This is my belated offering for Vore Day 2018.

Image by Bigiolax“Wait a minute… this isn’t my bed!”

Sonja arched her eyebrow and smirked. “So, this is what you’re into?” She reclined, shouldering into the pillows cozily, and rolled the glass jar back and forth with her foot.

Within the jar, Dan was tossed and tumbled too much to respond. For the moment he seemed confined to hysterical giggling as his dearest dreams unfolded. Not that the jar was very comfortable: certainly he landed wrong occasionally and took a few cracks about the head, but otherwise it was beautiful. The quilt mashed flat beneath him, and then his chamber canted up and dumped him on his back, and his friend’s toes stretched over him. He reached up, touching the cool glass instead of her sole, and her foot pulled him back and dumped him on his side. His laughter echoed sharply within the Mason jar.

“God, you’re easy,” Sonja said. Trapping the jar between the bridges of her feet, she awkwardly set it upright on her mattress. Her alarm clock ticked on the nightstand, and her dog whined outside her locked bedroom door. There was no way she could let that frisky mutt in here, not with her best friend shrunken down to such a vulnerable size. She drowned out the canine pleas with a pair of earbuds, cranking up Cardi B to fill her skull.

Dan took a moment to catch his breath before leaning on the glass wall for support. He struggled to his feet, peering through thick, mottled glass at the valley of his friend’s bare legs. His mouth hung in an astonished grin, drinking in this rare moment: he’d taken a huge risk in confessing his shrinking fetish to her, and though she’d teased him about it, she never shamed him for it. It interested her, in a way, so she said. And when they found that magazine ad for shrinking and growth pills, she actually agreed to split the cost with them. They were not cheap, and they were third-party produced, based on the original Saghir Chemise recipe, the ad claimed. It was a huge gamble, but Sonja had a devilish glint in her eye as she wrote him a check for better than half of the cost.

“If it’s bullshit,” she reasoned, “I get to give you holy hell for an entire fucking year. At least. But if they work?” She tapped her teeth with the end of her pen, smiling like a wolf. “Well, we’ll see.”

They weren’t lovers. They weren’t in a relationship, and so Dan was astonished that she’d go along with this. Sonja was a dangerous and unpredictable woman who liked speeding, shoplifting, and shooting men down at bars. And now, here he was in a glass jar between her ankles, staring up into the warbly image of her huge thighs and the blurry black scrim of underwear where they met. His heart was pounding giddily. He wrapped his hands around the rough edge of the glass brim—at his size, all its manufacturing flaws were not only glaring but hazardous—and called up to her: “Hey, Sonja! Is that all you’re gonna do, listen to your shitty music and stare at me?”

Without removing her earbuds she muttered, “Uh, uh, uh, little man. Back in the box with you.” He watched the callused ball of her sole rise and hover over the jar. Her big toe carefully bent at both knuckles, bringing its large, rough pad down upon his head and shoulders. What she lacked in toe-dexterity she more than made up for in brute strength. The ridged print of her toe pad scraped over his cheek and shoulder, and he had to release the rim to keep his shoulders from dislodging. He landed on his bare ass, on the convex glass floor, marveling at the immense toe waving bye-bye to him immediately overhead.

“Well, what are you going to do with me?!” He had to cover his ears to shout properly in this container.

The answer came in a massive shift in gravity. The mattress’ springs creaked and twanged and his jar fell forward, toward his friend’s crotch, as her feet fell away. Now he could clearly see his massive friend sitting up, pushing her body upright with two incredibly powerful arms. Her knees raised and her feet slid away from him with a loud rasp, ringing in his jar, and slowly her colossal bulk went aloft.

Dan lost his breath, watching the tremendous bulk of his friend rising impossibly from the bed. On either side her feet dug into the mattress, and his jar promptly rolled onto the bridge of one foot. He scrambled to stare up at her: through the flawed glass he saw her smooth shin rise up like a building. Her knee stuck out, retreated, stuck out, until his jar rolled over to her other foot. She shifted her weight back and forth, preventing him from getting too good of a view for too long. He heard her singing, in fact, and as he stole glimpses of her thighs rubbing against each other and the way her hips swayed, he guessed she was dancing to whatever she was listening to.

He wondered why he’d never hit on her before. They were inseparable friends, they would’ve made a great couple, if only she wanted to settle down. It was her unpredictability that made him unsure about taking a chance on her, how she liked to get into fights and didn’t limit herself to reasonable behavior. But he found her attractive, and now that he was tiny and she was a goddess, his entire little body was aflame with desire for her.

The rocking stopped, and Dan came to rest in the jar. Sonja had pinned him into place with her ankles once more. It would’ve been simple to scurry out and try to climb her leg, except he wondered whether she’d find it cute to scrape him off with her toes, then pin him down with her foot, applying more pressure until… yeah, he was safer following instructions in the jar. He really was small and vulnerable, and he really had to be careful.

But what was she doing? He stared as best he could through the imperfect glass cylinder, but all he could see was whorls of black and flesh shifting above him.

“Yeah, baby, I like it like that,” she chanted.
“Now, I like dollars, I like diamonds
I like wine and I like meat
I like tiny little men
Feel them squirming ’neath my feet”

Dan’s eyes went wide. He was about to ask her what the hell she just said when everything went dark.

Darker, anyway. Light came in pinpricks and dots as Sonja’s black lace panties draped over the jar. “Oh, my God,” he whispered. Unable to stand with the jar on its side, he raised his face to the upper curve and strained to peek up at the giant woman. Sure enough, there was a lot more flesh-tone and a bit less black up there. “Holy fuck.” His arms and legs started to tremble with anticipation. With profound caution he crept to the edge of the jar and poked his head out.

Sonja was still dancing to herself, just without the redistribution of weight on the bed. She spread and bent her knees slightly, licking her lips and rolling her hips to the music. The Latin Boogaloo background never failed to put her in a mood: her pubic hair crinkled in her palm as her fingertips deployed and spread between her legs. Was she giving her perverted little friend a show? Well, why not? He was too small to do anything about it. She grinned to herself, unclipping her bra and tossing it aside. She had a tiny little man all to herself, and she wanted to see what that was like. He’d probably be useless for most things, but you never knew. She was in love with the idea of Dan being helpless around her: she loved his vulnerability and cautiousness, so afraid to lose himself to the thrill of life. If he’d been a little bolder or less hung up on manners, they could’ve really had some fun together. As it was, she loved to tease him.

“Oh, Danny-boy,” she crooned, slipping two fingers inside herself. She churned them around, making a lot of slurping noises to attract the little man’s attention. “Hear that? I bet you want some of this, huh? Hey, what’re you doing outside of your jar?” She stood up straight and stopped touching herself, wary of moving. She loved to tease him but she didn’t want to kill him! “Get back in there, are you crazy? I don’t want to step on you!”

Between her feet, a minuscule naked body was sticking half out of the glass jar, crawling toward her heels. She could see his mouth moving, one arm waving. Grumbling, she popped her earbuds and demanded him to speak up.

“I can’t see anything.” His tiny voice was somewhat amplified by the jar. “I want to see what you’re doing up there, but your panties are in the way.”

Sonja chewed the corner of her lip for a moment. “Get back in the jar,” she said, and when he did, she crouched to pick it up and then lay back among the pillows of her luxurious large bed. “You just stay in there and I’ll give you a show, okay?” Replacing only one earbud, she trapped the jar between her feet and bent her legs, bringing tiny Dan nearly up into her crotch. Now her masturbation was a little more methodical: neglecting her own breasts, she spread her labia with one hand and carefully, steadily massaged her clit with two fingers, keeping a watchful eye on the little man’s actions.

Without wanting to transgress his bounds, Dan still hopped up and hung his arms over the rim of the jar. The walls were too thick and flawed to see anything decently, but he showed her he wasn’t trying to escape, so maybe she’d let him stay here. Her soles were pale on the sides of the jar, with sharp creases in her skin here or there. Her calves bulged in this position and her immense, thick thighs spread around him to brusquely display her pussy to him. The serious glare radiating from her expression took some of the glamour off of the miracle of witnessing her huge vagina opened for him like this. Folds and ringing folds of pink, glistening flesh, churning enticingly within her hips, with a seductive, pungent aroma filling the overly warm air around him… so close, and yet so far.

“Sonja,” he yelled up at her.

“Is this what you want, little man?”

“You’re beautiful, and this is amazing, I’m so glad you’re sharing this with me, but…”

She stared at him in disbelief. “But?”

He gulped. Who knew when or if they’d ever do this again? He had to go for it. “I want to touch you.”

“You’ve touched me before.” She snorted. They’d held hands, sat close together, hugged with their shirts off, all sorts of things. “Just watch, I bet I can squirt against the jar.” She licked her lips and grunted and started to insert two fingers again.

“No, Sonja! Come on!” Dan felt supremely ungrateful, demanding anything of a gorgeous giantess who was already exposing herself to him. He stared up the rolling hillside of her belly and boobs and into her concentrated expression. “Just place me on there, okay? On your pussy,” he added before she could disingenuously ask where. “Lay me on your pussy, keep your legs spread so you don’t hurt me, and just… you know, let me do my thing.”

She arched her eyebrow again. “Do your thing? What is this thing you think you’ll do to me?”

He gulped and shifted his weight, growing uncomfortable on the jar’s rim. “You know. I want to have sex with you.”

“Wow, romantic as hell.”

“This is my fantasy! Come on, you agreed to this! You can’t just grow me back up without us exploring everything! Think of how much money you spent on this.”

“I think that gives me controlling interest in what happens here.”

“Really? You blew all that money just to shrink me down, cocktease me a little, and grow me back up?” He shook his head. “You could’ve saved a lot of money and done that to me at normal size.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“You could have tied me to a chair with belts and waggled your butt at me until I went insane. I would’ve even brought the belts. No cost to you.”

Sonja was surprised at herself. What he was suggesting sounded fun and crazy, totally impossible, but there was an unfamiliar protective instinct rising within. What could it hurt, to just place him over her vulva, let him grab some hair and go to town? But she couldn’t see that without picturing him crushed somehow, flattened between her thighs, maybe mauled under her butt or something. Her heart was profoundly saddened to imagine anything untoward befalling her best friend, and yet she was furious at herself for the limitations. She should have been capable of anything!

“Okay, tell you what,” she growled. “You can watch me cum, but I’m not putting you on my pussy. If you fell in and got lost, I’d never forgive myself.” The tiny man moaned with surprising intensity. “I don’t trust you to not wander around and get crushed, okay? So I’m going to hold you here, and you can watch from here, and I’ll keep you safe here while I finish myself off.”

“Here” turned out to be her mouth. Dan kicked and screamed as his huge friend swiftly pinched his arms between her mere fingertips, plucked him from the jar, and dangled him dramatically over her face. She canted her head back and opened her mouth theatrically wide, wiping her teeth with a circling tongue. The tiny man stared down into the gaping abyss, screaming in real panic, struggling to free an arm so he could clutch onto her finger with an unbreakable grasp.

“Oh, knock it off, idiot. I’m not going to hurt you.” She shook the tiny man more violently than she’d intended, and he calmed down. Very carefully she lowered her friend onto her tongue, keeping track of any stray limbs or errant movements on his part.

It was amazing. She could taste his bare skin, his sweat, and his personal metabolism. It was more intense than smelling him and tasting him combined: it was a comprehension of his entire body, understanding him all the way through. Her breasts tingled and her pussy caught fire, but she struggled to contain herself. Oh, my God, Dan, she thought. I feel like I really, really know you right now. It was like his very life-force flickered upon her tongue, and she wanted more. Carefully she closed her lips around his frail waist, letting his upper body rest in the cool bedroom air while pressing his strong little legs against her palate.

Dan, too, felt something supernatural thrum throughout his entire body. He was suddenly surrounded by Sonja, and not just the moist, hot cavern of her mouth. It was as though, in placing him inside her head, she had placed him inside her soul. Overwhelming and fearsome energy pulsed through his tiny chest and limbs, but… it felt good. It felt good to lose control to the point of shedding his identity and becoming immersed in someone else. Sonja, my Goddess, he thought. Take me. Please, take me, I want to be yours. It was a terrifying thought, and he clutched her fat bottom lip like a drowning man to a floating log. What scared him, however, was how thoroughly and absolutely he wanted to become a part of Sonja. He felt a stranger unto himself.

She wanted to say something reassuring to her miniature friend, but she didn’t want to risk … something … happening to him. She couldn’t permit herself to think about it. It was just better to keep him safe. Humming softly, she settled among the pillows, let her legs fall to the sides, and slowly began to touch herself. Holy fuck, she was wet! Her eyes widened to realize she’d been dribbling down her ass cheeks. When did that happen?

Dan’s chest shuddered against the bottom row of his huge friend’s teeth. Everything was scary now. He’d stretched one slim leg down her tongue, just to see if there was anything to stand on: when her tongue disappeared and his foot waved in the void, he screamed inwardly and wrapped his legs around her tongue. And yet it was incredibly exciting, to feel that thick boneless muscle twitching between his thighs, especially when he clenched it. Sonja’s tongue resisted, by dint of its sheer mass, but it gave a certain extent and made him feel powerful, to say nothing of the erotic tension it created. His cock stiffened and ran up the groove in her tongue; his balls swung and rubbed against her taste buds.

All of this was otherworldly amazing, but then the view! Sonja’s breasts lay flatter upon her ribs, enticing nipples perky and pointing into space, and her body stretched before him in a smooth landscape. There was a slight rise of flesh around her navel, looking so cute in the distance, and then her dark hairs and plunging fingers. He muttered enviously, watching the thick, clear coating of her fluids running up her fingers and into her palm. How he wanted a taste of that, just to lap it off her middle finger, rub his face in it. But then he’d want to shove his face into her vulva, and then what would stop him from scrambling up inside her? Would she crush him in there, or would he simply asphyxiate? He told himself it was better this way, safely in her jaws… and his heart froze at this word choice.

Sonja would never… no, she’d never. Not me. I love her, and in her way, she loves me. Tenderly he kissed her thick lip, hugging it against his face, not noticing how her breath drew in and out longer, how her nostrils gusted more powerfully against his back.

Sonja couldn’t believe how good this felt. Touching herself like this was her favorite thing: no man had ever been able to come close, and no woman had ever gotten it just right. She was a huge fan of her right hand, and she tenderly manipulated herself into increased warmth and accelerated pulse, igniting the magic in her hips. She hummed around Dan, pushing her lips out as she would to kiss someone. She discovered how nice it felt to slide him back and forth in her mouth: his mass wasn’t unlike a lean and efficient penis, but with more features. The corners of her mouth pulled up when she realized he was pinching her tongue with his little thighs, maybe dry-humping him. The thought was unbearably cute! Was he going to fuck her tongue and cum in her mouth? Her eyes rolled back in their sockets at the thought, augmented by fitting yet another finger inside herself. Tiny little Dan, so aroused by his big, sexy giantess that he couldn’t contain himself… She moaned louder, rubbing her tongue against his chest. She could almost feel his heart hammering behind his ribs, she thought. Her left hand savagely massaged her boob and she gripped her mons in a spasm of yearning. She was getting close, and she hoped he was too.

At first her moans frightened him, because he could feel her throat relax around his legs. When she breathed, she closed the back of her throat and held him in place, letting gallons and gallons of air rush through her sinuses. But when she moaned, the meaty curtains of her throat spread wide and his feet couldn’t touch anything, which meant there was absolutely nothing beneath him but a huge pit.

Yet it felt wonderful when Sonja moaned. Her deep voice rattled every bone and tissue in his body, further wiping out the sense of his self and impressing his psyche with how very huge she was and how completely she possessed him. He fit into her mere mouth! His entire body could easily go inside her! Fearsome and yet intensely desirable. And to think that he had anything to do with her mounting arousal was delirious. Did she liked it when he seized her tongue? Could she feel him getting off on her? Was she into this too, or was it all him? He hoped that his tiny, naked little body in her mouth had something to do with how hard she was fucking herself with her hand. He could tell himself that, anyway, watching her belly rise and fall, watching her breasts slosh back and forth as he ground his cock into her taste buds, inhaling all the air she didn’t want anymore.

It was coming, Sonja knew. It was growing larger and coming closer. Hopefully it wouldn’t fade away at the last second… Don’t even think that! She couldn’t jinx herself, she needed to cum so hard, and Dan was helping that. He was right: when could they ever do this again? Her hand pumped furiously, slurping loudly. Her dog barked once, and she nearly shouted at the stupid beast to shut up, except in drawing her breath she felt tiny hands scrabbling desperately at her chin. “Ooph! Forry, Ban!” she mumbled around him.

“It’s okay, just… don’t talk for a while, all right?” His heart nearly stopped in his chest. Her huge teeth had nearly pinched his torso, and the blast of cold air when she inhaled entirely wiped away his hard-on, to say nothing of the idea of him getting sucked down into her throat. Now his entire body shuddered with his heartbeat, but her tongue squirmed against him unrelenting. “Hey, how about I climb out and walk down to one of your breasts, yeah? I’d just lie there, I wouldn’t fall off or anything. Think about a tiny man on your tit.” Getting sucked into place in her mouth was less arousing than it had been, but no matter how he pushed on her lip or strained to pull himself out, Sonja easily sucked him right back into position and locked him into place.

So close, so close! She could feel him struggling, and it irritated her a little bit, but she also liked the contest. Every time he pulled himself out, she pulled him right back in. He couldn’t even fight against her tongue! She ran the tip of her tongue between his legs, trying to tickle his balls if she’d let him. Then again, she had no concept of what that felt like to him. Maybe it was too large and too intense. She didn’t care, however, as her orgasm was on its way and her hand was starting to cramp.

“Sonja, that’s enough, now.” Dan tried to sound strong but his voice was trembling. The presence of her tongue had shifted from arousing to grotesque and brutal. She was rubbing him too hard, and his little legs couldn’t kick her away. “Come on, let me out. It’s a little scary, I don’t mind telling you.”

Yeah, that’s right. I scare you, I’ve always scared you. Tell me more.

He pushed against her chin, but she wasn’t even pretending to let him make any headway. The suction she created in her mouth made his skin sting, as though she could leach the blood right out by vacuum alone. Her full lips swelled and cinched around his chest, and she sucked him in up to his neck. His arms stuck out awkwardly, uselessly above his head. “Sonja! You’re hurting me, come on! Let me out now.”

Am I hurting you, little guy? I’m not even doing anything. God, that made her wet. Juices dribbled over her asshole. Her buttocks ground into the mattress as her spine bucked and flexed. Oh, here it comes. Say something else stupid, little Danny. Please.

“You’re breathing awful hard now, Sonja. I don’t feel safe.” He turned and looked at her huge, flaring nostrils. Tiny hairs bent and waved in the wind as she breathed. Something about this horrified him—not the idea that he was so close to boogers, but the idea that she could just breathe really hard and snort him up into her skull. “Sonja? Please, let me out.”

Oh, let me out, that’s good! Fuck, I should’ve let you crawl into my pussy. The thought pushed her over the edge, the image of tiny, naked little Dan swimming inside her cunt as the reddening walls closed in on him. Oh, my fucking God, here it comes…

“Sonja?” The tissues fell away from his soles. His toes touched nothing in the darkness. “Sonja! Let me out… let me out! Sonja!”

Yes, scream, scream you weak little fuck, you scared little mouse! Scream for me! She moaned throatily, her lips parting.

“Sonja! I’m sliding!” He wrapped his tiny arms around the end of her tongue, but it retracted and slipped out of his grasp. “Sonja, don’t do this!” His own voice echoed inside the cavern of her mouth, bouncing off her cheeks as her jaws widened. He seized at her incisors, struggling to pull himself toward the light.

Almost there… almost… Her heart was pounding, her pulse was racing, and every nerve ending in her hips was sparking with electricity. She clenched her eyes and dug her head back into the pillows. And she gasped.

“Sonja-a-a!” Dan’s leg slipped over the back of her tongue, and finally he could feel the back of her throat. Her breath whistled around his calf, sopping in her saliva. “Sonja, help me! Please!”

“Oh, my God,” she moaned around him. On the final D her tongue inadvertently flicked up against his arms, and her teeth slid easily out of his grasp. She started to cough at the little legs invading her throat, but then all the muscles around her pelvis tightened and sang, and her abs pushed a tremendous orgasm into them. Her face screwed up like she was screaming, head back, mouth agape, throat gulping. It was Dan’s voice that shrilled in her mouth as he slid behind her tongue, fingers groping at her molars, fingernails digging into her papillae. There he rested for one moment as Sonja held her breath, savoring the full-bodied orgasm and the tempting mass of her best friend in her mouth.

His shriek was silenced as her jaws snapped shut and her throat spasmed to grasp and subdue the morsel. It stung at first, stretching these muscles unused to large chunks, but when he passed they glowed with relief. A small part of her brain was surprised to feel the chunk go down so easily, but the rest of her was throbbing and awash with the powerful sexual release. Even as the mass slid down her esophagus, even as she suspected tiny feet kicked at her from within her neck and chest, she could only whimper at the delicious thrill in every muscle of her body fluttered and seized and relaxed, everything in her agreeing with how wonderful this was.

After a couple long minutes, Sonja allowed herself to collapse upon the mattress. Her ass lay in a puddle of her own cum. Her right hand complained archly about its mistreatment. She couldn’t seem to gulp enough air down to satisfy her body, but she couldn’t stop smiling. It was incredible, that was just the best, as far as she could recall. She lay there, panting, beginning to cool upon her quilt, amazed at the strange but not unpleasant sensation of activity in her stomach.

“I guess it’s okay to let the dog in,” she said to no one. Vaguely she wondered how she would ever experience anything like that again. The pills were quite expensive.


She sat up and stared at the remaining tablet on the nightstand. One pill to shrink you down, one pill to grow you back up. But if you never ate the shrinking pill, what would that second one do to you?

Sonja licked her lips and grinned wolfishly.

Speculative fiction author within size fantasy, artist, musician.

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