Such Is the Cycle of Tiny People

Here’s a good lesson for writers.

I discovered my carnal interest in giantesses at an early age, around the start of elementary school. My passion was stoked in middle school, imagining myself being subject to loving and cruel classmates. It wasn’t until college that I decided to start writing out the giantess/shrink fantasies boiling in my brain, and that was only inspired by prominent writers already cranking away in the scene: Scott Grildrig, DX Machina, and many others.

Now, today, I found this comment on a kind of collaboration:

A very long time ago I found erotic literature I really enjoyed.  I envied the author for his ability, for his gift to draw pictures in my mind as if I would stand just beside and watch it really happening. His stories inspired and encouraged me, so this led to my own writing.

Now, many years later, this wonderful person came across my share and what a joy—he crafted poetry again….

This is from Markus Müller, an Austrian writer I found through a fit of searching for new writing on DeviantArt. He had seven short stories on his webpage, all in German, and when I ran them through Google Translate, I was left breathless by his passion and ideas. I don’t read or speak German, so I ran his two shortest stories through the translator and edited them up—maintaining the spirit of his vision, I hope. I shared them with him and he happily agreed to my offer to do the same for the rest of his oeuvre. He shared my revision of his “Lovemaking” with the above quote, and I’m touched by the sentiment and honored to be a part of the cycle of inviting and encouraging new creators in the world of size-fantasy.

Please enjoy Markus’s “Behind the Barn,” “Good-Morning Sex,” and “Lovemaking.” Let him know what you think, just as you should always reach out to your favorite authors and share your impression with them.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Such Is the Cycle of Tiny People

  1. This is wonderful work you’re doing. I’ve often though to translate size works from Spanish to English, even though last night one of my parents was instructing me on how to do something in Spanish and I kept doing the wrong thing. But maybe if I use it, I’ll get it back a bit. In any case, I don’t know if anyone writes size stories in Spanish (I have to assume someone does), and I don’t even have time for my own stories. I know your own time constrictions, so that makes it even more laudable that you took up this project.

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    1. It’s almost relaxing, in a way. Google Translate does the bulk of it, I just have to interpret the errors it makes and then smooth it all over so it sounds like a story. I should actually go over the story twice, since I reread these things and they still sound a little clunky, like I haven’t fully imbued the fluency on it. But we’ll see.

      I have a goal to find some fluent speakers in other languages and work on translating some of my own work. I’d have no way to estimate that, however, so maybe I should hire a professional. With a very open mind.

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