad, two-month rash of creative writing. Without wishing to incur the wrath of an arbitrarily contrary Universe, I would like to acknowledge my great fortune and privilege to be in such illustrious and nurturing company. Now I find myself in a small cabal of talented size-fetish writers and artists, strangers I actually consider to be friends, and whenever I think of that… I glow.

If you see a bright light radiating from under your desk or in the floorboards, that’s probably me. Or else your house is on fire. Do you know where your extinguishers are?*

I’m very happy to be where I am right now. It’s been rough at times, and I’ve been troubled and disturbed and imbalanced, but despite the ulterior motives of others and my own immaturity, I’m in a very good place right now. It won’t last—it can’t—but right now it’s awesome.

We creative types are about to enter a war with a fascist conservative regime that will, among other goals, labor to gag or dismantle the free press and censor our creative work, far worse than Blogger shutting down adult blogs and Twitter banning lewd headers. Some of us will disappear from online; a few of us may even face charges. Some of us will simply be attacked in the street. Research the phone numbers and mailing addresses of your representatives and senators, and nag them to do what’s right. Badger them into defending civil liberties and human rights. The rest of the time, let’s stand together and defend love against conservatism. Speak up against bigotry, without letting the trolls in your head. Remember that you must reach out to friends when you’re weak, as we all are sometimes.

And we all must continue to create, to reflect how we see the world and to build the world we want. Thank you for following and supporting my act of creation.

* Go check that your fire extinguishers (you’d better have two or three!) are charged and the powder inside is loose and not compacted. Put fresh batteries in your smoke detectors, too. Scan all your important documents (medical records, pet records, &c.) for storage on a flash drive and the cloud. Download Signal for your phone. Shift your grocery shopping to the outer ring of the store, away from the shelves in the middle. Start a folder of images and a YouTube playlist of videos that unfailingly make you happy (PES is a good place to start). Write to a favorite author, boldly yet plainly informing them what they mean to you. Write postcards to friends or exotic strangers. Everyone loves postcards. I know I do.

Speculative fiction author within size fantasy, artist, musician.

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