WritersOct18: The Results

WritersOct18 represents the last of 2018’s quarterly contests, as well as the completion of two full years of writing contests. How do you feel about that? Me, I’m stunned it’s taken off and only gotten better with each round. Some low points, sure, but also new records being broken all the time. Dedicated writers return to the arena in these contests, and new writers take up their pen and join the fray. Some writers seek to challenge themselves, and others simply want the motivation and company to support them in creating something. Think of that: some writers are producing four new stories every year, just as readers with specific tastes are gifted with a couple dozen stories (sooner or later).

This contest saw several new qualities emerge: the introduction of tags and trigger warnings. One reader requested these and, once implemented, several other readers expressed gratitude for this addition. See? It’s important to speak up: Size Riot is a democratic process. As well, many writers found “Big Couples” to be a challenging topic, and some had to gracefully step out of this contest. Others found a way to bring a story into being within this stricture. On the other hand, there was an audience already in place, ready and waiting for exactly this material, so let’s hope that they found something in nearly 30 new and original works to sate them.

Which story hooked you immediately?

When you dig into a story, that first line or two can give you some indication of what you’re in for. Many writing contests are dedicated to crafting that perfect first line (or identifying the worst).

Two Big Couples stories grabbed the most readers and promised them amazing things: tied for first place at four votes each are “Currents” by Elle Largesse and “Tam’s Amber” by Taedis. In third place is Aphrodite’s “Memory,” and tied for fourth place are Grildrig’s “Extra Sprinkles,” “A Game of Give and Take” by Macrofeelya, CrushedBoyWonder’s dryly named “My Bus Became a Sex Toy for Two Lesbian Giantesses,” and “The Painkiller” by Silas the Ox.

Which story had the most engaging writing style?

What makes a great writing style? Sometimes it’s all about the experience and talent of the author, and sometimes it’s just a story that hits the reader in the right way. This is a subjective category, speaking largely to the tastes of the readers. Consequently, it’s one of the most volatile categories, with winners changing places rapidly as more and more readers show up and cast their votes.

Two titles swapped positions in this category over the last three weeks, finally resulting in “Memory” taking first place with six votes and “Currents” nestling into second with five. The deliciously titled “My Bus Became a Sex Toy for Two Lesbian Giantesses” secured third place, and fourth place is shared by “Match” by SorenZer0, “No Picnic” by J.M. Wilde, and “A Tale of Two Fucktoys” by Wits Aimwell.

Which story surprised you with its interpretation of the theme?

One quality to the Size Riot writing contests, which I’ve crowed about often, is that the writers inevitably, reliably show a gift for putting a new and unexpected spin on familiar or old topics. They keep things exciting and unpredictable: you think you’ve read everything about large-size couples, but then this squadron of writers breaks out with exciting ideas and material.

The showstopper this time is “PvP” by Njord, earning twice the votes of the second place position. “Currents,” Oishi1’s “A Front Man’s Job,” and “Mortals and Chill” by Fenrir the Doggo share second place, with “Lashes of Love” by PerspectiveShift, “Memory,” and “The Painkiller” in fifth place.

Which story had the characters you really cared about?

Along with the smashing first line and the writing tone that carries you along, an important component to a story that keeps a reader interested are developed, intriguing characters they can care about. When a character feels real or relatable, the reader wants to know what happens next to them or how they’ll deal with the situations they encounter. They’re invested in the characters as though they were people they knew. The writer who can create real people has a special gift, indeed.

Readers said they loved the lead characters in “Currents” and MonyaMonya’s “Knock First,” tying for first place with nearly half of all votes combined, and “A Keeper’s Bond” by Chuck Murnoe and “Match” tied for third with three votes each. Tied for fifth place are “A Game of Give and Take” and “Memory.”

Which story makes you want to read the writer’s other work?

When the above components combine, they create something greater than the sum of their parts, as the tired old saying goes. There are few joys like reading a story and learning about the existence of a writer who operates on your frequency, who naturally creates elements that meet your tastes. Upon this discovery, any reader would want to dive into the rest of their work, to prolong that magical experience.

If you liked “Memory” (first place), make sure you dig into Aphrodite’s oeuvre. If you voted for “A Tale of Two Fucktoys” (second place), look up everything Wits Aimwell’s written. If “A Keeper’s Bond” (third place) tickled your fancy, let Chuck Murnoe know. Tied for fourth are MonyaMonya’s “Knock First” and “Match” by SorenZer0.

Which story are you likely to reread for enjoyment?

Because of the diversity of stories and the varied readership, this is an easy one to divide evenly. “A Tale of Two Fucktoys” eked out first place by one slim vote. “A Keeper’s Bond,” the cryptically titled “My Bus Became a Sex Toy for Two Lesbian Giantesses,” “Tam’s Amber,” and RobClassact’s “What’s It To You?” fought to earn second, while “Extra Sprinkles,” “Match,” and “Memory” share sixth place.

Which story might you recommend to a friend not in the Size scene?

This is a tricky category, but an important one to many of us in the Size Fantasy scene. Some of us are wary of letting on about our kink, for various reasons, but once in a while we learn of a friend or partner who’s open-minded enough to share our interests with. At that point we look back at everything we’ve read and seen and try to evaluate what might be helpful to letting them wade into the scene, inducing them, luring them…

Out of 26 votes, four readers suggested “A Keeper’s Bond” might be the most helpful for such a task. Three readers each promoted “Currents,” “Memory,” and “The One” by SNGRyukison, and after that readers thought the best gateway material for newcomers must be “Match,” “No Picnic,” and the playfully titled “My Bus Became a Sex Toy for Two Lesbian Giantesses.”

Which story was the most arousing?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most of us are into Size Fantasy for powerful orgasms. Let’s make no bones about that: owning tiny people or being owned by a giant person gives us shivers and pushes us over the edge. After that, of course, we can explore the sophistication of complex, thematic storytelling, but at its core, I think, it’s about the primal act of getting your cookie. There’s no set standard for this: it’s entirely subject to the vagaries of whomever shows up to read, evaluate, and vote.

Competition for this is understandably fierce. Commanding a mighty five votes is the mysteriously titled “My Bus Became a Sex Toy for Two Lesbian Giantesses.” You really have to read that one to figure out what it’s going to be about. In second place, at four votes each, are “Extra Sprinkles,” “Match,” “A Tale of Two Fucktoys,” and “Tam’s Amber,” leaving MoonlightUmbry’s “Happy Ascension Day” with sixth place all to itself.

Which story was the most tense or frightening?

Size Fantasy provides great latitude for all sorts of storytelling elements, new spins on old tropes. Sexy stories can become sexier, funny stories can become funnier, and there is plenty of room for terror, horror, and tension in these imbalanced displays of power.

With over one-quarter of all votes, and more votes than any story in this contest, “Match” took first place. The deceptively titled “My Bus Became a Sex Toy for Two Lesbian Giantesses,” Miss Kaneda’s “My Girlfriend, a Witch,” and “No Picnic” share second place, and “Memory” and “Tam’s Amber” dually possess fifth place.

Which story was the most humorous?

After all the manual self-gratification, after all the nerve-jarring suspense, it’s time for a little comedy. You take a bunch of exaggeratedly enormous people or ridiculously undersized people and throw them into the normal world, and hilarity must naturally ensue. Who managed this the best?

Readers voted “A Front Man’s Job” for this with six votes. “Extra Sprinkles” took second place and third place went to “PvP.” “A Tale of Two Fucktoys” earned fourth place, and the imaginatively titled “My Bus Became a Sex Toy for Two Lesbian Giantesses” landed in fifth.

Which story was the most outré, took the most chances?

This is where a writer can choose to push themself. Overall, the Size Riot contests ask strong, established writers to try something new, to not rely on their strengths. And just as Gentle writers compete in the Cruel contest, and vice-versa, this category invites writers to step outside of their comfort zone and break into unfamiliar or even daunting venues. Explore somewhere you’ve never been, or test yourself with a subject that makes you uncomfortable: readers will appreciate it, and you’ll learn a little more about yourself.

Readers felt that “Lashes of Love” took some real chances and broke away from the safe and familiar. In second place came “The Painkiller,” putting a new twist on a familiar story. Tied for third are “Currents,” “A Game of Give and Take,” “Knock First,” “Memory,” “PvP,” and Aborigen’s “A Teachable Moment.”

Which story fulfilled this theme the best, or best executed its premise?

This is the final question, but it should be obvious by now that this isn’t the end-all and be-all of the contest. A writer can choose to create the funniest or sexiest story rather than live up to the popular opinion of what Big Couples must necessarily entail. On the other hand, the theme was stated and readers felt that these stories most faithfully embodied its spirit.

Locked in a three-way tie for first place are “Currents,” “Extra Sprinkles,” and “Memory.” “A Tale of Two Fucktoys” earns fourth place by itself, and “No Picnic” and “Tam’s Amber” share fifth place.

Thank you to all the writers who submitted these fantastic stories! Your readership is grateful for your generosity and hard work, and hopefully you’ve earned a few new fans in the process. Thank you also to the readers, who plowed through (and hopefully savored) almost 30 stories, then consulted your notes to weigh your favorites in several categories! Thank you particularly for your lavish feedback, highly valued by the writers. We’ve got ourselves a tidy little ecosystem here, don’t we?

Happy Holidays to everyone, here’s hoping for the best in 2019, and signups for CruelJan19 begin on December 1!

Reader Responses

Reader feedback was abundant this time around, and as it usually happens, some stories receive the lion’s portion of commentary and some get left aside. However, thanks to two very thoughtful readers, every story has at least one comment, and that itself is a new record.

Be sure to post your work everywhere (Twitter, Tumblr, Giantess City, Giantess World, Facebook, DeviantArt, Wattpad, G+) now that you have a complete story, and you can post your entry or the complete version before chopping it down to meet the word count. Advertise yourself, and let people know you’re looking for feedback. Additionally, reach out to some of the writers in this contest and ask politely whether they’d like to give you a review or some advice. We’re a community, after all, and most of us are friendly and supportive.

Note: The heavy use of ellipses denotes that some reader feedback is extensive. The response has been truncated here, but the complete version will be emailed to the writer.

“12 Miles of Women,” Nostory

More by This Author: Expanded plot.

General Feedback: I do love the way you show how large they are, it’s very clearly a strength of yours and I want to commend it. The giantesses have a good physicality and the world is reacting to them. My final comment is that in a story this short having a point of view character like scott who died before halfway through was a bit odd, especially considering that since the story was from his perspective, his death in a single line was a bit of an odd choice. Overall though I enjoyed the story and I hope that you continue writing!

General Feedback: I wanted more characterization and context–who is Scott, besides a terrified Californian? Who are Kate and Karla? If it had been a week since they began their trek across the country, why did Scott know nothing about them? Seems like every news station would be analyzing every factoid known about them, so he’d already be aware, and you could keep your dialogue fresh with less exposition. Excellent description, and great title.

“Currents,” Elle Largesse

Immediately Hooked: Excellent descriptive passages relating to size and action, great job of making the characters feel distinct, the scenario was unique, the story was dramatic, and it managed to be very erotic as well.

Immediately Hooked: That first paragraph has crazy good punch to it. Quick, sets the scene and cute. The end is a clever tie-in too.

Immediately Hooked: The key conflicts were established in the first few sentences quickly and with economy, but the tone of the narration kept it from being overbearing.

Immediately Hooked: A wonderfully confusing opener that only piqued my interest further as I read on.

Engaging Style: I’m honestly not going for a pun when I say it’s the flow of the story. There’s a lot of ground covered in this story and the author does an excellent job of providing the reader with the information they need when they need it without it feeling like an exposition dump. There’s genuine emotional depth to the characters and a feeling that their story and fate matter.

Engaging Style: I liked the sense of peril carried through the story. It kept the tension high while the characters interacted.

Engaging Style: The characters were rich and they exploded off the page. There was so much emotion in every line, I could feel the writer’s heart pounding behind it.

Engaging Style: This story felt thoroughly professional, full of vivid imagery and an intriguing premise. Frankly i didn’t think it would be the sort of thing i am into, at first. But i felt drawn into the story, wanting to go in, and indeed it paid off in a story that i ended up really interested in.

Engaging Style: It had a story that made me want to see more. I wanted to see how to growth magic worked in that world and who was allowed to use it.

Novel Interpretation: The size-changing ability of the characters was something they wanted to hide but had to use because of the flood in the story. The flood itself was an unexpected metaphor.

Novel Interpretation: I thought it was just the water. I was wrong.

Characters: As I was reading, I was really worried about the characters. They are very likable, the way they’re written is so human you want them to be safe.

Characters: I was really invested into the short character development of Sara, Eric, and Yvonne. I wanted to know more about their backstories, how they met, and more about the world they lived in. I would love to see this short story to become a series.

Characters: They are relatable.

Characters: Their plight was emotional, and the story dealt with more than just sexuality, while managing to be erotic as well – perhaps more so thanks to the excellent presentation of the characters.

Characters: Their mutual concerns for one another were expressed believably and well.

Characters: They were formed out of caring, they had their own concerns and agendas, and they all struggled to take care of each other.

Good for Outsiders: It’s not especially fetish related. It’s weird and confusing for someone who isn’t expecting it sure, but humans are sexual animals and they can appreciate that as a concept, even if the people aren’t average size that they wouldn’t lose the desire. Besides that it’s just a delightful story that I hope has more added to it.

Good for Outsiders: There’s so much going on in this story, I think a newcomer could get into the plot and adventure enough to accept the size shifting.

Good for Outsiders: It was decidedly sexy, but not fetish fuel, AND that sexiness was in service to the larger (lol) story around it.

Most Tense: Again—vivid imagery and lovely writing that built the world and its moments of peril.

Most Outré: Unique love structure.

Most Outré: Having a major aspect of the tension predicated not on the giants’ power, but on the limits of that power, was quite a twist from other stories I have read, as well as avoiding reliance on destruction to show scale.

Fulfilled the Theme: Hard to name one aspect. For me it was the whole package: writing that brought me somewhere new. A poly dynamic that isn’t explored frequently in these stories. A very surprising twist to bring sexiness into it. And the element of imminent danger, which I always love. As I think I said earlier, I don’t think the synopsis alone would have engaged me, but the overall thing was executed in such a way that I was drawn in and newly obsessed.

Fulfilled the Theme: The theme was completely open to interpretation, so doubtless there will be many different ideas of what was best. I arbitrarily decided that GC needed to be a man and a woman of gigantic size specifically interacting with one or more tinies (implying some measure of communication). The reason for that is because if its comparative rarity in the available selection of online stories. This story hit all those check boxes for me, and it was a fun read.

Fulfilled the Theme: It managed to focus on the dynamics of a giant couple, without relying on destruction, creating a story of pure chemistry paired with size; being a story with a polyamorous relationship was unique as well and created another unique way to show the size/power dynamics of the big couple without destruction or cruelty.

Fulfilled the Theme: When entering this contest, I was looking for stories that told… well… a story. Its great to read a bunch of size porn but there’s plenty of that already out there. When reading this story, I had the feeling of wanting more, disappointed when the story had to end. It challenged what defined as a couple (the relationship between Eric and Yvonne) since Eric already had a wife. Overall, I hope to see more from this author and more from the world “Currents” is based in.

“Extra Sprinkles,” Grildrig

Immediately Hooked: How it slowly develops its world, from a mysterious beginning to the big climax, along with the big-tiny dynamics.

Immediately Hooked: Great writing, colorful characters, imaginative scenario.

Novel Interpretation: A key party is a very funny, clever and interesting setting for a couples size story.

Rereadable: It’s hot, what can I say?

Rereadable: This was a masterful performance of mixed size situations, with great, subtle humor, enough room for imperfections and conflict, and rich, indulgent erotic adventure.

Good for Outsiders: Extra Sprinkles has very relatable, well crafted characters, and a somewhat familiar setting. There’s lots of sexy fun there for anyone who is in the least bit kinky to latch onto (the sizeplay is emphasized well without it being exclusively macrocentric), and at the same time it doesn’t take itself too seriously, so it’s fun all round. Besides the whole key party aspect, for anyone who might be into power play for instance, that feeling and moment of being immediately in control or at the whim of another person I think would have a wide-reaching appeal and excitement. From that initial invitation, the fact of the size disparity cementing that status, grounding it in a very physical form (or not, if you’re Beverly/Beverley) seems to make for a natural gateway to size fetish.

Most Arousing: Very sexy narrative with an interesting dominant character with well written multi sized sex.

Most Arousing: I massively enjoyed your combination of size and swinging, while your writing overall helped make it a very erotic experience!

Most Arousing: Ride ‘em, cockgirl! The genital rodeo toward the end, featuring a spent little man, is an all-time classic.

Most Humorous: Beverley’s been there, done that, take charge attitude. It was funny watching her as a tiny take charge of the giant couple and her tiny boyfriend.

Most Humorous: I found the dialogue to be cute and funny. Something about the whole situation had an awkward air to it. I definitely found myself laughing the most while reading this story.

Most Humorous: I laughed out loud at the madness.. especially the “bucking bronco” scene. The characters felt genuine rather than the perfection of fantasy.

Most Humorous: I enjoyed the contrast between the mixed couple that couldn’t find their stride, and the couple that threw themselves into their lustful romp.

Fulfilled the Theme: This covered so much territory in all the ways huge people and tiny people can (or can’t) interact. This was important, on top of the great writing.

Fulfilled the Theme: It’s the quintessential giant/tiny spouse swapping story.

Fulfilled the Theme: The giant couples as swingers with tinies was just outright fun

“A Front Man’s Job,” Oishi1

Novel Interpretation: The notion of a giant and a tiny making a complete person was a nice touch.

Novel Interpretation: It plays with the three-way relationship in a very respectful matter when the secret is revealed. And I like how the normal-tiny dynamic works with the musician and his front man.

Characters: Such a dedicated front man, and it wasn’t even for his career! Just friendship. What cool guys, and very comfortable with their sexualities.

Most Humorous: The entire concept felt like a brilliantly executed buddy comedy.

Most Humorous: The constant Cyrano de Bergerac allusions.

Most Humorous: The revelation of the little guy’s presence and his identity.
What a ridiculous premise (in a good way!). Cyrano de Bergerac in the guy’s pocket.

Most Humorous: I couldn’t help but think of Cyrano de Bergerac while reading it, with a normal-sized guy posing as the front man for the diminutive pop star. When the reveal came, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Most Humorous: I really appreciated the humor in “A Front Man’s Job.” The premise was really fun. I appreciated the pacing, the story, the character building, and the humor. I wish there were more characterization from Roxy, it was a sensual story and my chief complaint is that I wish there were more of it.

Most Outré: Earlier I mentioned the buddy comedy aspect. To turn that into a genuinely romantic and sexy plot twist was a stroke of brilliance.

“A Game of Give and Take,” Macrofeelya

Immediately Hooked: THAT line… that opening line was perfection. Followed by a brief paragraph then the “clearly he did not like that.” Instant interest. I want to know what’s happening here and I’m not entirely sure what to expect.

Engaging Style: It was less about “what it was about” and more about the relationship.

Most Outré: It’s always risky going against the grain of any fantasy. This one did it in a realistic fashion. It’s an uncomfortable story, which is exactly how it needed to be to hit its target.

Fulfilled the Theme: Character development that’s defined by their being the big couple. And I’m a sucker for characters who want to make relationships work.

“Halloween Party,” Happyguy729

Good for Outsiders: Most of the other stories are too carnal in content or just too psychologically horny for casual consumption.

Most Humorous: The town’s awkward attempts at accommodation and the giant couple whispering like the town couldn’t hear them tickled me.

“Happy Ascension Day,” MoonlightUmbry

Characters: The characters really gave the feeling that they had a shared history between them. Lots of cool hints were dropped at the kind of world they live in, and their interactions kept me hooked the whole time. Easily my favorite characters in this lineup.

More by This Author: Pretty much for the world building combined with lewds.

Most Arousing: This had such a strong balance of description and action that it really amplified how hot it was for me. Mixing a really hot sex scene with interesting characters interacting in fun ways just… it really did it for me.

Most Outré: Fantasy, world-building, and furries. Lots of big choices and that still work together in the end.

Fulfilled the Theme: “Happy Ascension Day” was the most faithful to the theme (perhaps by being relatively straightforward or down-the-line), while it also knew what it was about and executed splendidly. Though not top, I would’ve ranked it very respectably in most of the categories; the opening was entertaining and inviting, it clearly defined the pleasingly contrasting characters and their relationship, then expanded on that whilst keeping a consistent tongue-in-cheek tone (The Wingdings were particularly cheeky) without compromising some very sexy moments and ideas (the magnetic palm trick was delightfully executed). It was a good, unwholesome, furry divinity romp in a field that was in surprisingly short supply of truly giant romps.

“A Keeper’s Bond,” Chuck Murnoe

Immediately Hooked: Even though I’ve been told several times before. I’ve always thought of the size thing as sexual. This and plenty of the stories here can prove otherwise and in a friendly matter. There’s so much wonder and warmth here.

Characters: Leepa’s willingness to take a risk for new experiences, her sense of nervousness and relief when realizing it would be okay.

Characters: The tiny really cared for the house and its occupants, and the premise of the tiny being bonded to the house was sweet. And the normal-sized couple cared for each other and the tiny, wanting to share with her. It was the most sweetly told story in the competition.

Characters: They had a very cute, wholesome kind of relationship and I wanted them to succeed. Great work on making likable characters.

More by This Author: I’m a sucker for gentle and yuri, and I got heaps of it from this story like mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. And to continue the metaphor, I want to go back for seconds.

More by This Author: More tiny people with abilities and agency.

More by This Author: Whatever they would like to write honestly. While I’m not certain I ‘got’ the story entirely, I found the concept highly intriguing, and also the way the narration seemed to tend at times toward Leepa’s subtle inflections and way of perceiving the world, and would very much like to see where else the author’s curious imagination might take them.

Rereadable: wondering how the rest of it will go.

Rereadable: A nice and gentle story that doesn’t have to have sex appeal to be good.

Rereadable: It’s just so cute and sweet.

Good for Outsiders: Not erotic much, just nicely written character dynamics. Very confident to stand out without being sexual.

Good for Outsiders: It could be a standard fantasy setting. I found myself interested in the characters, and it doesn’t get into the more gruesome aspects of the genre.

Good for Outsiders: The focus of the story was on the very cool idea of the House Keeper and her relationship with the people living in her house, and it reads perfectly fine both as size fiction and not-size fiction. It was super cute!

“Knock First,” MonyaMonya

Immediately Hooked: The opening two sentences set a vivid scene with very few words.

Engaging Style: Sets up an interesting dynamic between the three characters only increasing the intrigue through the story.

Characters: I feel like Danny a lot. Any size related piece I find, my feelings and empathy always go towards the frustrated, scared, and powerless smaller people. Cause somehow that’s me.

Characters: I thought they had great chemistry with each other. Good dialogue too.

Characters: By the end of this story, I really wanted to know more about Danielle and how she was going to manage her situation. Feedback on the story– I thought this was an excellent bit of description and tone: “Sue tilted it at a slight angle. Danielle’s guts tilted the same way.”…

Characters: Their genuine care and concern for each other.

Characters: Well written characters and you could really feel Danielle’s pain in the end.

Characters: Developed, likeable characters who just wanted to do what they could for each other.

More by This Author: The great character writing that was done in the story and some erotic scenarios.

More by This Author: Same level of character development (although hopefully not as sad 😢)

Most Tense: Relationships are terrifying like that sometimes.

Most Outré: It dealt with the realism of size-differential physics, amid the pursuit of sex. There were moments of silliness and sexiness and then reminders of physical peril, all orbiting around the insatiable emotional need of a tiny person.

“Lashes of Love,” PerspectiveShift

Engaging Style: Excellent descriptive details in the writing. Sexual elements didn’t seem out-of-place. Creative use of scenery. Whipping with the Golden Gate cables? Nice.

Novel Interpretation: From couple rampage to Giant BDSM play.

Novel Interpretation: Holy shit. Whips usually aren’t my thing, but nearly everything about this story was a turn-on for me. The description was excellent. The pacing was excellent, too. Too much erotica climaxes with the physical climax of sex–but the climax of this story actually comes after the sexy part, when Lauren addresses the camera and Franco directly, then destroys the helicopter by smacking it on her ass. I especially liked the way the play scene was framed by those brief interactions with Franco’s character. It brought depth and perspective to a typically two-person experience…

More by This Author: I’m a fan of finding ways for giants and tinies to interact, especially when the size difference is very large. This was a fun take on that. It would be nice to see more of that.

Good for Outsiders: If I’m going to recommend something I want to go for the thing that will shock the “normos” the most.

Most Outré: The theme of story was interesting and is one I’ve never seen before. There isn’t much for me to say besides that from my point of view, its a theme that isn’t popular within the size community.

Most Outré: What I assumed would be a typical giant couple rampage turns into a giant BDSM story. Nice use of the Golden Gate Bridge as an impromptu whipping post.

Fulfilled the Theme: The complicity between the protagonists, they willing to make it a show for their sick friend to remember, the original use of the Golden Gate Bridge, the feeling of gigantic sized BDSM… It was a hard choice, though.

“Match,” SorenZer0

Immediately Hooked: It enters right in the middle of something interesting, and keeps up the pace right to the end.

Engaging Style: Very tough call on this vote since there was a high standard across the board for this, but the ‘quiet intensity’, ‘conspiratorial’ tone, and the tension maintained throughout Match was… matched only by the efficiency and power of details and nuance in the gestures and the quiet moments. It was very sharply and sleekly executed, just as the dress and characterization was very clearly conceived and subtly developed upon. I feel it was also the most controlled piece; very deliberate, very little excess, and an assured, unhurried, measured pace and tempo that made the 2000 word constraint seem like a total non-factor.

Characters: This was another one i wasn’t sure about, as gory crush isn’t my favorite. But i immediately felt intrigued by the girls, who felt very different from each other as well as usual size story characters. The layers and particulars of their cruelty, i was excited to unravel.

Characters: While it’s hard to say I ‘cared’ about these psychopaths especially (though parts of my anatomy may disagree), …I couldn’t help but feel that I found Lyndsey and Madeline particularly well defined and developed. Their background came through from natural, narrative-advancing conversation, their individual traits and tendencies were drip fed and hinted at in just as seamless a manner, and that snowballing dynamic of corruptor and all-too-eager corruptee was nothing short of scintillating. Albeit from a place of sheer wickedness, I felt the connection between Lyndsey and Madeline was somehow the most humanly articulated, which made it as engaging and chilling as it was stimulating.

Characters: I loved the banter and development, the changing perception of their attitudes.

More by This Author: More punks, more girls next door, more people exploring their utterly dominant desires in ways that surprise even themselves.

Rereadable: The wicked chemistry between the lead characters, the facility and temptation to read around their pasts and their futures in so many different ways, the same opportunity to consider the wider aspects of the world they inhabit, and also the sheer eroticism of the content.

Rereadable: Entertaining, good handle on dialogue, fun character dynamics.

Good for Outsiders: It was as engaging as a BDSM story as it was a size story. Included size change as a central element, but not necessarily the main focus.

Good for Outsiders: I wouldn’t actually recommend any story to someone outside of the size scene, but I wanted to vote for this story because I liked it, and I wasn’t voting for it in any other category.

Most Arousing: Casual cruelty is hot because reasons, ok? No, you shut up!

Most Arousing: The ‘quiet intensity’ and ‘conspiratorial’ tone made each and every moment pop and sizzle with sadistic sensuality, but in particular the ‘trick’ was exceptionally hot. Such talented tongue work and humiliating lingual manipulation is something I’ve fantasised about often, but the clandestine nature of it being performed in the setting Match created was a rather exquisite and indulgent realisation of that fantasy.

Most Tense: “Torturing people would be a lot less fun if I didn’t have empathy.” Good line from an interesting story. The tension isn’t so much the torture but the initial question whether Lyndsey was going to follow Madeline down that dark bloody road.

Most Tense: A swift, electric entry with ongoing spectacular pacing, flirtatious dialogue dripping with menace and meaning, and silent sub-text oozing from every pore; nods, glances, quiet sips and smiles, the sinister sexual tension accumulating in the air, the intimidating, corrupting influence of Madeline, the clandestine nature of the pair ‘getting away with murder’, the capacity to commit mortal, sensual sins so surreptitiously at any moment with such privately shared relish, requiring no more than a slip of a tongue. Honestly, this was probably the easiest category to pick a clear winner. Match never let up; from start to finish it was like a teetering, toppling tiny traversing the thinness of a knife-edge while two thirsty tongues hotly and hungrily lapped the butter clean from either side.

Most Tense: The fact the protagonists are so careless and how they deem everything outside them not worth their time aside from torture. This lack of empathy is really terrifying.

Most Tense: The cruelty displayed by Lyndsey and Madeline was pretty gruesome.

“Memory,” Aphrodite

Immediately Hooked: The emotions felt by the character.

Immediately Hooked: It was so poetic and abstract, I needed to understand what was going on and where this was headed.

Immediately Hooked: …That sense of place and feeling, emerging so naturally and beautifully, blossoming from associations we all may attach to the season whilst emphasizing a very earthy, tactile, physical component as well. That definitely hooked me and drew me into the state of the world and her thoughts, as I feel it would have if reading the author for the first time. Beyond the beginning, the notion of reminiscing, of loss, and the mystery of the situation was interwoven brilliantly with the aged and ravaged landscape’s tattered history…

Engaging Style: The prose was literary and beautiful from start to finish, with no major grammatical or spelling errors and no lulls in the story or action.

Engaging Style: This story flowed like honey into me. The descriptions, narrations, all the lines blur and it’s just a really pleasant reading experience.

Engaging Style: The hoity toity language that one could see a higher being, or at least one that thought of themself that way, using.

Engaging Style: Simple yet detailed.

Engaging Style: Poetic imagery I’m unused to in a niche dedicated usually to straight-up pornography.

Engaging Style: It was vivid. I could imagine myself there in the main character’s mind.

Novel Interpretation: The writing style was really intriguing.

Novel Interpretation: While many stories were fresh with interesting or novel directions overall, very few came as a surprise in specific regard to the theme. Memory came closest, in that its initial sense of melancholy and loss was relayed from an individual’s perspective; a relationship and its consequences that had been lost to time, imprinted as a still frame across an apocalyptic topography…

Characters: The desire not to be alone and have fun.

More by This Author: Some damn good writing about big people.

More by This Author: A mysterious tale with lots of descriptions and feelings, with an interesting turn in the usual “giant couple goes out to destroy everything” story. The feelings of the lonely giantess get into you.

More by This Author: I want to see if this is a constant writing style the author chooses to use or if this was a first time experience.

More by This Author: I would love to see this author tackle a story with a gentler and more romantic tone, minus the cruelty present in this story.

More by This Author: A similar dreamy, emotionally evocative aesthetic, more revelations about discrepancies of scale, and being challenged to engage with drives and values that aren’t mine but are described so well I can’t help but resonate with them.

Rereadable: To make sure I got all the details.

Good for Outsiders: It simply works as a well-written, almost poetic piece of prose.

Good for Outsiders: More SFW, and it has a more classically mythological feel to it.

Good for Outsiders: Figuring out whats going on in the story.

Most Tense: Uncertainty if the characters would meet or die.

Most Tense: The descriptions of the god-like giant and giantess were very tense and unsettling, while also, somewhat reluctantly, making me empathize with the lead character.

Most Outré: The serious, poetic writing style is something I don’t often see in size fetish fiction. It’s actually not my thing, but I respect the writer for doing it and I think they did a good job with it.

Most Outré: With many GTS stories, the emphasis is on power. For most of the story, she was mourning her lost love, even as she saw reminders of their dominance. And it really captured her emotional state and contained vivid descriptions of the settings.

Fulfilled the Theme: Sometimes I have to default to superior prose, most entries having succeeded in matching the set theming. As I shall here; well done!

Fulfilled the Theme: Good plot.

Fulfilled the Theme: Out of all the stories, this one sticks the most in my memory. The melancholy mood and beautiful descriptions just killed it for me. Well done.

“Mortals and Chill,” Fenrir the Doggo

Novel Interpretation: The fish out of water plot was interesting.

Novel Interpretation: A gay demon couple on Halloween? Novel!

Most Arousing: From the very beginning of the sex scene, the narration doesn’t stop, it only goes up and up. The detail of every move, of every detail of the demons’ bodies is so arousing you start to feel hot as the story goes.

Most Outré: As the only M/M story, “Mortals and Chill” gets a running start. The author likely knew it wouldn’t have as much mass appeal as other approaches, and that didn’t let that stop them doing what they wanted to do. At the same time, it never felt self-conscious of its outsider status, casually happy enough to say ‘this is what I love, this is how it is’ and never looked back, never considered or cared what people might think of it or who might turn away, and got joyfully lost in its own passions. I will go further to say that I am confident of the author, and their decision – or instinct – to write so closely, candidly and enthusiastically about a type of scenario they love, not only happened to take things outside the expected realm – and into the casually demonic one – but was also infectious enough that a chronically heterosexual male such as myself was nevertheless able to find it as stimulating as I found it entertaining. It did the most to take me outside what I’m typically capable of enjoying, and on that basis I feel obliged to award it this category.

“My Bus Became a Sex Toy for Two Lesbian Giantesses,” CrushedBoyWonder

Immediately Hooked: Perhaps it’s cheating to mention the title but… c’mon, it’s like a Fall Out Boy song: you get exactly what it says on the tin.

Engaging Style: The author conveys a very chaotic scene very effectively, but despite the chaos, I always had a good idea of what was happening.

Rereadable: What can I say. I have simple needs. Unabashedly naughty stories tend to get more rereads.

Rereadable: All the sex scenes… so basically the entire story.

Most Arousing: Everything, the greedy giantesses, the POV on the bus, the details of people falling victim to the enormous naked ladies in various ways, and being aboard the bus as it’s slowly crushed by a vagina.

Most Arousing: The casual domination.

Most Arousing: What can I say, I love a good story of two giant lesbian’s having sex. 😛

Most Arousing: There was good imagery from the interior of the bus.

Most Tense: I actually forgot about the giantess(es) and was taken in by the terror and bleakness of the narrator’s situation. No mercy.

Most Tense: The inevitability of what was to be done with the vehicle combined with the uncertainty of each passenger’s reaction to an unfathomable event, and their helplessness to stop it… more chilling than I’d expect from a story with that title.

Most Tense: The chaos was very effectively conveyed. It was actually a bit more violent than I like, but it was engaging enough that I really enjoyed it despite that.

Most Outré: Honestly, the title was just so goddamn forward.

“My Girlfriend, a Witch,” Miss Kaneda

Most Tense: The display of cruelty by Rachel with nonchalant actions to torment the tiny man.

Most Tense: The boyfriend is stuck knowing if he doesn’t play along, she can easily destroy him.

Most Tense: One of the core tenets of an extreme power fantasy is a complete lack of concern about the fate of victims, and that’s clearly the case in this tale. There’s no hint of softening in her attitude.

“A New Relationship,” ProphetofGreed

Good for Outsiders: It’s a bit of an introductory story, playing with the size difference and the different ways to approach a tiny thanks to the couple’s distinct personalities. It can help outsiders see both points of view and understand them.

“No Picnic,” J.M. Wilde

Immediately Hooked: There was urgency in the shrunken man’s situation. And I liked how the POV alternated between his tiny status and the sweet normal-sized couple unaware of his existence.

Engaging Style: The contrast between calm measured movement and the frantic panic.

Novel Interpretation: Worked in a giant couple, a tiny plus two normal-sized, normal-sized plus two giant, shrinking, growing, and no sex! Impressive.

More by This Author: More vivid descriptions and unique narrative devices, along with strong and unexpected endings.

Good for Outsiders: It’s not about G/t sex, which may be a turn-off for outsiders. It’s among the most mainstream, a tense and urgent version of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” mixed with “The Incredible Shrinking Man.”

Good for Outsiders: The reason I chose this one was because the two “giants” weren’t aware of the presence of the tiny. They were doing a normal activity while a tiny human was fearing for his life. I think the story helps represent the size fetish to outsiders without all the “nasty” sex scenes.

Most Tense: The SM was so desperate to be rescued yet terrified that the normal-sized couple will accidentally kill him thinking he’s an ant at their picnic. It was tensely done.

Most Tense: The sections of the shrinking dude trying to find help before he shrank too small felt pretty tense. I got pretty involved and was rooting for him.

Most Tense: The fearful actions of the small man.

Most Tense: Because I didn’t read many of the stories that were tagged with snuff or crushing, I think I may have missed the most frightening stories. Of the stories I did read, I thought “No Picnic” was especially good at managing the tension of the story and the fear of its protagonist. The story itself was fascinating. The description was top-notch, and the story itself was an engaging perspective shift on two otherwise normal things–hiking and an engagement picnic. You handled so many details with exquisite care and made it an immersive experience for your audience. Even if it was a frightening experience for the hiker, it was wonderful to feel so immersed in the size. I loved the twist at the end, that he finally gets back to normal but the couple was still Giant in relation to him. A fascinating premise and very well-written!

Fulfilled the Theme: A lot happened in the 2000 words. From the SM’s POV, it was tense and desperate. From the normals’ POV, it was sweet. Nice juxtaposition, and a great twist of an ending.

“The One,” SNGRyukison

Immediately Hooked: The gentle aspect in the beginning with an earnest protagonist.

Engaging Style: So much to design here. I’m reading this and all I could see is an animated short waiting to happen.

Good for Outsiders: Connor makes for a good self insert for those new to the scene. There’s nothing too unsafe going on.

Good for Outsiders: The gentle aspect certainly helps. Connor’s character also makes a good surrogate character for someone outside the scene.

Good for Outsiders: It’s safe. It’s schmaltzy (in a good way). And it’s something of a primer for introducing a person to concept of size change.

Most Tense: I kept expecting it to take a turn towards violence, but it kept up the pace to cuteness impressively!

“The Painkiller,” Silas the Ox

Immediately Hooked: I recognized the set up immediately and was excited to see where the author would take it.

Immediately Hooked: It stars the Ghostbusters of all people. It’s an alternate telling of the ending of the first (original) Ghostbusters movie in a more dark, depressing ending. Its also an interesting loophole of the “don’t use recognizable characters” rule as the characters are indeed recognizable, but the author isn’t.

Novel Interpretation: Is it too flippant to just answer the story? Probably not without accidentally insulting a story I very much enjoyed. Judas Priest meets Ghostbusters was an inspired choice and the story was well executed.

Novel Interpretation: It absolutely had not occurred to me to replace the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man with a giantess, much less a giant couple.

Most Humorous: With a few changes to special effects (and some re-dubbed dialog) this could have been how Ghostbusters ended.

Most Outré: I had never heard that song by Judas Priest before, so the entire story was a very confusing trip. It comes so far out of left field that I’m still flabbergasted by the whole thing!

Most Outré: A fanfiction of Ghostbusters was not something I expected to be submitted.

Most Outré: I can’t say I was expecting a story based on Ghostbusters. Definitely weird, and I loved it.

“Picnic with a View,” Cascayde

Rereadable: The on-ship descriptions were spot on.

Most Outré: I like how a simple gesture, like pinching something with your thumb and index fingers, can get you a lot of size shenanigans. It’s something so simple and a no-brainer that’s still there, but we didn’t know how to use it properly… until this story did it.

“The Pickup Artist,” Masked Collager

More by This Author: The same high calibre dialog and world building.

Rereadable: The nonchalant way they destroyed the tiny. 

“PvP,” Njord

Engaging Style: It was to the point and was a good fit for the pvp subject matter.

Novel Interpretation: Having the big couples action be part of a virtual world/videogame streamed on Twitch, while also managing a very comedic conclusion.

Novel Interpretation: Definitely didn’t expect a Fortnite-themed story. The gamer-language used really sold it to me, I had a fun time with it!

Novel Interpretation: Fantasy within a fantasy, in this case a game. Every other story was one layer deep, but this one was a step further and I’m impressed that this is the /only/ story that did something like this.

Novel Interpretation: Use gaming in the plot.

Novel Interpretation: A classic giant sex scene with a twist. Loved the names and attitudes.

Most Humorous: The whole things is so absurd yet so possible that it’s amazing you didn’t thing of +18 eSports with lots of destruction, sex and nudity. But the icing of the cake comes when the male player’s connection goes off.

Most Humorous: The mishap during the ending.

Most Humorous: Subverting expectations is always a lot of fun, especially when the ones getting frustrated are inherently powerful.

Most Outré: An unexpected and creative take on the Giant Couple premise. It was a risk because the story was a little hard to follow if you’re not a gamer, but not enough to ruin my enjoyment of it. Loved this.

Most Outré: It put you right in the plot and explained nothing. It paid off. I was able to be fully immersed.

“A Tale of Two Fucktoys,” Wits Aimwell

Immediately Hooked: When you start staring down the barrel of a loaded cock you’ve got my attention.

Engaging Style: The characters.

Engaging Style: Damn, this story was sexy! And hilarious. I love erotica that makes good use of humor, and the sarcastic tone here in your writing style was damn near perfect for me. I loved the “fuck me” line that tied the three parts of the story together…

Characters: The relationship. The author did a great job in fleshing them out.

More by This Author: More Ben and Jenna, sans any giant boyfriends.

More by This Author: Engaging characters with good chemistry, sexy writing, playfulness.

More by This Author: Just as much humor and polish.

Rereadable: The dialogue was a treat and I hope that it’s a common feature in their work!

Rereadable: Because it’s well written and fucking funny. #doubleentendre

Rereadable: This story was sexy and lighthearted, making for a perfect little bit of erotica that was sexy without taking itself too seriously or being too dark.

Rereadable: There are a lot of hard choices to make in these reviews. There are several stories that I plan on rereading, but since I have to pick one I’ll go with this. It’s an excellent balance of interesting characters and sexy.

Good for Outsiders: As long as the outsider is kinky, I would recommend this story. Of all the stories I’ve read for this contest, it does the best job of capturing arousal and hilariousness of our kink. The humor and sarcasm of the protagonist and his willingness to address the ethics of unaware Giant/tiny interactions, even if he’s too turned on by it to resist, make for a fairly good entry point, I think. It’s also important that the protagonist genuinely seems aroused by his experience, since that’s not readily obvious in some of the other stories, most of which rely on a shared interest/attraction to size differences in its audience. When you’re introducing size kink to someone outside the community, it’s especially important to convey the reasons you find it arousing.

Most Arousing: Never would have expected to enjoy 1) a shrinking story or 2) a giants+tiny story with two guys and one girl.

Most Arousing: The unaware aspect and the sexy friends-with-benefits vibe of the two lead characters.

Most Arousing: I’m usually not a fan of SM. I’m more into SW. The concept of this story–the woman shrinking her boyfriend, inserting him in her vagina, and then having sex with another guy unaware of the SM–worked for me because it was so well-written. The non-linear storytelling also helped with the tension of arousal, as it switched back and forth between him inside her and debating whether to be shrunk.

Most Arousing: I have to confess that there wasn’t much about any of these stories that turned me on. Giant men, tiny women, and giant cocks isn’t my thing. That said this story and “Extra Sprinkles” both present sexual encounters in an engaging, and mostly cliche free manner.

Most Humorous: The dialogue between Jenna and Ben made me chuckle a few times.

Most Humorous: A lot of it, but the “fuck me” double entendre was particularly clever.

Most Humorous: The point of view characters side conversations with the audience were a treat. And the characters interacted in entertaining ways.

Fulfilled the Theme: A straightforward giant couples story with no big surprises or twists that still manages to feel fun and original.

Fulfilled the Theme: All of the stuff I hope to see in a size fetish story was here. Engaging, well-written characters; sex that’s creative, explicit and fun; good writing style. All-around great.

Fulfilled the Theme: Honestly it just hit my buttons better then I’m used to having them hit. It’s got that outstanding mix of consent/trust between the giant and the tiny, but with a delightful condescension that unfortunately isn’t paired with it often.

“Tam’s Amber,” Taedis

Immediately Hooked: The opening paragraph is BOSS.

Immediately Hooked: I liked that we were immediately thrust into a scene that us size kinksters probably don’t need set up for us!

Immediately Hooked: Holy fucking fuck. That’s the first of the SizeRiot stories to get me so completely aroused that I couldn’t make it the full 2000 words before stopping to pleasure myself. Your writing is absolutely excellent. Your pacing is on point. I loved how the main character’s feelings about this scene, and his relationship to Tam, are revealed slowly through the story…

Engaging Style: The narrative and descriptions get you hooked to the whole of the sex scenes and their variety.

Novel Interpretation: Didn’t expect cucks to be used with this theme, this was the best in using that dynamic.

More by This Author: I hope to find more explorations of humiliation, power exchange, domination, submission, and masculinity. And more exceptional descriptions of Giant genitalia, especially cocks. The Giant cock in Tam’s Amber was practically a character in its own right. I’m so fucking thirsty for more!

Rereadable: It was really hot.

Rereadable: The narrator was stuck in a new world that’s frankly one I would like to visit repeatedly!

Rereadable: To be perfectly honest, it turned me on the most out of all the stories, and got me off multiple times. There’s so much depth to the story (pun intended) that I find more layers to it with each re-read, but mostly I just want to chase that ever-elusive sexual high.

Most Arousing: I already addressed this in my first vote for the story, but the humiliation, emasculation, domination/submission, and the awe-filled descriptions of the monster cock were just irresistible to me.

Most Arousing: Happily, a rare appearance of M/m sexiness. Honestly, the vivid scenes of the tiny person in the condom combined with his distant, forgotten mental feeling built a scenario that turns me on a lot.

Most Arousing: I really liked how sexually explicit the writing is, especially discussing male sexuality. It was really, really hot.

Most Arousing: The protagonist being tossed in the trash in his wife’s lover’s used condom.

Most Tense: Throughout, there was an uncertainty as to how complicit the tiny man really was, even as I realized he was a glutton for degradation.

Most Tense: Not so much terror as tension created by word choice and atmosphere. A feeling that events were lurching forward towards the inevitable climax and the callous way the husband was treated afterwards.

Fulfilled the Theme: The language is alternately obscene and poetic. A fearful yearning that resonated with me. I greatly appreciate the fact the author (and many others in this contest) didn’t shy away from penis.

Fulfilled the Theme: See all my other love letters to this story. I think it did a great job showing some serious emotional depth that a tiny might feel when in a sexual situation with a Giant Couple, plus covered more than three kinds of sex acts in extravagant, sensual detail. For those reasons, it fits the theme best of all the stories I read. I’m voting for it for Best in Show because of the fucking fantastic writing (description, dialogue, pacing, characterization, story arc, and emotional punch) that absolutely made me want to read more.

“A Teachable Moment,” Aborigen

Most Outré: Not only is trans representation so lacking in our community (outside of cringeworthy, fetishized instances with uncomfortable labels), but this one was about teaching a TERF a lesson! Last thing I expected.

Most Outré: Knowing the community of writers I expected a trans character or two. I didn’t picture a transwoman plowing a sorority girl into some frat boy’s ass as revenge on her and the anti-gay frat he belonged to. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just not what I was expecting coming into this.

“Trophy Wife,” Scidram

General Feedback: Before saying anything else, you wanted to write size smut, and you started it off well and set the stage for a delightful scene! I enjoyed your story and would appreciate reading more of your work in the future! You did a good job of describing the sexy bits that needed describing, and you were consistent in your characters. Olga never dropped her accent and I appreciate that immensely. My only critique is, coincidentally, that Olga’s accent was bit too thick for my tastes at least. A word or two in every sentence being effected is a good reminder, but each and every word dripping with a “W” can get tiring, especially in smut when the reader wants to focus on other things. But beyond that, good work!

“What’s It To You?” RobClassact

Novel Interpretation: Don’t always see such a focus on shape-changing.

More by This Author: Interesting stories with fun characters.

Rereadable: Shapeshifter, sizeshifter, superheroes, minigts, so many fun ideas tossed in here and shaken about. I love the voice and the world being built, I wish there was more.

Rereadable: A size-changing girl and her shape-shifting boyfriend/girlfriend(?) as super heroes and lovers would make for an interesting series of stories.

Rereadable: The world it takes place in. I want to go back and catch more details about the characters, look for any possible foreshadowing, and enjoy again the roleplay gone wrong.

Good for Outsiders: It works as both a size-change story and super-hero fanfic.

Most Humorous: How I wish I could be raving about the barefaced audacity of the story with the Giant Staypuft Marshmallow Couple here, but alas it was not to be. Thankfully instead, “What’s It To You?” was on hand to provide: the delayed revelation of a superhuman couple roleplaying on a date, the old lady so believably preoccupied with stating the obvious, the out-of-the-blue Superhero Meteorelle, the whole ‘scene’ she so brusquely and casually makes her way in and out of, the very mention of ‘Slug Girl’, THAT gender punchline, and the final flourish of narcissistic self-love personified.

“The World’s Biggest Sex Date,” bizyboy00

General Feedback: Before going on too far, I do want to say that my genre of size smut isn’t usually violent, so this feedback will be about just about everything else. I don’t want you to think that I’m ignoring a major aspect of the story because it was especially good or bad, I just don’t have the experience to say that it’s anything other than interesting. But, past that overall I do enjoy your story.

2 thoughts on “WritersOct18: The Results

  1. What a finish for Year Two!

    The composition of “PvP” rests on two forgotten things: 1) that you, Aborigen, our steadfast host, operate on Central Time rather than my Eastern, meaning your midnight is my 1 am, and 2) our single story was allowed up to 2,000 words, to make up for the second story we couldn’t submit. So, after seeing two friends home who had been over to watch George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead on Halloween night, I got back home and cranked out “PvP” in approximately 45 minutes, feeling satisfied that its word count landed in the 600s. I emailed you at one minute to midnight, my midnight, feeling I had only juuuust made the cut, and… well, an extra 60 minutes and 1400 words wouldn’t have hurt, but perhaps the story wouldn’t have been as urgent as its ticking-clock premise; maybe a full 2,000 words would have been too far a pullback for that punch through the monitor.

    I’m happy, at least, that the other writers took full advantage of their time and word-space. Made for a rewarding crop of little stories with big things inside.

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