Perspective and Vision: The Queendom

Right now, in our current reality, there are no giantesses or tiny little men running around, but some of us share this dream. We size-fantasy writers and artists have spent months and years on manifesting our vision, laboring over graphic images in a variety of media, editing and rewriting stories to transmit aspects of this world we see very clearly—a world of giants wading through cities to commit incalculable destruction; a world in which people are shrunken through technology or magic and subjected to astounding pleasure or staggering horror.

A pretty woman in tight clothing sits on a man's face.

Video producers and filmmakers commit vast amounts of time and personal income to the realization of this world. Forced-perspective, POV, and green screen are among the tools used to make the illusion seem real, to bring the viewer into this other reality. Of course, none of this would be really complete without actors, you know, finding models willing to take the place of these domineering women. This is the world The Queendom works within, and the producer/entrepreneur behind it answered some questions about how and why he does what he does.

Aborigen: How did you get started?

Queendom: I’ve always been into femdom, face-sitting, and human furniture fetishes. I got into giantess after reading a face-sitting story that had shrinking and I was hooked. I started reading mostly giantess stories after that and buying all kinds of giantess clips. Eventually, buying clips and reading stories weren’t enough, so I started trying to make my own clips. It took a long time to figure out, but eventually The Queendom became my outlet for years of pent-up fetish fantasies.

Clothed facesitting clip with Madame Jada.
Clothed face-sitting session with Madam Jada.

Aborigen: How did you break into producing face-sitting/fetish video?

Queendom: I started my first store with my girlfriend at the time. She really enjoyed face-sitting and liked the idea of making face-sitting clips. Neither of us knew anything about making videos, but we were both excited about the idea. I bought my first camera right away and we got started.

Unfortunately that store didn’t last long: I had to move for my day job, so we closed the store and went our separate ways, but I was hooked. I saved up for a my first HD camera and opened a new clip store about a year later.

Aborigen: Were you filling a void in the wider genre of adult cinema, or did you think you could compete with some of the other producers initially?

Queendom: Filling a void, mostly. I didn’t really give any thought to competing with other producers until much later. Mostly I was having a hard time finding the sort of face-sitting and giantess clips that I wanted to see… especially giantess clips! I liked buying custom videos for a while, but eventually I put all of my focus into making my own customs. Trying to make the kind of clips I wanted to see has been a great, creative outlet for a lot of pent-up fetish frustration! That’s still my main motivation for doing this and I feel very fortunate to be able to do it full-time. Though, now that I’m doing this full-time, competition is also pretty motivating at times.

I think of my clips as fetish videos, not porn. I know that may not be a huge distinction, but I like keeping the video more focused on fetishes instead of sex.

Aborigen: How do you classify the genre of the work you were doing when you began? Do you think of it as adult fetish in general, with latitude to cover many areas of interest, or do you specifically focus on a few target audiences/tastes?

Queendom: I think of myself as a giantess and face-sitting producer. I think of my clips as fetish videos, not porn. I know that may not be a huge distinction, but I like keeping the video more focused on fetishes instead of sex. I do some other fetishes sometimes, but almost every clip I make fits into giantess or face-sitting/smothering fetishes because those are the fetishes that I enjoy the most. I don’t really target specific audiences or fetishes usually, I just try to come up with good ideas that fit the model I’m working with. Sometimes that means more vore, more face-sitting, or whatever, but I try to just use the best ideas I come up with instead of hitting specific categories.

I do get some suggestions and feedback from people from time to time that I might plan a clip around, too.

Aborigen: Were your first models professional models, friends, or what? I’ve always wondered how one goes about breaking into this: I’ve had no luck finding models for photography or videos I wanted to attempt in the past.

Queendom: Finding models to work with was probably the biggest challenge when I was starting up. I had no idea how to go about talking to professional models and, to be honest, a lot of professional models probably aren’t interested in working with a totally amateur producer (which I was). Before I reached out to any pros, I wanted to learn how to be more professional myself. At first I tried to find models everywhere I could: I’d try FetLife and other online resources, or talk to women in real life about it. I never ambushed anyone at a grocery store or anything, though; time and place are important.

After a couple of years of doing things on my own as an amateur, I felt more comfortable about working with professionals. RavenRae is the first professional model that I worked with and I learned a lot about how to shoot from working with her. I still learn new things while working with her and other models and producers, actually. I still look for new models everywhere I can, but amazingly enough, sometimes new models will find me now!

Aborigen: There are two camps for producing fetish art/video/literature: one side is targeting (for profit) people who are interested in these things, and the other side is working to fulfill or realize their vision, bring it into being. It sounds like you’re decidedly in the latter camp, which is great, and I think it’s where most artists would like to be.

Queendom: I’d say you’re definitely right, I do this because it is fulfilling to me. The thing that I love most about doing this for a living is that I’m free to do things my own way. I think I do my best work when I’m enjoy what I’m doing so I don’t stray too far from my own (admittedly narrow) range of interest.

Facesitting closeup with Edyn Blair.
Intense face-sitting scene with Edyn Blair.

Aborigen: How much interaction do you have with your fans/customers? Have you ever tailored your videos to some of their tastes (taken requests, etc.) even when they’re outside of your interest? Would you have any reason to do so?

Queendom: I don’t have a lot of interaction with fans and customers. I like talking with fans, but most of the emails I get are directed at the models or for custom clips. I have done a few clips based on requests and I’ve also done paid customs, but I tend to avoid taking customs on. I actually prefer requests because I’m not bound to a particular script. If I have what I think is a great idea about how to film a request, I can run with it, but customs are different. I typically won’t take on a custom if it doesn’t really fit my store or it’s something I’m not interested in doing. It always sucked when, as a customer, my custom requests were rejected by other producers, but it was worse when a custom I ordered wasn’t what I expected.

As a producer I prefer to mostly avoid the pressure of doing customs when I can, but that means saying no to a lot of people, unfortunately. Shooting is expensive, though, and thanks to piracy, it’s a struggle to stay profitable sometimes, so I read all of the requests that I get. I’m pretty bad about responding to email though, so if you emailed me and never heard back, I apologize!  

Also, I don’t do any videos with involve incest or that suggest the viewer or anyone involved is under 18. I turn down a lot of customs for those reasons.

I walked out of my shoot, face freshly trampled and butt-dropped by Astro, into a room full of other fetish producers and models who thought absolutely nothing about it.

Aborigen: What’s one of the most interesting things you’ve experienced while producing your videos?

Queendom: This is a surprisingly tough question to answer, but there are two moments that jump out at me.

One was at one of my first shoots, which took place in a hotel room. I was filming a trample clip with a model who was wearing a skimpy French maid costume. Midway through the clip, while she was standing half on my face, half on my chest, housekeeping walked into the room without knocking! My face was being smashed by a foot so I didn’t actually see the exchange, but the model who was trampling me jumped down the housekeeper’s throat without moving off of my face and chest even for a second. I knew someone else was in the room, but I also knew if I turned to look I’d throw the model’s balance off so I just laid still like a good human rug, under her feet and full weight, waiting for whoever walked in to walk away. What stands out to me the most about that day is how well the model who was trampling me handled the situation with the maid while keeping me literally underfoot! It was one of the first times I was around a woman who had the self-confidence to dominate any situation she was in.

The other experience that jumps out to me was after one of my first shoots with AstroDomina during AVN a few years ago. She was hosting a small party for other fetish producers who were in town for the convention, but we had a shoot scheduled during the day before the party. By the time Astro and I had finished shooting, the party was just getting started. I walked out of my shoot, face freshly trampled and butt-dropped by Astro, into a room full of other fetish producers and models who thought absolutely nothing about it. It was one of the first times I had a chance to connect with other people who I could talk shop with. Normally when people ask me “what do you do,” my answer is either vague and boring, or honest and the topic of conversation.

Aborigen: What’s your elusive holy grail? Describe a video you’d like to create, if you had the tech, resources weren’t a consideration, and you could hire any model you’d like.

Queendom: In a mouth vore scene, but looking out toward the giantess’s teeth and lips as she closes her mouth and seals you inside. In a way, I can get that with VR now, but as much as I like VR there are trade-offs when filming 360° video. Mostly I lose the ability to control what the view sees and tell the story like I want (not that I always succeed in making a clip into the story that I imagine, but we’re talking holy grail right?). I want to be able to tell a story that sucks the viewer in and builds up to this amazing shot where you see yourself being sealed inside a giant mouth, past the point of no return, with nowhere to go but down a giantess’s throat.

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