¡Hola, mi amigos y amigas con queso! I had to pop out for a bit: in real life I’m also a writer but primarily an editor, and I attended a three-day copyeditors conference in Florida (plus a few days to tour the city). Now my head’s full of big and urgent ideas about how to write, how to correct, and what I really need to be doing with my life.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing size fetish stories (or size fetish emotional essays). I’ve built a small but enthusiastic following of readers and damn my eyes if I’m going to let you down, my friends. What it means is that I need to shunt more effort toward my “professional” blog. In the course of live-tweeting several popular sessions, one of my tweets did very well and I attracted (what fllwrs.com calls) “dozens” of followers. Now I feel obligated to produce something of substance on my badly neglected editorial blog.

Except I’m surrounded by experts, specialists, and academics. There is nothing I know that they don’t, which means… I really have nothing to offer. So does that mean I roll over and quit? No, it means I content myself with the basics. I’m going to offer grammatical advice for my fetish writer friends in Spain, Italy, and France who seek fluency in my language. That’s my angle: I’m not trying to impress the big shots, I’m just helping out my fratelli della penna.

I hope that’s not a sexual euphemism.

Now I’m going to go through the comments I’ve neglected and catch up on my RSS feed, because I’m always interested in what you people are saying and thinking. Very much! It’s refreshing to hear your ideas and step out of my own over-sized skull for a while.

And then I’m going to slowly plod through my professional connecting and networking and brainstorming and I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. If my shrunken-man erotica were selling better, I might not even try, but… you know. Ego is a taskmaster.

I'm a size-fantasy writer, working on my own fiction and exploring other creative efforts related to this.

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