Coming Out for “Possession”

So! Yet another wonderful story that starts with “my good friend Undersquid”! Sorry, every once in a while you just find that certain friend that sparks all the best ideas in you, so you keep them around and do your best to be a good friend to them in turn, because that’s what makes life awesome.

My good friend Undersquid proposed another contest, way back when. I started up the Size Riot writing contests, and then she said, “Well, how about we have a music contest?”

It hadn’t occurred to me that we might have some musically inclined tiny people scurrying around or some gigantic chanteuses looming overhead. So I agreed to join in with this. It was especially fun because I got to say cool things like “I’m getting the band back together.”

Except this wasn’t my band. I emailed two musician friends of mine, one I had been in a band with and one he’s in a band with currently. I recruited them for their various talents—the drummer also plays guitar and bass and has a DIY recording studio, the bassist had the vocals I desired—as well as their open minds.

I mean, I had to tell them more about the stories I write. Yes, telling real-world friends about my interest in giantesses and how I see myself as a tiny person in these fantasies. This is some people’s greatest fear, sometimes with good reason. It certainly has been a source of tension and stress for me for over half my life.

I anticipated (and experienced) a certain amount of amazed or awkward giggling, but I also explained that I’ve sold over 80 copies of my short stories and ten books, and now I have actual patrons donating to two ongoing series, plus other commissions and projects, plus my artwork and audiobooks, and they realized this is more than a funny way to masturbate. This is a strong creative force with measurable, quantifiable production and ROI, as well as a thriving community of good friends and creative geniuses. With that understood, they generously agreed to help me out with writing, performing, and recording a song for Undersquid’s contest.

Was I nervous about opening up about this? Of course. Were there several more awkward moments, little jokes and plays on words that came up? Oh, you bet. Did the backup vocalist find devilish glee in leering at me while reciting her lines, improvising occasionally? Rely on it. But they’re my friends and they supported me, and we created something amazing.

Please to enjoy our song “Possession.” (Lyrics)

  • Jarrin “Växjö Åberg” Jambik − drums, guitar, engineering, mixing
  • Nichole Cassavant − bass, giantess vocals
  • Aborigen − lyrics, lead vocals, arrangement

7 thoughts on “Coming Out for “Possession”

  1. This is the kind of musical content I’ve been expecting from our community for years. I’d love to do some, if I weren’t worried about my voice being recognized later in life. Villains, for instance, tend to get the best songs, and I think we’re ready for a great evil giantess anthem.

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    1. Thank you! I’m not worried about my voice being recognized: later in life, I fully expect to be dead. Certainly never going to run for public office. Either I can putter away at my craft in obscurity or become so outrageously successful I can quit my day job and cease caring who knows I’m into this. (As for your concern, I recruited two musicians so maybe you can commission a vocalist?)

      But yes, I do hope more artists and writers who are also musicians start filling up the soundscape with their ideas.

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