Reading Together, by Starkadhr

Reading Together,” by Starkadhr

I’m terribly thrilled to have done my first intentional collaboration with an artist. I’ve toyed with this before, written captions, thrown paragraphs and vignettes at an image in homage, but this is new and different (larger image).

Starkadhr is a talented artist whose particular aesthetic I admire. Hailing from Italy, he has worked very hard on mastering the English language and asked me for some editorial advice for some of his short stories. We struck up a friendship and have traded notes on anything from authentic Italian recipes to the madness of the US’s current Republican presidential administration. I’ve found him very friendly and open-hearted, always interesting to talk with, and it boggles my mind to realize I never would’ve been aware of his existence if we didn’t share this size-fetish fantasy.

Recently he made a gift for me, the lovely image of a tiny man reading a book with his giantess owner. This was cute and warm by itself, but then I realized they were reading one of my stories: “Hooked and Compelled!” This made it all the more cool and thoughtful. I tentatively suggested that we work together on a piece, and he “very experimentally” offered me this illustration of a tiny man treading the brow of a huge woman. It’s my hope this won’t be the last of our collaboration, as I think our preferences align and we could work well together. I certainly like to promote such a talented artist.

Please to share your thoughts on “Relaxing Moment” on Starkadhr’s page.

I'm a size-fantasy writer, working on my own fiction and exploring other creative efforts related to this.

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