Status: March 2018

Haven’t been posting much here, but been very busy, trust me. I’ve been exploring commissions and writing steadily as a result. This means I’m hitting high word counts, but I’m also creating stuff that won’t normally appear here. What am I going to do with these commissioned stories?

That was a question I had in the beginning. I thought about offering $10 to keep the story exclusive to the requester for, say, six months. They paid for the story, why should everyone else enjoy it for free (right away)? But it turns out these patrons want to share their stories and encouraged me to do whatever I liked with them. As it happens, I think I’d like to collect them all in a book…

But I have written a couple for public release, because two people liked two of my series so damned much they paid for sequels. Imagine that. So here’s Chapter Five of “The Tiny Scrubbing Bubble,” a series in which a tiny man is tasked to mop up his voluptuous girlfriend’s poopy butt, and Chapter Two of “White Trash,” in which men beg for access to a woman’s large butt, and she shares it with them to their peril.

Men like big, round asses, and women with big butts are gradually learning to like them too. Who would have thought we could derive high literature from this?

Not only that, but since taking requests for commissions and fulfilling these, one message has been recurring, the same message from customers, friends and acquaintances, and random strangers who read me. They all insist I’m underselling myself. The thing is, trying to decide what to charge for stories has been a knot in my stomach since SizeCon, when I sat on a writer’s panel and other writers talked about their rates and philosophy. I don’t know my own worth, and I don’t want to gouge a vulnerable reader with a lot of cash and a sexual yen.

So I let this scene play out, and I asked around, and I listened to what people said, and so I raised my rates on Patreon… and was actually congratulated for doing so, bizarrely enough. My top tier for commissions is still limited to four patrons, and three of those slots are filled. I’m actually cultivating a very good relationship with my regular patrons. I’m lucky that they’re thoughtful and curious and willing to explore story ideas with me. One of them actually liked one of my old stories so much, he requested to be written into it, and this is among the greatest compliments I’ve received.

I do have a list of stories that need to be updated, from the oldest series on Giantess World to the newer series that emerged in this blog. I return to that list occasionally when I’m in a writing mood but don’t have a direction. The list also includes fragments of story ideas that could be their own thing or elements that would go into another story. I try to capture as many of these random, fleeting ideas as possible because they’re always useful. All writers should keep a notebook of every last idea that occurs to them. Many writers keep dream journals, too, for the same reason and I regret that I’ve let my fall to the wayside.

Lastly, March is the month for sign-ups, for any writers interested in throwing down with their size-fantasy peers. Next month, everyone will unveil flash fiction in the theme of “Gentle Macro”: strictly normal-sized people interacting with giants (people, furries, robots, whatever) in a friendly, loving context. This is a real challenge for some people! Follow the action on GentleApril18, and sign up for the newsletter if you want updates to the progress of this contest and heads-up on others.

[Featured image by Giantess Tina]

One thought on “Status: March 2018

  1. “They all insist I’m underselling myself. ”

    I said it first! I said it A LONG TIME AGO. I win. Where’s my medal? I want my medal.

    I look forward to the coming to fruition of everything you’re doing. We’re building worlds, one word at a time.


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