ButtyJuly17 Begins Now

Are you ready? Are you really ready for 15 stories about butts?

Nine beloved size-fetish writers have come together to contribute one or two stories each to ButtyJuly17, the latest installment in a strange little quarterly writing contest.

First was CruelJan17, then GentleApril17, and then over the course of July these writers composed original stories in the theme of butts, however they chose to interpret that. I recommend keeping a notepad on hand to record your impressions of the stories, to make it easier to bear them in mind when you fill out the evaluation form and compare them against each other.

2 thoughts on “ButtyJuly17 Begins Now

    1. Please do! Don’t forget to vote on your favorites, as well as talk about them here. I’m very interested in your impressions! (You don’t have to guess the authors of each, however. That would be a bit abstract.)


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