Write a paragraph to a page of narrative with no punctuation (and no paragraphs or other breaking devices).

Oh my God this can’t be possible what are all these people doing here hey watch where you’re going we need some room here hey you mister can you explain any of this what happened to us what’s going on I’m just as in the dark as you pal this whole thing is crazy-ass nutzo but where are we it looks like yeah go on and say it it looks like a large plastic box we all know about it but that’s impossible it doesn’t make any sense oh you must be one of the new batch huh batch what the hell’s batch supposed to mean oh you’re in for a treat just wait until ah yes here she comes now what who’s coming oh my God what the hell is that shut up and get to the back if you want to survive survive what the fuck are you talking about ouch not on me hey watch out this woman’s injured sorry oh my God what happened to her just watch where you’re going all right that noise it’s everywhere what the hell is that I said get to the back and hunker down if you don’t want to be next next for what I don’t understand fine then fuck you look at her she’s huge is this a movie what’s going on that’s right idiot keep asking questions right there in the middle her hand it’s coming right at me help someone help me for Christ’s sake oof you’re completely helpless aren’t you don’t condescend to me what the hell’s going on you’ve been captured just like the rest of us now shut up and keep your head down you can’t talk to me like that oh another new one huh yeah and she’s really slow you should’ve just let her get taken I know but what can I say I’m a freakin’ Samaritan none of you are making any sense can’t anyone explain what the hell’s going on listen sweet-cheeks shut up for five goddamn minutes and welcome to your new home

I'm a size-fantasy writer, working on my own fiction and exploring other creative efforts related to this.

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