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This is audacious of me, I think, but I’m going to go ahead and ask.

A couple decades ago, I broke into giantess-fetish writing and cranked out a couple dozen stories and series, most of which are archived on Giantess World. Most of it was simple, sexy stuff, if you’re into that kind of thing.

More recently I challenged myself to a story-a-day project here. Of course I didn’t write every day, but I came close, every other day at least for several months. My storytelling evolved, with the guidance and encouragement of friends, from perverse rutting to complex world-building and character development.

Most of this has been free. I have four stories online for sale, but over a hundred stories here and there for casual perusal. I write the free material to generate interest in the paid material, though the diligent reader has noticed a couple contradictions:

  1. I kept calling myself a giantess-fetish writer, when the vast majority of my work features tiny men interacting with normal-sized women. I’m a shrink-fetish writer, mainly, with some exceptions.
  2. I insist I’m a gentle writer, when three of my four for-sale stories and some of my free work see domination, physical abuse, and even death. I think I mean I’m a gentle reader instead, for the most part.

There’s nothing for that. I’m going to continue on as I do, though I always have plans to change and diversify, and soon I’ll be open to commissions, in a way.

I’ve started a Patreon page! Seriously. Earnings here will go to all the housekeeping and maintenance that my writing and self-promotion have entailed: a Buffer account, online and hosting fees, supporting the artist who designs my short story covers, supporting other artists in my genre, &c. Patrons will have a heretofore unheard-of opportunity to commission exclusive work from me. If that goes well, I’ll have to expand that opportunity, but we’ll let history justify such bold ambitions first.

So. If you’ve read my work, if you like my writing style and would like to see more from me, think about supporting me on Patreon. Anything is appreciated; thank you for your consideration.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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