Screaming Video, 04: Showtime

Far away in another part of the world, a young man unfolded a piece of paper to reveal strings of numbers. These he breathlessly entered into CyberPeeks’ payment portal. Three weeks ago he’d slipped into his parents’ room while they slept, to copy down the info from his father’s credit card. That had been a tense night, yet his chest now tightened with the same tension even though his folks were out of the country for a week of vacation. He held his breath as he confirmed the CVV number and pressed Enter.

“Welcome to the show, SneakyPenis123456!” read the pop-up window. He clicked OK and tried to settle down, but he was too tense. Can anyone see inside? The blinds were drawn. Is that stupid dog gonna break in? The office door was closed. There was no one else in the entire house, it was a sleepy Sunday early afternoon, the stage was set but he was just too, too nervous. He was getting away with something big, in his little life.

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