“Possession” Lyrics

[“Hello, little man.”]

Where’s that crazy lady gone
Stole me, brought me to her home
Stored me on a wooden shelf
Hides me jealously to herself

Locks the door and draws the blinds
Tells me, tells me, “You are mine”
I scream and fight and try to run
Tells me I’m the only one

Says I always have been hers
In her fist and in her purse
Says it’s just a matter when
She finds me, makes me hers again

[“Where are you?”]

Sprinting past the baseboards fast
Hide beneath the couch at last
Creeping quiet as a mouse
Until her footsteps rock the house

Says she’s mad but then forgives
It’s for me that she only lives
Cries and gets down on all fours
Sniffing, scraping up the floors

I cannot twitch, I hold my breath
This woman’s scared me half to death
She rubs her cheek into the dirt
Her hand goes sliding down her skirt

I can’t tell her why
This is so much more than my former life
Someone tell me why
This speaks to something inside of me

[“I’m waiting…”]

She goes off to get a light
Legs unsteady due to fright
Scurry ‘neath the ottoman
Now I need to form my plan

There’s the door so far away
And if I fled, what could I say?
How’d she shrink me to this size?
A subtle stab, then paralyzed

My pounding heart can only pray
Lady, lady, get away
I’m almost there, one last trip
She sees me, pounces, in her grip


[“Ha ha ha… gotcha!”]

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