I’ve never done a commission piece before. I’ve asked for ideas before, from friends and from fans, but this is my first commission.

This is kind of a regular thing on DeviantArt: a watcher approaches you and asks if you’ll do some piece of art for them, whether writing or illustration. If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and are up for a challenge, you can announce that you’re taking commissions, and if you have a large fan base the requests will flood in (this is my understanding), and you can choose which you’ll accept. Hell, someday, you might even get paid in money or whatever credit system DA uses. I don’t know. I assume this is possible.

A few weeks ago a young woman asked if I’d draw her in the arms of her favorite anime character. I declined because I’d have enough trouble trying to do her justice, to say nothing of replicating an established character; also, I didn’t want to set the precedent for weeaboo to hit me up for free artwork constantly. If you look at their galleries, they just beg anyone and everyone to draw them, and I’m unaware of them offering compensation.

But recently someone asked if I’d write a story for him. I let a few days go by, thinking about it, then lacking any ideas of my own I accepted. I asked him a few questions, got a clearer idea of what he was hoping to read, and then I spent a few hours knocking out a simple vignette. He seemed happy with the results, I was happily challenged with writing a Vore story just outside of my range, and… I think everyone won.

I had fun with it. It required a little research, I learned a thing or two, but I must advise some readers that there is some pretty callous violence here. So with that very stern caveat lector in place, here’s “A Grinder for the Goober“. (Collage by TallGirlFan.)

UPDATE: Within 21 seconds of posting this, someone else has requested a commission of farting erotica. Without wanting to sound like an elitist, I’ll pass (no pun intended).

I'm a size-fantasy writer, working on my own fiction and exploring other creative efforts related to this.

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