Write a paragraph or page of descriptive narrative prose without adjectives or adverbs. No dialogue.

I looked up from my desk, gazed out the window. There she was, striding through the skyline. She brushed back her hair and smiled at me. I don’t know how she could see me. Apartments hid her ankles, offices blocked her knees, her thighs waded past rooftops. I smiled back, hating my shirt and tie, resenting my coworkers. Sunlight glowed on her shoulders, wind rustled her sundress. She looked down and stepped: I heard an explosion and an alarm. She chuckled and advanced.

Explosions, screams, sirens.

Sunlight, shadows, breezes.

I rose from my chair and walked to the window. She grinned at me and beckoned. I nodded and waved to her. But she continued, tiptoeing and grinning. I pressed my hands to the window, staring. A helicopter raced by her head. She glanced at it and smiled, then returned to walking. Her breast caved a section of skyscraper: glass sparkled in the air.

She blushed and grinned at me, and she called my name. She waved, called my name, and strode. I studied her path, then looked for the exits. My boss skulked in the aisle, looking at me. She waded into downtown.

My office isn’t in downtown.

Her hair spilled down her back. Sunlight shone on her shoulders and butt. Her dressed danced in the wind. Buildings blocked my view of her, and my heart sank. My boss called to me before she disappeared. I took my seat, rested my hands on my keyboard, and hated my life.

I'm a size-fantasy writer, working on my own fiction and exploring other creative efforts related to this.

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